What is so wonderful about an 1911?

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    And SWC shaped lead projectiles to boot! My 1st gen G-17 would not run SWC. A friend of mine bought a G-36 and it will not run lead SWC either. With the exception of a mid-70's Colt GCNM I used to own all my 1911's have run SWC without a problem. The GC had other problems as well so the ammo issue was a by-product and not the primary problem
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    I did 3.5 years of hard time behind a gun counter at a high volume gunstore some time ago. I met all kinds of people and got lots of war stories from fellas that were there in the flesh.

    An older gentleman was at the pistol case looking at some 1911s. I asked if he wanted to look at any. He just told me about how looking at them reminds him of the last time he used one. By use I mean in a real war in a real gunfight. He ran out of ammo for his rifle and had to use his 1911 he had. He put 2 rounds into a Gerry at what he said was about 25-30 yards. It was winter time and the guy he shot was wearing two thick wool coats. When he got up to the shot enemy he was still alive, so he put two more in him. Upon inspection the two rounds did NOT penetrate the thick jackets, they just knocked the wind out of him. He told me he found himself a 9mm pistol (he could not remember the make) and never used the 45 again, and never had a penetration problem again. He declined to even hold a 1911.

    Another guy told me a story about the Jungles of Vietnam. He and a bunch of guys were on a detail to build up defense around their FOB. A few had 1911s on them and the rest were working away. A VC came out of the jungle shooting them up. He had 11 .45" holes in him and kept on going like nothing was going on. One round from a M16 ended it all. While he was getting pumped with eleven 45 holes he killed 3 of his buddies. He was in tears by the end of the story and never wanted to touch one again because of the 1911 in his hands failed to save his buddies lives. His words, not mine.

    I have seen first hand what a 9mm can do in real life with ball. It is no slouch folks. 45, 9mm, they will both fail as spectacular as the other.

    As for the 1911. It is a marvel of even modern technology. To have one 99 years ago must have been a god send to our troops. I am a Glock guy. I have used and owned 1911s. I know what both are capable of. Use a good mag in a milspec 1911 and all you got is a less capacity (does not matter to me) heavier pistol as good as any Glock........
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    It was my great pleasure to finally obtain a 1911 a year ago. It is a Taurus PT-1911. I own a total of 7 semi-auto pistols. The PT-1911, a PT-99, 2 Ruger Mk1's, a CZ70 in 7.62x25 and a Beretta 1932 in 32acp. My favorite is the PT-1911. So far it has eaten everything I have fed it with no failures.It is everything I expected from the design. Both Mk1's are tack drivers at 10yds. The 1911 is almost as good. The CZ and the beretta are area guns. you will some where in the area you are aiming.
    My apologies to Glocknut and others but the glock does not come close to comparing to the 1911. I have fired both and found the glock to be unwieldy and diffucult to aim. The lack of any safety put the glock at the bottom of my list. Hand a 3 yr. old a glock and a 1911 and guaranteed he will fire the glock hours before he figures out the 1911.
    An earlier post quoted Jeff Copper as saying the glock was designed for those who have neither the time or the inclination to properly learn safe pistol handling techniques. With sufficient practice the safety on the 1911 become second nature under all circumstances.
    This my personal opinion and I am not denigrating in any way those who love the glock or any other pistol. My personal preference is for a manual safety.
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    That has got to be a handfull!! I think you meant 7.65x17mm, or 7.65Br. I doubt it is marked 32acp......
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