What does pre-ban mean?

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  1. I feel kind of foolish for asking this. How does a gun get the label 'pre-ban.'
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    In 1994, Clinton signed into law the "Assault Weapons Ban", which outlawed several guns based on the way they looked. Folding stocks, for example, were considered evil, as were bayonet lugs. But guns made before the ban were grandfathered in, and the law did not effect them. Gun makers modified the way their guns looked, so they were in accordance with the new law.

    So my brother's Springfield M1A (semi-auto version of the military M14), made in 1986, looks just like the military rifle, including having a bayonet lug. Mine, made in 1997, looks the same, except there is no bayonet lug. Bayonet lugs were available, but it was illegal to put one on my gun. His gun, being "pre-ban", had no such restriction. He could put a folding stock on his gun, or a stock with a pistol grip. I couldn't.

    The ban (which was a Federal law) only lasted ten years, so after 2004 it pretty much didn't matter any more. Some states, however, passed their own versions of the law, and even though the Federal law has gone away, they still have their law.

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    As of 2004, Pre-Ban means nothing as it is a legal term under an expired federal statute.

    Prior to 2004, but after 1994, certain firearms with certain cosmetic characteristics were prohibited from new production and sale to the general public, as president Clinton felt that the physical appearance of a firearm somehow made it more leathal than a "conventional" firearm.
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    Check your state's laws too.

    Here in NY, they continued the ban - making it permanent. :mad:
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    The People's Republic of Kalifornikstan, New Jerkey & Ill-n-dead are the other states with screwed-up gun laws.

    Only when Repubs are returned to power in those states will the bad laws get deleted.
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    Anyone know what the wonderful state of Connecticut has for laws? everything else here sucks, so im assuming the worse.
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