What If .... In 1942

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    Interesting! I've never seen these or heard of them before now. The plan that looks the best on paper is Scenario 3, however, in reality, it would have bogged down (literally) any attempt to come down from Hudson Bay, unless done in winter when the bogs and lakes are frozen.

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    Hitler did not have an ocean-going force capable of delivering men and materiel for such an invasion even if he wanted to. They had the industrial might to make such things if they wanted to though.

    BUT.....even if troops made it, it would not have worked out so well for them.....for the same reason the Japanese (who did have the means to put troops in the US mainland) chose not to invade us. The fear that a gun would be behind "every blade of grass". Which would have been damn true.

    No other country had (or has today) so many armed citizens. Game hunters alone would become a legion of snipers so terrifying that no enemy soldier would be safe anywhere. Any average-looking citizen walking down the street could have a handgun concealed and easily pick off any soldiers not in a group and melt back into the masses.

    To my knowlege, only one piece of US territory has ever been occupied by an invading force and that was two small Alaskan islands (Attu and Kiska). Kiska was abandoned and Attu was a bloodbath. Thousands of Japanese soldiers were killed and a handfull taken prisoner.

    We have a long history of fighting like demons to protect our interests. Imagine the fury we would unleash if someone threatened our mainland!

    The Founding Fathers wanted us to maintain a "well regulated militia" for good reason.
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    Agreed. Their only chance would've been a blitzkrieg attack through Canada and they would've had to not violate their peace treaty with Stalin so they would not have the eastern front to deal with. At that point in the war build up, we did not have sufficient trained or equipped troops to stop them. Our industrial might was just getting in war gear and our soldiers were training with limited tools - some even with broom sticks!

    But, like I said, the Canadian terrain would've bogged down any attempt for a mechanized attack.
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    I thought about this some more and came to the conclusion that the reason we never heard more about this was that it was viewed as preposterous. The Germans had no carriers, therefore no air support.

    They weren't worried about a rifle behind every rock. They knew that they would be wiped out by the Canadian AF and US AF before they ever saw a rifle!

    It would have been a suicide mission from the outset.
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    unless they'd waited until they'd conquered the rest of the world first. and with Russia as an ally...*shudder*
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    The problem the Germans would have is this is not France.So much of the German army would be sniped away by citizens there wouldn't be any of them left.
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    The Japanese were smart enough to know it would never work, Had Germany come ashore anywhere around here, they would have had to put a bag limit on them.
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    No chance of a "bloodbath" , JH ! Germany any couldn't muster the tactical wherewithal to invade England across a 30-mile gap were it had a semblance of air superiority ! Germany hadn't the resources and military capability to exert its will at any remove from the European continent. Its only carrier, the Graff Zepplin was never finished; let alone have aircraft developed and air groups worked up to fly off her.

    Germany's "best chance" was a "twofold" attack system. 1st, was a conventional aircraft with the range to reach NYC. Indeed one such did approach within a hundred miles of its target before successfully returning ! A jet-powered aircraft with adequate range never made it past design stage, I believe. The 2nd. was the V-4 (6?) multi-stage ICBM that was in final design stage at the end of the war. All of these options required the Germans have a atomic device capable of massive destruction of key ports/economic centers. They never developed one .

    But every modern weapon of war in current use can trace is lineage back to weapons/designs created by the Germans circa 1938-45 ! >Mech