What is the value of my 1937 Winchester Model 42

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  1. Toms

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    Nov 4, 2013
    My Model 42 410 was inherited from my father who inherited it from his father. Based on the serial number it was manufactured in 1937. Appears to be a standard model, nothing fancy. Most of the bluing is worn off and wood is in okay shape with no cracks but does have scratches, etc. I last fired this gun at the ages 16 to 18 hunting dove with my brother in laws. I am now 61. Has not been fired in 40 years. Slide and action seems to be working well though a little stiff. What precautions should I take before firing this gun? What might this gun be worth in its present original condition? Should I have it reblued and refurbished? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I apologize for any mistakes in protocal as this is my first time on forum.

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  2. gdmoody

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    Sep 7, 2007
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    Do not have it re-blued, any collector value would be gone, so leave it exactly as it is. I am not an expert on gun values and I don't pretend to be. I do have a 33rd edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values that I am looking at right now. The only thing that I find that comes close to what I see is the Model 42 Slide Action Standard Grade .410 shotgun. The book says that it was manufactured from 1933 to 1963. It shows the guns value at $1200 if it is in 60% condition and up to $2500 at 100% condition. From your pictures, I can't really tell the condition very well, the receiver looks to be in very good shape but I can't see the barrel very clearly at all. Hopefully, someone who is knowledgeable will come along and give you a better answer.

  3. Toms

    Toms New Member

    Nov 4, 2013
    Thank you for your response. I will try to take and post some better pictures. Should I have it checked out by a gunsmith prior to firing it?
  4. Hello Toms,

    With the serial number, I can identify the specific month & year it was manufactured.

    Based on what I can see in the pictures you posted thus far, your Model 42 has a fair amount of patina/rust on it, and that very negatively affects the value. I will also point out to everyone that the Blue Book is not the most accurate source of information in regards to the actual value for most of the pre-1964 production Winchesters. A 60% graded standard Model 42 is at best an $1100 gun, and typically a bit less than that. Your gun appears to be something < 50%.

    I do agree that it should not be refinished, and will urge you to have it properly (professionally) cleaned up.

    Yes, you should have it checked before attempting to shoot it.

    Bert H.
  5. todd51

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    Toms, I also have a 42 with family heirloom credentials (Ser.# 8699) so it will never be sold. But I do keep an eye on asking prices at the gun shows. My gun was a working gun and shows the wear, dings and nicks of many trips to the field. Guns similar to mine have a price tag in the mid to upper teens at shows lately.

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  6. Telcotech

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    Aug 6, 2008
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    First thing, I'm no 'expert' on the model 42's, although I would love to have one. I have 5 Winchester pumps, 2 mod. '97's in 12 ga. & 16 ga., 3 mod 12's in 12 ga, 16 ga, & 20 ga. I do frequent gun shows and firearm auctions locally and have apretty good idea as far as values go on the old Wenchester pump's. Typically, the mod. 42 is the 'darling' of the standard Winchester pumps and condition is everything. Last spring at an auction there was a mod 42 in prestine condition that went for $3300 with a handful of other 42's that sold from $1600-2400. Looking at your pics, I would WAG the value around $1000-1400....but depends on the area of the country, and who wants it!!
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