What are the Federal Gunlaws on Carry?

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  1. No carry in banks is apparantly not a federal law as some states allow concealed permit holders to carry concealed inside of a bank. NC is one of the states that prohibits it. I believe (IIRC) that LA does allow concealed carry inside of a bank.
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    Re. Federal gun laws on carry: 1) The laws are a moving target. 2) There is no logic. 3) You got them, they want them.

  3. That's the number one point right there.
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    A bank is not a part of the Federal Government. Even the Federal Reserve is a non government entity. Federal Bldgs are prohibited like the Post Office, Federal Courts, Federal Prisons, ie any place that is Federal. I carry at my bank and church but not at any government building whether it be state, local, or Federal just to stay within the letter of the law. If the bank or church wants to post a no guns allowed sign, thats up to them.
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    Go to a site called www.opencarry.org. You will find a lot of info there on carrying guns in general. You may even find a link to a site for Kentucky there. From what I have read there is a federal law that states that no state or local government can make any laws that would supercede federal gun laws, specifically the second amendment. Banks are not covered in the Fed firearms laws butttt. The bank as a privately owned business can choose not to allow firearms on the premises and that is legal. They then have to post it or actually ask you to leave if you are seen carrying there. You must leave or be charged with trespass.
    Hope this all helps
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