What am I doing wrong??????

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    I finally got my scale, and started working on my first load; 5.1 grains of 231 w/a 230 grain .45 LRN using a Dillon 550 press.

    I got the round to seat to the correct depth in the seating die, however when I run it through the crimping die it pushes the round out 0.015". Is this normal, or am I applying too much of a crimp? Either way, I turned the seating die down, and now everything seats correctly, however only when I am running 1 round through at a time. When I run 4 rounds through, the COL comes out 0.1 - 0.2" longer than it should be. What gives? If I put the round through the seating die again, it gets seated to the correct length....I have already reset all of the dies according to the way Dillon states they should be in the owners manual, however the problem persists. Help! What am I doing wrong here??????


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    I am not an expert with dillon equipment from any point of view...but from your description it is probably too much crimp. However you might leave the crimping die alone and just seat the bullet a little bit deeper. That way the crimp will bring it back out to spec. Better to have it a leetle bit short than too long and risk a misfeed. My $.02 swede
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    The play in the base plate is the biggest problem combined with the friction of the dies. Dillon advised me to take all measurements with a cartridge in all stations.

    If this makes no sense, call Dillon, they love to help.


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    Howdy all

    Make dang sure yer buddits are running .451 -.452 diameter. If not, stop. Ya just mighta' found the problem. If diameter is ok, toss all previous rounds from that session into the "rework" or "plinkin' ammo" box.

    Ensure the press is clean, properly lubed, & 'in tune'.
    Adjust the shellplate endplay (float) 'till it CANNOT BE TURNED BY 1 FINGERTIP. Then back-off 'till it CAN, & lock it there w/ the setscrew.

    Back off the crimp die & fergit about it fer awhile. Reason being, too much crimp will swage a lead bullet WHILE IT'S SETTIN' THERE INSIDE THE CASE & the brass case wall will spring back ('cause brass is a harder material) leaving a "Coke-bottle-shaped" lead buddit loose & captive. Maintain seater punch setting as best as possible.

    Idea is to produce PROPER OAL first, crimp is secondary.

    1) Pick 20-25 uniform empty cases (same brand, same headstamp, same lot if possible).

    2) Line 'em up next to station #1.

    3)Start over & DO NOT REMOVE ANY CASE FROM ANY STATION, UNTIL 5 LIVE ROUNDS DROP INTA THE AKRO BIN. Take them 5 & add 'em to the plinkers.

    4) Proceed to load round #6 & let it fall inta the Akro bin.

    5) MEASURE ROUND #6 for OAL. Scribble it down nearby.

    6) Load & measure #7. Compare to #6 & adjust seater punch if necessary. Stay in this loop 'till OAL is at spec or slightly shorter. Only after an UNCRIMPED round w/ correct OAL rolls off do we return to the crimp die & proceed to adjust it EVER-SO-SLIGHTLY until the case wall just 'nudges' inta the buddit. That said, return to step 1 & repeat, after adjusting crimper.

    Once a uniform crimp shows, double-check that OAL again & adjust it if necessary.

    Happy crankin, & I do hope some o' this helps


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    (9/18/02 3:58:30 pm)
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    Joey, well spelled out...

    and I agree with the crimp being secondary, I've reloaded bunches of 45's to practice and compete with and never had a problem with my 550 Dillon.

    p.s. Dillon is a great bunch of people to deal with
    In this age where truth is fleeting and mass manipulation is common, the ability to detect when something doesn't make sense is a valuable one.

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    Fantastic post Joey! I'm going to follow your instructions this weekend, and see how they come out!



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    (9/20/02 1:01:50 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del Don't fergit 'bout (800) 223-4570
    Have worn out a few fingertips over the years, dialin' up Dillon fer support. Always friendly, efficient & onTopO'things.

    Evan, if ya get hung-up on anythin' please gimme yell:
    May be able ta walk ya thru.


    Gonna be stuck here in 'tha hole' (work) for Sat. & maybe even Sunday as well.

    as well
    make it

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