What is the most powerful (commercial) .22lr?

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    Aug 3, 2012
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    Thank you for all of the imformation on rimfire .22's. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understood that the the .22WMR was developed to achive .22 long rifle like ballistics in the then very popular Ruger Single Sixes and their clones.
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    Sep 23, 2008
    Winchester use to make the Expediter many years ago.
    It was the fastest at the time. Something like 1850 F.P.S. or something like that. I believe it is considered collectable. I have a brick & 1/2. I have quite a few bricks of 22 ammo. Some as far back as the forties or fifty's. Ive been collecting for about fifty years. It's all in ammo cans & fresh as a daisy.
    i believe the Expediter was manufactured only a very short time.
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    The Stinger is not the Fastest, Aguilla Super Maximum does 1,750fps. I use the hollow points on Raccoons with my Glenfield -Marlin 25
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    What JLA said, and remember, wetter is better! After I broke in my Sig-Sauer 1911-22 (wich everyone swears is the same gun as the GSG, I don't really know), I used nothing but Federal bulk from Wal-Mart wich is very inexpensive. a thousand rounds should break in most .22 autos. Same went for my Colt Govt. .22 LR., and Walther P-22.

    Never had a problem when gun was kept clean and well oiled. By that I mean pulled down completely, sanitized, and well lubricated every 2500-3000 rounds. Anything past that and it will start jamming, I don't care what gun or ammo you are using. .22 LR's are just plain nasty! JMOHO
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    Oct 19, 2012
    I have a Walther P22 pistol and they have the same problem with 22 ammo that will cycle the slide. I had tried all ammo including the CCI mini maggs but the ONLY AMMO that would cycle it every time was the crappy looking and dirty Remington Golden Bullet! These are the only ones that work great and seem to have more power / Kick than CCI Mini Magg! Give them a try!
  6. The only 22LR ammo I know that will give you triple digits energy numbers without being a magnum round is Eley.

    Moving Target, .22 LR, High Velocity Solid, .22 LR and High Velocity HP, .22 LR will all give you 107 ft/lbs at 100 yards from a rifle give or take a little depending on the rifle. These numbers were taken from a 10/22 but it should give you a fair idea of what to expect from your GS. I know of no other ammo that will match those energy levels down range.
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    fixed that for ya.;):D
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    FED> auto match. is what mine like.
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    I prefer CCI's Stinger with a bullet weight of 32 gr. it lists a muzzle vel of 1640 fps and i have found it to work very well in most of my 22's both semi-auto and bolt pistol or rifle, my second choice is the 40 gr mini-mag at 1235fps
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    I have a small amount of Data from a Chrony.
    All were shot out of a Remington 22 LR Rifle (Nylon 66)

    CCI Mini Mag - 1065 fps (didn't record bullet data).

    Winchester 36 grain plated Hollow Points - 1151 fps (1200 fps stated on box).

    Like I said, a very small amount of data.
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    Yep, I load my .223 with 45 gr. lead bullets and WC820 powder to get abour 1900-2100 fps. Very accurate in my gun and no recoil/muzzle blast to speak of.

    For your residue problem, I believe that's from Remington ammo. I had way too many misfires, and very dirty shooting Remington rimfire ammo so I quit using them several years ago. I had two rifles that did not like them with many failures to feed (one was even a Remington rifle!) and inaccurate in my Ruger Single Six and MkII.