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    Jul 20, 2005
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    hI ,

    I've got a.303 BRITISH, I think, do I and what would it be worth?
    IT says it is not ENGLISH made on it and that it was made in the usa
    has a crown with a circle and BM in the circle, crown with G.I. under it, arrow with a crown with a R under it and 303 ,X with M, P


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  2. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    It looks like you have a "sporterized" P14 "Enfield." It was a "new" British design just before War I. The British were short of rifles for WWI and contracted with Remington, Winchester, and Eddystone to produce it in .303, in 1914 through 1916. It became the pattern for our P-17 Enfield which was made in .30-06, and which actually became our main issue rifle in WWI for the doughboys because we didn't have enough 03s.

    I'm not sure of the markings, but you SHOULD be able to find markings indicating whether it was made by Remington, Winchester or Eddystone somewhere on it. Some of the other markings are British proof marks.

    It looks like somebody shortened and reshaped the stock, and removed the rear sight in order to mount the scope.

    Because it's "sporterized," it's not worth anywhere near what it would be if it was "stock," but it's a pretty sound rifle that many people and firms "sporterized" after the war when bolt action rifles suddenly became popular in the US for hunting. You may ALSO find markings indicating whether this was done by one of the big importers or jobbers of the time, like Bannermans.

    It's tough to tell from the pictures, but it looks like you have a "decent" sporter, but it would be tough selling it, as there would be little collector's interest. Just guessing from the few sporterized ones I've seen for sale at shows, probably somewhere in the $2-300 range...maybe a little more if it's one done by one of the big jobbers and sold that way originally...

    If it was me, and I didn't need the money right away, I'd probably have the headspace checked, mount a decent used scope on it, and SHOOT it just to see what the old lady will do. The action has a decent reputation, the rifle itself a decent reputation for accuracy. The .303 would make a decent deer round, and would be good for MOST North American big game you would feel comfortable using a .300 Savage for, or similar cartridges. It's available too, although sometimes tough to find commercially any more, but surplus ammo is around at decent prices, and it's supposed to be an easy round to reload. If it shoots WELL, you might be able to get more for it with a testimonial, or to somebody at the range who sees it in action...or else you might just decide to KEEP it...

    Another thing a lot of people did when sporterizing them was to convert it from "cock on closing" to "cock on opening." Sometimes it wsa done WELL other times??? Later, some of the parts suppliers in the 30s and 40s started selling "kits" to convert them. Does yours cock when you first open the bolt, or do you need to cycle it all the way?

  3. HUBB

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    Jul 20, 2005
    upstate new york
    HI Polishshooter,
    thanks for the information, and in answer to your question,i have to cyle the action all the way to cock it.....thanks again..hubb

    p.s. this forum is great!!! :)
  4. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Well, the bolt wasn't buggered up then, that's the way it's supposed to operate for these rifles, along with the British SMLEs too..."cock on closing."

    Mausers, and just about every other bolt action, military or commercial was designed as "Cock on open."

    SUPPOSEDLY the "on open" is more "desirable," but while I am NOT a REAL "rifle shooter", I never really figured out WHY. I've heard "lock-time" is "slower" on the "on closing" ones, but the way I shoot, I'm not sure I'd know the difference! (or even what "lock time" IS! :p ) I think rifle shooters don't like it just because it's "different."

    And British regulars pre-wwI were trained to HIT human size targets at 1000 yds with their SMLEs, so it must be sometehing you can overcome with practice, if it even matters at all.

    That is what is supposed to make Enfield actions so smooth to cycle, all your up and back energy is focused on extraction/ejection, not also retracting the mainspring and striker...

    And welcome to the forum Hubb! I didn't notice you were a "FNG." :D

    Since we started this place years ago we tried to keep it friendly, fun, and the mods try to keep the trolls and people that can't be "civil" under control or out.

    Most of us who were around at the start met on the Gunbroker forums at first, but every couple of months or years there seemed to be a "new batch" of downright "a-holes" who would show up and stir the pot, and start the name calling and "I know more than you do!" pee up the wall fights, that Tac and a few others decide to start their OWN forum, and most of us came here from there and never went back!

    I guess the cool thing is we DO have so many experts here, but NOBODY is expert on EVERYTHING, everybody asks stupid questions SOMETIMES, so we defer to each other, and everybody chips in, and we try to be welcoming to all the "newbies!" We were all once new too!
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    May 5, 2003
    Polish, it's funny you should mention "lock-time" supposedly being "slower" on the "cock-on-closing" rifles.

    The Brits had trained so well with their Enfields that some Germans during WWI, when faced with a unit of Enfield-equipped Brits, thought they were facing machine guns.
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