What .22 Rifle is the most accurate?

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by 300 H&H, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. 300 H&H

    300 H&H Active Member

    Apr 1, 2007
    What rifle holds the title anyway? Anshutz 54 and derivatives, Remingtons famous 40X, Winchester 52's or some other perhaps a full race volqortsen 10/22. What do you all think?
  2. skeeter1

    skeeter1 New Member

    Mar 15, 2007
    My only experience is with a Winchester 52, and my Marlin 39 isn't in the same league. I'd give a nod to the Ruger 77/22 as well.

  3. 300 H&H

    300 H&H Active Member

    Apr 1, 2007
    What modle of 52 Winchester did you shoot early,B,C,orD? I have one of each being a Winchester bug, But I got a CMP Reminton 40X not so long ago, but the weather has not let me do a head to head with the 52D that is my comp. gun. It looks to me like it may be the new top dog in the rack, time will tell. The 52D has been glass bedded as well as Pillared in the action screw holes and with Wolf match extra it is 0.5m.o.a. or perhaps a bit better off from a bench. Had a ruger m77/22 as a sporter untill I got my first CZ 452 and it would out of the box clean the Rugers clock pretty easily. I have seen the guns Tom Volquartsen builds and I only live 12 miles or so from him, Know him personally as well. The groups he ships with his guns are very impressive, but I have not shot one personally as they are difficult to single load, hence they do not show up in any matches that I shoot at. Has anyone else out there got a volquartsen to shed some light on them?
  4. MRMIKE08075

    MRMIKE08075 Active Member

    Aug 26, 2005
    New Jersey
    WIN 52
    REM 40X

    in that order.

    best regards, mike.
  5. rangerruck

    rangerruck New Member

    Oct 16, 2005
    check this;

    Until Steve Boelter's book came out the definitive source for .22 accuracy was the test that Jim Carmichel conducted back in 1994. He used over 9,000 rounds of ammo and shot for 4 straight weeks at 8 hours per day. He used 12 different rifles with 21 different brands of ammo. The range was 50 yards and he shot 5 shot groups from a bench rest. The results were published in chart form in the February issue of Outdoor Life and I summerize as follows according to ranking:
    #1 Anschutz M-54 with Fiocchi Pistol 315
    #2 Remington 40-X with Eley Blue Pistol
    #3 Anschutz BR-50 with Russian Olimp-R
    #4 Anschutz M-1700 with Fiocchi Rifle 330
    #5 Kimber Sporter with Russian Olimp-R
    #6 Remington 541-T with Russian Olimp-R
    #7 Ultra Lite Arms with Russian Olimp-R
    #8 Ruger 10/22 with Fiocchi Pistol 315
    #9 Dakota M-22LR Sporter with Russian Olimp-R
    #10 Ruger 77/22 All Weather with Fiocchi Rifle 320
    #11 Cooper M-36 Med-heavy barrel with Federal Gold Metal Ultra
    #12 Marlin M-2000 with Fiocchi Pistol 300

    He ranked the ammo across all the rifles as follows:
    #1 Fiocchi Rifle 320
    #2 Russian Olimp-R
    #2 Fiocchi Pistol 315
    #4 Federal Gold Medal Ultra Match
    #5 Fiocchi Pistol 300
    #6 Fiocchi Rifle 330
    #7 Fiocchi Pistol 310
    #8 Federal Gold Medal Match
    #9 Eley Blue Pistol
    #10 Eley Tenex Red
    #11 Fiocchi Rifle 340 Silhouette
    #12 Fiocchi Rifle Rifle 340 Biathlon
    #13 RWS R-50 Tourament
    #14 Winchester Super-X HV
    #15 CCI New Lot Green Tag
    #16 Federal Gold Medal Match
    #17 Winchester T-22
    #18 Winchester Super Silhouette
    #19 RWS Silver Match
    #20 CCI Old Lot Green Tag
    #21 Remington Target

    He did find that accuracy improved 15% when he matched rim thicknesses.
  6. williamd

    williamd New Member

    Mar 21, 2007
    Darn, I have only had 5 (#1,2,6,8,10) of the rifles 12 listed. I need to get busy. And, only have one of them now.

    But, most accurate I had was a Walther KKJ single shot. Bought it from the person who brought it over from Europe to Canada. Used Eley Black Box. Have never seen another like it and this exact model in not in books I have found. Beautiful French walnut stock with reddish streaks. Stupidly sold it to somone who offered me a lot for it! Thought I'd replace it someday ... wrong!:( I seem to specialize in this!

    Had a Winc M52D that was very good. Surprised the Winc 52 variants are not on the list.

    Though I had one I was never impressed by the 541T.
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  7. 300 H&H

    300 H&H Active Member

    Apr 1, 2007
    Carmicle's test must have only tested current models manufactured back then. And only ammo available then as was, because some off the ammo "listed' there is no longer made, and some of todays best ammo is not listed. makes for good reading I suppose. but this is now and there are a lot of rifles out there that would make the "list" if they only tested them being shot by people who do very well with them. I guess I was hoping to here from people who shoot more, not some one else's results. New is not always better. Kirk
  8. Rembrandt

    Rembrandt Member

    Jul 4, 2001
    Had Tom Volquartsen build me a 10/22 back when he was a young pup and could be found regularly at the Des Moines gun shows. Use it to shoot flies at 100 yards...(that what happens when you're bored punching paper).

    As good as that rifle is, my pick would be the Winchester 52's for the most accurate. Currently have six, and each one is a one ragged hole gun.

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  9. Bigahh

    Bigahh New Member

    Apr 1, 2007
    NE Wisconsin
    Some interesting stuff! Had no idea .22 lr could shoot that well!
  10. berto64

    berto64 Active Member

    Just shoots older 22's. JC Higgins mods 26-30 semi auto & several Remington Mod 12c's and a couple of 12CS's in 22WRF. All with iron sights.

    At 100 yards a gallon jug full of water doesn't stand a chance.
  11. skeeter1

    skeeter1 New Member

    Mar 15, 2007
    My dad had a 1948 Winchester 52B Sporter that he got after WWII. With a Lyman Alaskan scope and Griffin & Howe mount, it was $240, which was big bucks in 1948. My cousin has it now (that's what dad wanted), so it's staying in the family.

    Finest rifle of any caliber I've ever fired. The last one like it I saw for sale was >$3K.
  12. williamd

    williamd New Member

    Mar 21, 2007
    At a match ... usually the other guys! ;)
  13. 300 H&H

    300 H&H Active Member

    Apr 1, 2007
    most accurate .22 I have is a modified Winchester 52D , would post a picture if I can figure out how! it has been glass bedded and pillar bedded in the action screw holes and has a really neat adj. comb done by a local target shooter/gunsmith. I also have a 40X that, well when I get it back from the same gunsmith will be right in the hunt with the 52. In Iowa prone shooting we see Anchutz about 66% Win52 about 30% and the rest 40X on the firing line. We also see more old barrel mount Unertl target scopes than I have seen in one place and time! Most guys really like them as they do not strain there eyes after a couple of hours looking through them. I use Redfield 3200 also long barrel mount. I been told the long scopes bend the light at less severe of and angle and can use a flatter lens to do the same thing than a reciever mount scope can . Barrel vibrations in .22 are such accuracy loss is hardly a factor. Have Redfield RM6400 24X it is a good scope but seems to be a lot fussier about parrallax adj. than the 3200, and with more eye strain in a long match as well. Lets not forget Lyman super target spots in the list as they are also very highly regaurded in these shoots by those fortunate enough to have one.
  14. stash247

    stash247 New Member

    Oct 18, 2003
    Central Texas
    My shooting club is of the old German persuasion, in that we shoot at 100 yds, with iron sights, unless you are over 70, or have vision so poor you cannot get a driver's license.
    Every rifle on the line is capable of half inch groups, at that range, or it would not be there, but all are somewhat 'ammo sensitive'.
    There are Rem 40-X's, Win 52's, Suhl's, Anshutz 54's, 64's, Walthers, Finnish Lions, Win Single shots, and even my Stevens 44 1/2, in the group.
    Few of these rifles are 'production' pieces, having been bedded, floated, rebarreled, rechambered, etc, numerous times, in some cases.
    Accuracy depends on many factors. Ammunition is at the top of the list, here, as a change in bullet shape (like Eley has done, recently) requires a change in chamber dimensions, for optimal accuracy; set the barrel back, if it's a good one, and rechamber.
    We all buy a few boxes of many flavors of ammo, every spring, and 'trade out', to test different ammo lots, in a particular rifle, then rush to the supplier of what works best, in our particular rifle, hoping to buy a case or two, of that particular lot of ammo, to shoot the season with.
    If the question is 'production rifle' I would question the inclusion of the 40-X, as it is now a 'Custom Shop only' offering, from Remington, but would put it at or near the top.
    The Win 52 has been 'out of print' for nearly 25 years, my old Stevens was built originally, in 1914, and discontinued in 1917, so what are, exactly, the criteria, for this poll?
    In my particular case, I think the most accurate rimfire I own would be a Hart Barreled Win 52, but, with a straight 1 1/2" diameter barrel, it is somehat removed from 'production' status; it will shoot a ragged hole, at 100 yds, but weighs close to 20 pounds.
    Next spot would be a toss up, between the Stevens, which has a Stevens reciever, but few other parts of their making, and a 40-X remington, all original, except the Canjar trigger, and the pillar bedded, floated barrel stock.
    A Suhl "Standart 150", will shoot nearly as well, and it has never been touched; I gave about $260, I think, for it, 20 years ago, including the Anshutz sights.
    We get into a real problem area with this question, in the area of gear, because those of us 'driven', by accuracy, seldom leave any stone unturned; the Stevens, for instance, may wear a 14, 16, 16 1/2, or a 17 twist barrel, all of identical (to .0005") contour, depending upon conditions.
    I originally built the rifle to experiment with barrel twist rates, with any given lot of ammo, under varying conditions, but liked it so well it became my favorite 'offhand rifle'
    The question needs to be further refined, or there will never be any answer.
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  15. 300 H&H

    300 H&H Active Member

    Apr 1, 2007
    Thanks for chiming in Stash!! I was not looking for a definative answer who I originally posted the question about the most accurate 22 rifle, more a disscusion on what is out there and what works well in the hand of the each shooter. And is sounds facinating what you have done, experimenting with twist rates ect. Production guns will rarely be as accurate as modified ones as we do the things we do to enhance the rifle to perform better. Short of an accutal match, it will not be know witch is the "most Accurate" of the rifles we discuss, but the discussion itself is of great interest to those who quest for better accuracey. Thanks again for your post Kirk
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