What Is A Semi-Wadcutter?

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    I like em too! But you can't find em just anywhere. If you are buying some, where are you getting them?
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    Wadcutters are the classic target bullet. When shot through paper, it leaves a neat, round hole with sharp edges, that's easy to score. Wadcutters aren't accurate at longer ranges and lose velocity faster than more stramlined designs. A semi-wadcutter has a full caliber sholder and a short flat ended nose, more accurare than wadcutters at longer ranges. Much debate on sholders cutting tissue or flat nose causing cavitation of tissue around sholders. I believe the most tissue damage, for hunting, is from a large flat nose (meplat). I use a double ended wadcutter for my house gun; good tissue damage with less overpenetration. Pics tell a better story though...
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