What happened to Jack404?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ampaterry, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. ampaterry

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    Dec 20, 2008
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    The management of TFF wishes to be completely open with the members here regarding the unfortunate incident with Jack404. Jack has been a member here for three years, and a valuable member of the moderating team as well. His posts, numbering over 17,000, have been of value to many of our members, and we thank him for that.

    Jack is no longer with us strictly because he requested - then demanded - to be removed from this board, and also requested that no one try to contact him by E-mail or any other means. Since that time, he has contacted many of us by E-mail and telephone, threatening us with various retaliations for something he says we have done, yet NONE of us knows what that thing is, and Jack refuses to explain what he is so angry about.

    As many of you know, Jack404 started a thread several days ago asking members to go to the Facebook page of Kershaw Knives and post a complaint. This thread was in direct violation of TFF policy. We do not allow members to bring personal fights to our forum. We should have taken down the thread immediately, but frankly, none of the staff read the thread at first, thinking it was just a “let’s be friends on Facebook” thread. When we realized what was happening, we took down the thread, along with any others referencing the feud between Jack and Kershaw. ALL of the posts by the Kershaw representative (Thomas W) were taken down with this action.

    We have no connection with Facebook, nor any interest about what may or may not be going on with that social network. But we all have a great deal of interest in any problem that Jack is having, so we tried to help him with this. Originally, he said that Kershaw would not sell him the knives he need for the Australian Special Forces. Sam, our forum owner, contacted Kershaw and was told by their owner that he knew nothing of any such difficulty. He said Kershaw would be glad to send any quantity of any models they make to Jack; just tell him which and how many. Sam passed this on to Jack, who refused to say what he wanted Kershaw to send, but continued to rave on about how Kershaw - and now TFF - had damaged his reputation, besmirched his good name, ruined his business, destroyed his relationship with his suppliers, etc. He has demanded that everyone involved apologize to him for what he believes they have done, yet refuses to say what that is exactly. This is the time when he started requesting, then demanding, to be removed from TFF and to never hear from any of us again. We finally gave in to him, and did as he asked us to do. Jack is gone, and will not return.

    Although we still have no idea what Jack is blaming us for, we all wish him well and pray that God will continue to bless him in the work he is doing for veterans and troops.
  2. Shooter45

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    Feb 9, 2001
    After being accused of sticking up for a company and having members ask if TFF has been sold or bought out. Receiving several accusing emails and having TFF run down on the WWW for something we had nothing to do with and having "respectful" members spreading untrue messages about TFF and me. I feel like you have a need to know.

    I've always been a private person out of necessity and have tried to treat people the way I want to be treated. It's worked well until now. I have been upfront with the members here and anyone that knows me personally will tell you the same thing......and there are several here.
    Now, I've been crossed and I'm not liking it.

    First of all TFF had nothing to do with this incident. The fight was brought here. Now, I've always had a rule. What happens on other forums stays on other forums. This rule was broken.

    Now, I know most of you have had a few emails and have heard and believe one side of the story. Supposedly I have a friend or business associate at the knife company. FALSE. Although I do own one of their knives and like it as it has served me well.

    I'll also protect any member here from attacks from outside people as I have Jack on four occasions when attacked by a muslum group on this forum.

    I have protected TFF for almost 12 years and will until my toes turn up.

    Now, I've supposedly ruined the reputation of someone I trusted and have helped on several occassions. Ruined his business and ruined him with his suppliers and I don't have a clue who they are. Messed up his military business ??,etc.

    Did I PM the knife guy ? Yes I did to explain what was going on as best I could because I knew nothing about the FB thing. But I did know my Mod here [ I thought ] and tried to stick up for him and smooth things over with a large company.
    ( remember the protect TFF thing ? )

    So, here's my email to the knife guy and his answer back to me. It's simple and to the point.

    It's not even close to the emailed info some of you are getting but here it is for the world to see.

    I had typed " a few of you should be ashamed" but I'm better than that so it was deleted.

    Thomas W

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    Originally Posted by Shooter45
    Thomas W,
    I just read Jacks thread and have moved it to a secure area out of public view.
    Jack is an Aussie and can be hard to understand but he helps others. He tans Kangaroo hides and donates to Military burn victums. Their skin doesn't stick to the hair and come off when they are turned. Those are donated free. He has bought cases of Silver Bullet Gun Oil ( paid retail ) and donated to the Aussie Special Forces. Paid for out of his pocket. I could go on but you get the point. He's not begging for anything. He's more than willing to pay for your knives. Excellent knives, I might add.
    I don't do the Facebook thing so I know nothing about it. He did ask for some help from the members here to try and secure Kershaw knives for the Special Forces in OZ. Not to buy but maybe help get them shipped on his dime. It seems Facebook called the folks spammers and a few had their accounts deleted or locked. I doubt you had anything to do with that but in his mind you did. ??
    I know there was a rush to get your knives to the Oz SF before they deployed after Christmas. I can assure you that he isn't doing it for profit. Just his way of helping a fellow soldier.
    He isn't a nut case but he can sure get wound up.
    Anyway, sorry for the long message but trying to help you understand. Oh, and I think he wants you to say "Sorry" to the SF guys and members who had the problem on Facebook.
    I hope this helps and sorry it took place here.
    Shooter45 / Sam

    Hi Sam

    I have little doubt that Jack is a good guy. Appreciate you reaching out and explaining the situation. Wish Jack would just have posted similar to this...but it is what it is.

    I'm not a Facebook guy either, but I can tell you, nobody intentionally set out to insult anybody. It's not in our nature to do that sort of thing. Sounded like Jack just went off, and a few folks followed his lead. My guy shut them down as they came off really confrontational.

    As far as the knives, sheesh, why didn't someone just say something? What knives and how many knives are needed? I'll get them out tomorrow.

    See, that was easy.

    Someone should have stepped in for Jack, he went off to the extreme. Making us sound like liberals who hate soldiers. Not cool.

    Anyway, thanks again, and let me know about the knives.


    That's it. Plain and simple.
    I supposedly did all the above damage with one PM.
    Now believe what you want because I'm done.
  3. JLA

    JLA Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    Ill chime in here as well, as I am someone that knows Sam personally and trust him fully. This info posted above is exactly the way of it. I followed this incident rather closely for almost the entire week it went on. I gathered much of the info myself that we used to try to figure out just what the hell happened.

    Jack screwed up, plain and simple. Hes angry, and understandably so, because his livelyhood is in jeopardy over this. But he did it to himself. Much of this that happened was already in motion before Sam or any of the rest of us even knew the severity of the issue.

    I do hope that you guys will trust that everything that happened, as far as Jack getting banned from here, was not only at his request but also in the best interest of TFF.
  4. Shooter45

    Shooter45 *Administrator* Staff Member

    Feb 9, 2001
    A few here need to re-read this.
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