Whats wrong with Dubya's ad? NOTHING!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NRAJOE, Mar 5, 2004.


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    Sep 1, 2003
    Whats wrong with Dubya's ad? NOTHING!
    Listening to talk radio on the way home yesterday, the commentator was pushing for Libs to explain why the Bush campaign ad with a quick shot of firemen carrying a flag draped coffin was causing so much heated controversy. A woman called in and rambled about how that was then, she wanted to hear about now, and the future and the ecomomy, etc etc. It was all rather vague, she was kind of fussing but wasn't really saying anything very specific, the commentator pressed her and then she kind of blurted out, she said she was tired of seeing 911, she didn't want to think about death, she sees too much death, car crashes and all, she finally said she was tired of seeing the flag... at that part the commentator cut her off, far too interested in hearing himself talk than letting her say something important. I found this to be a moment of great revelation.

    I never until then realized how intrinsic to the liberal thinking and personna is denial of the reality of the Sept 11 attack, the reality and certainty of terrorism on OUR shores. They hate Bush, not for HOW he is dealing with terrorism, but BECAUSE he is dealing directly with the problem, and they want a president who will tell them the boogie man is gone, in fact he never really exsisted anyway. It makes so much sense, the liberals all curse Bush's handling of the war on terrorism, but NOT ONE HAS SAID HOW THEY WOULD DO IT DIFFERENTLY. because they don't want to think about it. They want to believe that if they don't think about terrorism it will go away, or better yet, it will be forgotten as if it never happened.

    Kerry said within weeks he'd end the war on terrorism, I wanted to hear how, but now I see, he'll just call it off. He'll ask everybody to close their eyes, and click their heels 3 times and when they open their eyes, it'll all be over, and we won't ever talk about it again. And think how well that even fits in with his Vietnam experience. He found it terrible, he came home and actively fought to stop it, just make it go away. He has voted against every weapons, intelligence or defense program since because he has embraced a state of compulsive denial of the unpleasant or violent things in life.

    There can be no greater insult to the people who died on Sept 11 than to say we don't want to think about it, unless it is to say we don't want to do anything about it.
  2. Yep! I'm with ya Joe (nice ta see yer typin also), i'd like to see Bush start singin' on the Pro-Gun wagon about anytime though...;)

    Kerry Sux!...

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    Jan 28, 2002
    Hey, don't believe it, ask Shizamus. He knows all about it. Unfortunately he has never laid down the facts of his criticism. Just spouts off about it and expects you to believe it because he said it!

    That's about the same length of Kerry's service to the US. However, in that time, he was able to get three purple hearts, a Bronze star and a Silver star and then find an obscure law to relieve him of his duties after four months in country and go protest against the very people he fought with!

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  4. Evilahole

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    Mar 30, 2003
    If GWB is exploiting 9/11 using that fleating image in his add, then isn't Kerry being a publicity whore with his adds showing him in his Viet Nam get-up?
    Why is it wrong for one and perfectly acceptable for the other?
    Kerry is a flat out lunitic who will most assuredly be worse than Klinton if he ever gets into office.
    It will be a perfect excuse for several states to get out of the US.
  5. Sackett

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    Nov 29, 2003
    SW Mississippi
    Nuthin is wrong with the ad. If anything, its underplayed, but that just goes to show the class our Pres. has. Sometimes I wish he would come out swinging or let go with both barrels. That might get some "middle of the roaders" or undecided to see the truth and that there are now MAJOR differences between the parties.
    The people who hate Pres. Bush are going to hate him NO MATTER what he does. Nothing will persuade them to do otherwise.
    I hope the Republican's ads are tough and can provide a slap in the face to those who have criticized the Pres. every move.
    Truth is truth and the Pres. has been upfront with us every step of the way.
    Yol Bolsun.
  6. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    Heard something yesterday which brought back some fuzzy memories. FDR campaigned on WWII when running for a 4th term.

  7. glocknut

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    Its been my observation that everytime the Dems accuse Bush or the republicans of doing something, like playing class warfare to devide people......it turns out that the accusation more correctly fits what the dems are doing, not Bush!!??

    They're accusing Bush of being a Democrat!!!!!

  8. KTX

    KTX Guest

    The problem here is both leaders of their parties are not true patriots to the state. John Kerry and George W.Bush have failing histories with the public. I believe more focus should be put on what has happened in the time frame bush has been in office. You would expect any president to focus on it's people first and intitiate plans for every single citizen of the US, to have a sound life in the US. Dont spend the $187 billion in the war on Iraq, how about you spend some money on Massive Education reforms, and also re-structure the Education funding principles. Increased expenditures on Veterans that are in need of help, need more funding on Vet hospitals to take care of the growing amount of Veterans there are. I myself even as one that is not from America, cannot bear to see Veterans having problems with Vet hospital wait times. These are people that have risked their lives and were injured because they chose to follow the road their nation asked of them. And now you want to cutback on that budget? Come on let's be realistic, I would increase the Vet hospitals budget by as much as they needed it, since the US can clearly afford it.

    Make sure every America that chooses to retire has something to retire for. After 30 or 40 years of work, you expect the rest of your days to be "gravy". Their is no need for oyu to work into your late 50's or early 60's. These people served the capitalistic quota, now it's their turn to get something back.

    You look at a nation through it's low's not it's high's. So what if you have massive technological breakthroughs, what good is it for those that can barely afford to rent their appartments, or buy food. Tax breaks should happen to those that dont have money, and those that do rightfully should get taxed more. It is about survival and what difference does it make if a rich individual loses a small portion of their riches? It doesn't and it shouldn't hurt.

    The government should control the finances much more then it currently does. Although I dont see that happening with corporate executives running the show. :/

    THe only thing Bush has done was the wars he chose to persue. You do not honor the 9/11 victims by killing more, you honor them by leaving memorials that remind us continously how this world can be if we keep on being selfish brats that try to conquer the world. That's the reminder, we shouldn't go on killing more people because we want to revenge the kills. How about use some of that intellect and choose to follow a different direction.

    George Bush and John Kerry are not going to be the savoiurs or teh answers to your questions. So what's needed is an alternative that chooses to be a patriot to a state. And yet I havn't seen anyone like that in the US. So vote for either one, it wont change anything for the average person that wants some increased benefits in their lives.
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  9. armedandsafe

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    KTX = Karl T marX?

  10. armedandsafe

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    eXcite is running a poll on this question. As of 03/07/04 10:25AM:
    Do you think that ads featuring 9/11 images are appropriate for President Bush's political campaign?

    Yes 47% => 4474 votes

    No 48% => 4611 votes

    I'm not sure 2% => 219 votes

    I don't care 1% => 148 votes
    Current number of voters: 9452
    If you are a registered member, you can vote.

  11. KTX

    KTX Guest

    Heh, calling me a marxist?

    Our 'democratic' system is a failure since it's incorporated with corporations.

    Once you give someone the power to represent you, it's the moment when you become a part of the lost flock :)

    Also how does a poll represent America? It's barely 10,000 people that voted.

    And now dont try to base it on statiscal averages, since that has a error % of near 90% :)
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  12. 1952Sniper

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    Aug 22, 2002
    KTX, the reason you're being compared to Marx is because you talk like a socialist. America is not a socialist or communist country. Programs like you describe above are not acceptable here. At least not yet. The socialists are working very hard to convert America into a fat, lazy nation like the all of Europe has become.

    Since you're not an American, I wouldn't expect you to know or understand our Constitution. But here in the US, the role of our government is not to provide a cushy retirement for everyone. In fact, programs such as this are patently unconstitutional.

    And aside from that, the President is not the one who passes laws or decides how money is spent. That is the job of Congress. He can request that they do certain things, but they are not required to comply.
  13. tuckerd1

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    Us? We? Don't you live in Canada. You got a mouse in yer pocket?
  14. Marlin

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    Sounds worse than Neville Chamberlain but then, who's to criticize a poor Canadian with Limey blood.....

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  15. tuckerd1

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    Must be The UN schooling. Preparing them for the day of UN world rule.

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