what would you do if you caught them??

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  1. 21bravo

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    Oct 29, 2008
    wilkes county, nc
    Re: what would you do if you cought them??

    GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!! my friend and i have thought this as well. however, even as a engineer i dont know of a place to easily obtain ap mines. ("toe poppers" would work wonders) and we've thought about putting pieces of pointed rebar in the ground at an angle to pop tires...but now they have cut open our gate so if we put rebar there...it would deny access to us as well.

    the place is not out of the way for us to go to at all.. matter of fact i go by the place at least 4 times a week. we were just in there on monday (13 april) and aside from the cable that we already knew was down..everything was fine. then we go back on thursday (16 april) and the gate has been cut down. we rode around on the land...took down some tree stands and ran into a neighboring landowner and a deputy sheriff... it was kind of humarus. the neighbor has gotten a new 4x4 pickup we had never seen so we thought we had cought someone in the act of stealing from him again. and they didnt recognize us in my buddys 2500 cummins because it was dark.. there was a lot of shouting back and forth, but luckily it didnt escalate to either side drawing their sidearms. we filed a 5th report:mad: with the deputy (different deputy than the other times) and we got told that he (the deputy) had already had a tree stand and 2 trail cameras stolen from the same area.:eek: he also told us to "avoid a confrontation" was his professional opinion and then said he felt the same as we do. he also said if we catch the little sheet heads to go to the magistrates office and swear out warrants on them if we know who they are.

    i think cyclone was the one that mentioned joining a ranch... thats a good idea but i dont know of any around here to join..i will do some searching on Mr. Gore's internet though.

    my buddy and i have already decided that since it isnt out of the way to go to that we are going to visit it every other day. and the posted signs are up at least every 400 ft around the boundry line and several places inside the property just incase someone happens to "miss" one on the boundry


    Jan 28, 2009
    Re: what would you do if you cought them??

    We had problems like this for years, forget the police/sheriff. Ours ended shortly after involving the local game warden.

    Trespassing fines can be steep and if caught doing other things they may lose they`re vehicles and firearms too.

    I have little patients when it comes to these types and it is best not to be caught on ours.

  3. 21bravo

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    Oct 29, 2008
    wilkes county, nc
    Re: what would you do if you cought them??

    well T, the first people we called were the game wardens. (i personaly despize the lot. just dont like them being around... maybe its just the ones here but its more like they assume youre guilty until proven otherwise. there was an incident here last week where a game warden shot and killed a 76 year old man on his own land for turkey hunting.... infront of his 2 grandsons). when we called them they refered us to the sheriff because there is no proof anyone is illegally hunting or what have you. we went today, put up a camera, took down the gate and brought it home and welded it back together:mad::mad:. since the weather man is calling for rain monday the plan, at the moment, is to go back up tuesday put the gate back in after it has been filled with concrete:D and then we're goin to tack a few strands of razor wire to it and as for the area to the left of the gate...since we cant get AP mines like Pistol suggested:D:rolleyes:, we are going to dig out an area put a base of concrete and put sharpened rebar in it, then cover it back over with dirt so just enough rebar is sticking out to decommission the tires of stray ATV's and put a strand of razor wire on top of that. that way even if the razor wire over the rebar gets cut, we've still denied access:cool:..

    a lot of work for deer aint it? ....but like my friend said..."its not about the deer. its the point we're trying to make.....'dont mess with us'...":D
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  4. 358 winchester

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    I am for rent at the right price and your problems will be solved :D
  5. Big ugly

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    Feb 27, 2009
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    I got my Own quad, cammo hunting blind, a dog that will not bark unless told too, night vision. I got a new toy I want to try out too, it is non leathal and hurts like hell. I love bean bag shells. I was not aware of the thefts when I made my previouse post. I will be glad to come down to help one weekend.
  6. 21bravo

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    Oct 29, 2008
    wilkes county, nc
    Thanks for the offers 358 and BU:p:D:D but i think we'll try it the way i posted above first.. tryin to keep folks outta the pokie and all:p but if it dont work.... i may call on ya...;):cool:
  7. neptune

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    May 16, 2009
    Well, What has come of the situation???? I'd be interested in knowing if you were able to collect a few ears. Stories like this really frosts my A$$. Hope you get them and put a whoppin on em'. A-holes that have no respect what so ever, IMHO.
  8. 21bravo

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    Oct 29, 2008
    wilkes county, nc
    well... since my last post we have fixed the gate and put it back up filled with concrete. there is a trail camera in place to take pictures of the...shall we call them "fellows" for politeness sake...incase they come back. since the gate has been put back up we have not seen any pictures on the camera. we have yet to make the rebar pit beside of the gate...:rolleyes::mad:

    we did go in the day before we put the gate back up and found a red 1500 silverado in there where it wasnt supposed to be.:mad: my buddy went off:p:D ..and i qoute "who ever owns this d@mn red pickup better get their @$* up here before i put f*@!!n holes all in it!!!!" and then he started counting down from 10:p:rolleyes: come find out it was a man and a young boy turkey hunting. we told them what we would do if we found them there again and then told them we would call the sheriff and a game warden..(did i mention my buddy is the sheriffs 2nd cousin?)... we havent seen them back since... so maybe we got the point across..... maybe
  9. catfish83861

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    Not knowing just how well the area is posted, but I believe that it was obvious that the guy knew he was trespassing. Now what really ticks me off about this particular jerk is that he is training that young man with him, to disrespect other persons and their property:mad:. What a great way to teach sportsmanship and the value of ethical hunting.NOT!:( Maybe just maybe the adult made a mistake but I dang sure doubt it. Good catch.:D catfish
  10. runes

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    May 7, 2009
    I live in the mountains near Winchester Va. About a year ago atv people found me. They come in from a mile away and tear up my paths and have stolen a bench from a camp site. I confronted three atv's with older teens on them and recalled some old navy cursewords all the way back to Nam. They swore they would never be back. I keep finding tracks, I have posted with no result. Any good ideas out there?
  11. 21bravo

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    Oct 29, 2008
    wilkes county, nc
    trail cameras rune... thats what works. call your local Sheriff's office and file a report of trespassing. and then put up trail cameras. that way you can take cold hard evidence to the LE agency.

    gates also work...until someone cuts them down:mad: oh, and so does sharpened rebar at say a 45% angle in the areas you know they are coming in on your land. make them have to buy new tires:p, but that may start a "war"... so i have to fall back on what i said first. TRAIL CAMERAS
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