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  1. . . . to roast peppers, and is it necessary to roast all or just some varieties? As I said in another thread, I went kind of bonkers this year and planted enough peppers to make even Donny happy. ;) I'm now up to 35 plants and 20 different varieties, including the Serrano I planted yesterday. Obviously, I won't be able to use all the peppers while they are still fresh, so I intend to freeze as many as I can. Is it better to freeze them with the skin still on or roast them first? I've grown peppers for the last couple of years, but never this many before, so any suggestions are most welcome. ;) Oh, and yes, I do intend to make up both chili sauce and salsa, and I might even try pickling a few. Ideas?
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    Rich, from what I've learned, there are some smaller, thick skinned peppers like the Jalapeno that just aren't worth the trouble, although some do, I always stuck with the Anaheim and roasted them for my salsa. After I roast them I place them into Ziploc freezer bags hot off the grill, seal and allow them to rest for up to an hour (30 - 45 mins is great) then off to the freezer, when they come out and defrost they are real easy to peel... Oh and if you've not done this before you may be surprised by how they shrink after the moisture is cooked out like this, it's really nice because all you have left is skin and succulent meat taking up space in your freezer. I bet those cowhorns would roast up nicely too.


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    Oops... You asked "what is the best way" to roast 'em, Man I've heard of everything from blow torches to kitchen range tops, I prefer a nice oak fire in the chamber of one of my smokers, but the way things are right now with me being stuck in a damn apartment for awhile. I like to fire up the smokeless indoor grill and roast up a freezer bag of them and freeze until I have a lot of them stored.

    Enjoy these videos! :)


    Music vid

    But with all the peppers you are going to have, you may need one of these.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz3IYkA051k&NR=1 :D
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    I roast mine over my gas burner on the stove turning with tongs as they brown. Then like Crpdeth says, into a ziploc bag to steam the skin loose and either peel, chop and freeze or freeze whole and skin when they thaw.
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    45 makes a good point here Rich since you are going to have a hundred or more pounds of peppers, if you were inclined to simply let them cool in their bags then peel before freezing, you'll be absent the stems and skins... Doesn't sound like much, but I bet after slicing the meat up a bit, you'll be able to get many pounds of meat in a gallon bag.

    I'm jealous!!!!!! :D

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    The best way is to roast the peppers over a BBQ enough to turn the peppers black on all sides. Then put them in a plastic bag and let then steam themselves. The skin will then be easily removed.

    If you have some jalapeno peppers, then I suggest making some http://hogwildbbq.blogspot.com/2007/09/atomic-buffalo-turds-abts.html You can fill them with whatever you like. We use cream cheese and water chestnuts.
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    Pistol, I keep telling myself every year I'm going to have a garden. It will likely look like yours. I love peppers, from bells to habaneros.

    I saw a food show on the Travel Channel (it actually has better food shows than the Food channel) recently where a restaurant has this really cool pepper roaster. Looks like a wire basket that might otherwise be used for Bingo. It had a row of gas torches under it, they load the basket and fire off the burners. Start rolling the basket, and when all the peppers are brown turn off the fire. Wipe off the crust and (I gotta say it) BINGO! Perfectly roasted peppers.
    That's a lot of trouble and expense, but sounds like what you need.
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