What if you held all the marbles? II

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  1. HunterAlpha1

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    Aug 8, 2011
    Yorktown, VA
    i would make it into a sewage plant :)

    all federal agents who have murdered US citizens(Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.) would receive the death penalty, said penalties to be carried out within a week.

    the Firearms and Explosives divisions of BATFE would be disbanded.

    all public schools would be ordered to give age-appropriate gun safety classes, with the earliest grades learning "don't touch" and "go get an adult", then in later grades teaching their use.

    all households would be required to have a firearm, and every adult would be required to learn how to use it.

    tax breaks for homeschoolers, but homeschoolers would be required to take exams to prove that the children were actually learning the basics(reading, writing, spelling, and math).

    corporal punishment would be legal, in fact parents who refused to spank their kids for misbehaving would be spanked themselves. also, police officers would be authorized to spank unruly children.

    Federal judges would lose most of their power.

    the 1934 NFA, 1968 GCA, and all other federal, state, and local anti-gun laws would be immediately revoked, and any officer attempting to enforce them would be guilty of a felony, as well as being assumed to be committing a violent crime, and as such could be shot in self defense like any other criminal, and if they survived and escaped, would become a fugitive from justice.

    mining, oil drilling, lumbering, and all other economic activities would be allowed almost anywhere, but in as environmentally safe a manner as possible. for every tree cut down, the lumber companies would be required to plant 2 trees to replace it.

    excessive wildlife populations could be harvested in heavily populated areas, but the hunters would need to undertake rigorous gun and hunter safety training(free for those who couldn't afford the training).

    rapists and murderers would face a mandatory death sentences.
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  2. hunter29180

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    after reading the input here, i just have to point out..in each and everyones mind, their ideas ate the cornerstones to a better civilization!...HOWEVER...if each of you had to LIVE under the others rules...well..lets just say it would get interesting real quick...for instance lets consiter one comment from a recent post..

    from HunterAlpha1.."corporal punishment would be legal, in fact parents who refused to spank their kids for misbehaving would be spanked themselves. also, police officers would be authorized to spank unruly children."

    for me, should one of you or a person i dont know to lay a hand on my child, without my personal permission??(and to get that permission..well i would spank if nessary, NOT you!) and what if you spanked too hard or too much for the "CRIME??" well lets just say ..you had better have your plot paid for, dug and ready for use. the shear volume of "LAWS" that would be required to be passed to cover such a BROAD statement would keep us all busy for a century! and thats before one child gets spanked.

    thats why my coment was what it was. while I "think" i have the answers..I am wise enough o understand what our FOUNDING FATHERS understood..NO one man howerever great he may be can have all the answers. hence in the beginning of OUR CONSTITUTION...WE THE PEOPLE it takes a great many decatated minds to try to come to grips with our socity..if anything WE THE PEOPLE ARE TO BLAME FOR OUR CURRENT STATUS..WE DROPPED THE BALL! write down on a piece of paper all the names of ALL the people you personally know..now ask this question of each and every one..did YOU vote in the last elections? include local, state and national elections..for each one answered yes give yourself a point..for each one NO..subtract 10 points. hows your score? if each and every one of us took the time to encourage just 5 more people we know to actually vote..would we be in this situtation? for your information our FOUNDING FATHERS took the time to try to get every person they knew to vote every chance they were able to.

    except for the very people we complain about here and elsewhere..no one really works to get people to vote..we allowed the scholls to be barred from teaching the importance of voting..we allowed the family unit to stop teaching the kids...oh sure I'm sure WE personally try to get our kids to vote..what about ours neighbors..you talk to them about the importance of voting? your shooting buddys?, your pastor? your hairdresser?

    you see its really is in OUR hands already to change the course here and now..WHAT are you going to do about it? I know what I am doing....i dont want to BE THE MAN..it too big a job for me..i know and understand that part..but together ..WE can DO IT! you just need to start today and WORK as hard at getting the people around you to vote as you do bringing home the "BACON" or learning to shoot that new rifle, or what ever it is you do..

    flame me or cheer me our future is in our hand and voices. it up to each of us if we are a ROAR to be noticed or just a tiny squeek to be ignored.

  3. graehaven

    graehaven Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2007
    Rochester, NY
    Voter involvement is not the way to solve our current situation. Having 100 percent voter turnout IN A BROKEN SYSTEM still yields the same outcome when you have TWO choices that are virtually the same AND were picked by those that control the system.

    Simply abiding by the constitution and not adding the hundreds of thousands of federal laws and regulations would make the difference. But, it takes people of integrity to abide by the constitution, and when 99% of those in government have NO integrity --- this is what you get.
  4. Willie

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    Jul 31, 2003
    I would add...... Refund all money to people who paid in to social security with interest. Deduct from refund any legal costs to the system caused by criminal conduct of any person getting a refund. After that just shut it down and tell people to save themselves. Eliminate any unearned benefit program right now. Save pensions etc as these are earned. Also give people who earned benefits the option to get a payout right now with interest on what they earned. Give the deadbeats nothing at all.
  5. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    I totally agree with you on this. Just think of the number of people in America that would vote to raise their welfare checks. The number of people that would vote to make themselves American Citizens. The number of really dumb people that know nothing about what is going on, nothing about the Constitution, or the laws that govern America, and would vote based on the way they feel! Then add in the numbers of people that are just plain un-American, and want to see an end to Capitalism!
  6. hunter29180

    hunter29180 Well-Known Member

    it still comes back to the same question..WHO'S FAULT IS IT FOR ALLOWING IT TO GET BROKE? rIGHT THE VOTERS, or more accurately those who FAILED to vote. Who controls the system? those who were allowed in by those who did not vote..Whos responsibility is it to fix it?? yep, ours..by a grass roots movement to get US CITIZENs to vote. dont matter which party..would love to see all pro gunners but ALL citizens.

    IF they are Citizens does it matter? cant VOTE unless you are already a CITIZEN, so saying they will vote to make themselves CITIZENS isnt going to happen..unless you dont vote and allow it to happen. as to the DUMB people?? well most DUMB people are just uninformed, whos fault is that?

    look ppl less than 35% of the US CITIZENS voted in the last Presidental election..yet over 60% bitch about the current state we find ourselve in..in my opinion..if you didnt vote..then you gave up the right to BITCH. If you did vote then why didnt you work to get the vote out? some of us did, i know. and many thanks to them..except ACORN and the others who helped dead folks vote.,.,all i say is we..yes WE..each and every one of like mind here on this forum, can make a diffrence IF...IF each of us get 5 NEW voters to vote next election..and IF we get just one..yes 1! other person to commit to doing the same. and do this each year! now thats a real GRASS ROOTS movement! at least we would have less to bitch about and more time to shoot and hunt!!
  7. graehaven

    graehaven Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2007
    Rochester, NY
    You CANNOT fix this system through voting. You cannot fix it through signing up more voters. You cannot fix it by electing from the field of candidates in the Repub or Demo parties. That is the lie they want you to continue to believe. That was the point of the comment.

    The system is broken. There is only one way to reboot it, and it's not thru voting. Sorry. And the only way to do is a lose-lose for us and our families.
  8. hunter29180

    hunter29180 Well-Known Member

    I hear people say all the time that our system is BROKE. and truthfully it is.

    WE, allowed it to get BROKE. and just like that car we failed to maintain, that BROKE down just when we needed it most. Its our responsibility to get it fixed.

    now some say scrap it and start over. some say just to patch it. well the cold hard fact is this..we have been ignoring this for a long time. we have allowed the minority to "Patch" it all this time. because we the majority we just to involved in doing what ever..I'm as guilty as the next..We spout the proper words and pat our boys on the back when they come home from doing what we one did also. defend the right of others.
    problem is we have forgot what made US as a nation GREAT! we have allowed the minority to rule over the majority. now we find the effort required to change our course is so great that we just have a hard time seeing the way to change it.

    violence isnt the way. we, thanks to our founding fathers, have a built in system to correct this problem. those who expect a overnite cure..get a life....it took DECADES to get here..and while we dont have decades to fix it we do have the TIME to change the course and get this fixed.

    we allowed the minority to take the natioal pride out of our schools. unless we teach them our grandkids no longer learn the PLEDGE OF ALLEGENCE in school. we also allowed them to tell us when we can fly OUR FLAG and WHERE! the minority is so concerened with offending someone here on OUR SOIL we might as well give it to them...UNLESS we the formerly silent majority learn..yes learn to once again STAND UP and SPEAK!! to do this we have to start with 1 or 2 or a hundred or a thousand.. WE have to beging to speak to our neighbors, pastors, friends, whoever is interested in learning how to beging the change..by voting..we as a nation have lost what made us GREAT. we were a nation where a person in a community was known by all in that community. personally....
    now as a example..just a month ago I stopped at the farm next to where i live. introduced myself and learned the farmer had been born on that farm and raised there, also raising 4 kids there..did not know any of the people who lived around him!!
    I know when i grew up we moved in to a small ranch to care for it for the owner,( dad was the hired hand) and within a month every one for 20 miles had either stopped my or called on the NEW to us PHONE to get to know us!! we stayed there for 5 yrs..and we knew all 300 people who lived in and around ROSE, Nebraska. ans they knew us!!

    do you know the people who live next to you? some of us do..most dont. that is what made us great..we knew and TALKED to each other..we dont today..sad state of affairs people. we have to get back to the BASICS.. just like the people before us who made us great.

    we talk about the foreign ppl here in their communitys..bet they know who lives in their neighborhood..why do you think they are so organized?? they TALK TO EACH OTHER!!
    they know everyone in their community..we dont! they teach their kids what we use to teach, but got lazy and shuffled that responsibilty off to our schools..and now we nont decide what our own schools teach anymore. AND ITS OUR FAULT!

    we need to wake up cause the roses quit smelling a long time ago..we are almost in the garbage heap! READ jacks posts, soon we will be under the same gun as he is facing,,maybe worse!

    ok im off my pulpit stand now..nuff said..
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