when and where was your !st encounter with the m1 garand

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  1. Aah you dirty rat! You got to shoot a Tommy gun. The only gun aboard ship I really wanted to shoot and they wouldn't let me. One of these days before I die I need to try one, at least once. I ain't going until I do.
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    Yep. Got to empty a few magazines and sent a 5 gallon milk can to its watery grave :cool:

  3. Fort Jackson, S. C. shot it for qualification and then within a week or so was switched to the M14 shich i always loved and wanted. I have three of them now.
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    An M-1 story: This occurred during the '63/'64 PAC FLEET championship range competition held at Camp Eliot, San Diego, in '64. I was just a young 3rd Class PO, and had been shooting on different shooting teams in the San Diego area for a while when I was selected to be sent TAD to SATU San Diego, receive a shooting coach, and fire for the 11th Naval Dist. team. I posted this back in May in another location in this forum but thought it fits with the spirit of the Garand tales here.

    I was just a kid, but was shooting pretty well with the wonderful old Garand. I was on the 11th Naval Dist. Team. My coach was twice a member of the President's 100 and one hell of a coach and shooter. He held the range record (Camp Elliot) for pistol, rifle and the aggregate of both. A big Seabee Chief PO had been trying to beat that aggregate score for a few years, but THIS year was to the IT! He told one and all that my coach's record was about to fall.
    At this shoot they ran 3 relays of 75 shooters for each station, followed by an alibi round. Unknown to me, my coach had arranged (somehow) to place me on the same relay as the Chief and one target to his left. We were firing the old National Match course of fire. The 200yd. off hand slow fire round went well, as did the 300yd. standing to sitting rapid fire. As I prepared for the 400yd. standing to prone rapid fire stage, my coach pulled me off to the side and handed me a clip of, what looked like, the normal Lake City Match ammo. He then told me that, no matter what, when the targets started up from the butts I was to hit the dirt FAST! then get the first two rounds off as fast as possible....just as long as the muzzle of my weapon was pointed down range. He told me to look back at him when I went to re-load, and if he gave me anything other than a 'thumbs-up' I was to load that particular clip, settle down and not to worry......everything would work out. I figured that something was going on, but had no idea of what it was. Well, the targets started up and I hit the dirt as fast as possible and popped off those first two rounds like a machine. I looked back and my coach had his hands in the air as if to say "what the @#^$!!!?", so in went the clip I was given. One round out of it and that rifle jammed...tight. All I could do was hold up my hand to signal for an alibi. The cease fire sounded and then all I could hear was the Chief next to me cussing up a storm.....and he was looking at ME!
    Now let me explain, I'm left handed....I shoot the Garand left handed. When in the prone position I'm bass akwards to everyone else on the line. When I hit the dirt and spit out those first two rounds, two pieces of red hot Lake City brass headed right toward that Seabee Chief, slipped right inside the starched collar of his Marine Corp fatigues and right down his neck. He flinched....badly......and ultimately registered a 'Maggie's Drawers". His record run was over. The Chief's attitude didn't improve any when my coach walked up to him and mentioned that he needed to learn to 'concentrate'. The round that jammed my rifle so badly was over-sized and had to be cleared at the armory and not on the range. I did well on my alibi round, but I stayed completely out of sight of that big Seabee Chief for the rest of the match. Fun n games in the Navy.
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    JrROTC 1955... As a Freshman... There were 2 Battalions (400), with an M-1 issued to each cadet... We had formation and inspection each Friday... We were trained to disassemble and reassemble...We maintained our issued piece... We had range practice with live rounds... Never caught my thumb in the action :)

    There were these Cuban brothers, when the revolution broke out in Cuba, one stayed in Florida and the other returned home... Brother against Brother...

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    Havent had the priveledge to own or even fire one yet :(
  7. Totsuka Mac

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    1958 Navy Boot Camp Company 535. Qualification at Camp Elliot out in the "desert" North of RTC, San Diego, CA. Qualified as Marksman. Really a memorable experience. Carried 1903A3 for drill throughout boot camp. After graduation from ET "A" School at Treasure Island/San Francisco, CA and assignment to Kami Seya, Japan, the .30 M1 Carbine was the basic issue for base security at Kami Seya's transmitter site, NRTF Totsuka, Japan 1959-1961. Really liked the Garand AND the M1 Carbine. Home security weapon now is an "IBM" .30 M1 Carbine, dated 9/1943. (After discharge from USN, spent 30 years with IBM and retired 1992. Figured an old IBM'er should have an old "IBM" for security as well as for sentiment.)
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    I drilled with the M1 Garand 1968-1969. High School ROTC. Did some dry fire target practice with it. We disassembled and cleaned them. Beautiful piece of history. I was best Drilled Cadet during the annual IG inspection 1969. It's pretty heavy for a scrawny high school kid to handle. I was lucky not to get my thumb smashed doing inspection arms. I would like to have one but they are costly.
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    I too had Junior ROTC at Natrona County High School, Casper, WY in 64, 65.

    US Rifle, Caliber .30, M1. It is a gas operated, air cooled, clip fed, semi automatic, shoulder weapon. I think that's right, it's been almost 50 years.

    We did the old field strip and reassemble blindfolded thing. Most of the rifles didn't have firing pins but a few did. A few times the instructors would take a few of us out on the prairie to do some shootin' on weekends.

    yes, the weapon can be cocked in the manner previously described but caution must be used as the entire trigger group can exit the weapon during this procedure
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    My first encounter was when dad got one from the CMP back in the late 70's or very early 80's. Wonderful weapon that he still uses for deer hunting. Yes, I have also had the Garand Thumb too. :)
  12. KWM

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    Jun 10, 2012
    Feb 58. Boot Camp, Parris Island S.C.
  13. cpttango30

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    At home 8 years old. I got to shoot blanks with a blank adapter for the 4th of July.
  14. aa1911

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    Camp perry in the mid 90's, hi-pwr service rifle. Bought my own in 1999 I think it was from the CMP, woo hoo!

    I know, I know, I'm a young guy... and have also escaped the M1 thumb to date!

    The first one I shot was a .308 conversion gun, but I like the '06 much better.
  15. aa1911

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    the 90's I think it was, (comma) it WAS from the CMP.

    sorry, my first post didn't read quite right....
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