When will we stop this insanity

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    Hey Phamr,

    Thanks for your contributions to the forum. It's not the libs so much as the DNC talking points. I have a liberal fly fishing buddy who has his CHL :eek: and we debate like a couple of angry old men. Oh, maybe we are. :D I keep telling him we need to watch Fedzilla very closely to make sure no more of our liberties are taken away. He calls me chicken little sometimes. He tells me I listen to Beck too much. The point is, I know and understand the Progressive mind set pretty well. I have read a good deal about Woodrow Wilson, Teddy, and the early Progressive movement. Thank you Woodrow for the Federal Reserve - NOT.

    What I detest intensely, are people telling me that I need to live in a nanny state, that the government knows best how to take care of me. The government knows what I should drive or eat, where I can work, HOW MUCH I CAN EARN, what kind of house, or appliances I can have, what I can or cannot kill or grow to eat. Progressives, or Liberals if you will, do not want a free market economy. They think capitalism is evil and punishes people. They do not want equal opportunity, but equal results. They want to take my hard earned money and give it to people not willing to get off their ass and get a job and become a contributing member of society. (redistribution of wealth, the #1 tenant of Marxism - From one persons abundance to another persons need)

    They want to punish rich people & evil corporations. They blasted Exxon for the huge profit they made in 2007. So they made 40 billion dollars. That 40 billion dollars was actually about a 7% profit. I'll repeat that. They made a 7% profit, so that means they spent how much to make 7% profit? 526 Billion dollars. How many people does Exxon employ? Are they all millionaires? No, most are working stiffs like you and me. They have the capital to drill for oil, they employ people of all skill levels to produce said oil, and Obozo wants to tell Exxon how much money they can pay their employees? Shut Up and take care of what the U S Constitution declares is your duty and no more.

    Rich people and rich corporations employ Americans. I'm talking about business owners that are worth more than a million dollars. Small to medium businesses and yes the giant corporations too. The proposed cap and tax and the health care BS will drive up operating costs & energy costs and shut down businesses that can't afford the stupid carbon emissions upgrade. Business owners will move their operations to other countries where they can operate more freely and make a profit. 1.7 million jobs per anum will be lost because of the cap & tax bill if it passes. The health care bill will put MY Doctor out of business.

    Why do liberals think they are smarter than I am? Why do they think they can spend my money better than I can?

    I can go on ad nauseum, but what's the point. Phamr, I know you don't want to keep growing entitlement programs, think that an armed populace is a free populace and that big government can never be a good thing. Thank you GW Bush for being a fiscal dumb@$$ and never vetoing ONE *$&#^%#(*@&#$ spending bill. Oh and for securing the border. :mad: :mad:

    Now on to the current band of raving lunatics running around in the White House. I'll name just a few of the real left wing nuts.

    Van Jones - Radical Communist. His words, not Becks
    Anita Dunn - Chairman Mao is her favorite Political Philosopher??
    Cass Sunstien - Animal Rights wacko that thinks animals should have legal representation in court to sue humans. Also thinks we shouldn't eat animals.
    Carol Browner - Worked on the Socialist International's Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which argues that the global community must work collectively to address environmental policies.
    John Holdren - In a 1977 book he wrote "population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution."
    And Ron Bloom, a recent White House appointee, said in a speech that free market capitalism is a lie, does not work and quoted Chairman Mao saying that political power mostly comes from the barrel of a gun.

    You also have Anita Dunn saying Mao is her favorite political philosopher? Chairman Mao, who killed 50 to 70 million of his own people is being quoted by White House officials as a source of inspiration?? WTF are they thinking? If one of Bush's advisers or czars said that Adolf was their favorite ANYTHING, the media would have blasted them and Bush and rightly so. But no one has a problem with the WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR espousing admiration for Chairman Mao?????? Pull your heads out of your nether regions and look at what Progressives are doing. Look at where they want to take America. Is this acceptable to you? If this is what you want, them all hope for a free America is lost.

    Don't even bother belercous. :D
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    That's right we don't want to be like Canada or the UK or god forbid Cuba where healthcare is a god given right.

    My US capitalist health plan is much better. In Canada you have to wait to see a socialist doctor. With my plan I have no wait.

    Since I can't afford $15,000 a year for the health plan I have no plan, so I have no wait, since I never see a doctor.

    But all kidding aside, what is so wrong with some socialism...if it is run as a capitalistic socialized democracy?

    Our society has some socialism in it already.



    We have a socialist school system and postal service. We got Medicare and SS?

    OK, most of our schools are low grade and the postal service is messed up with their bottom line. Same with SS and Medicare. But the problem may be it has been corrupted with too much greed from the capitalists.

    Just look at Billy Tauzin for example

    Worked for the pill pushing companies as a politician and against the citizens, then make millions from the drug companies after he left politics.


    ...and pretty soon we will all be eating chicken from China and you can thank greed and capitalism for that.


    Now if you are talking socialism like they had in Russia or communist China then forget it. Better to starve in the free US of A.

    But in its basic form, socialism deals with social ethics and what is best for society. It puts limits on how much one person can own. Whether it be $10 million or $100 million or whatever. Americans do not like limits. We can see what free market, no limit capitalism has brought us.

    Myself? I'm a social democrat of sorts. Let the people vote on an issue and just use the politicians to propose what legislation the people need. But this philosophy does not go very far in the US of A.

    The rich control the politicians and the politicians only pass legislation to benefit the rich. Social ethics cost $$ and capitalists can't afford to spend one dime of profit on social ethics.

    There is only one solution to this healthcare mess. And don't count on the gov giving it to us.

    The solution is this. We need s socialized healthcare plan for the poor (people making under $150,000 a year) as well as a 'fee for service' plan for the rich. (current healthcare plan in the US.)

    But the insurance companies that own the politicians wont go for it.

    Capitalism and greed block social ethics at every turn.

    And if per chance a politicians leans in a direction of social ethics. The lobbyists funded by the rich tell him or her we will back your opponent and take you out of office come next election. But if you play ball we will fund your campaign.

    So human nature what it is, they go where the money flows.

    We already have a socialized education system. We all pay for educating the kids through taxes. And some of us use this system and others don't, but we all pay. The people that don't want to use the public education system go the private education route.

    So it should be with healthcare.

    Tax people 1% to 6% depending on income and start a gov run healthcare system that can be used by ANY citizen in need. If that tax is not enough revenue, then start charging foreigners flying into the US an arrival and departure tax. Or start charging a 1% SHC (socialized health care) sales tax.

    And tell all those new doctors in and out of med school the must work for the gov for 2 yrs with the socialized med plan. Tell them if you want to be n MD and make big bucks work in a cushy office and squeeze boobs all day you are going to have to give back to society a little before you go off to your practice.

    If some of the citizens don't like receiving socialized government run healthcare, then they can always go the private healthcare route and pay their own way. Just as they can do with private education, if public schools are not to their liking. This is the only way a socialized healthcare proposal would work in the US of A. You need duplicate healthcare systems to satisfy all comers. The rich and the poor that cannot afford the rich healthcare system.

    If the government has to limit care for the elderly, then do so. Sure give seniors good med care, but if it comes to hundreds of thousands of dollars for life support, tell them they are free to pay their way to private healthcare, but the gov and the people can't afford a half million dollars for every senior in the country just to keep them on ventilators.

    And I'm not a young guy bashing seniors either,

    I'm near 60 myself. But I realize that we can't keep printing endless money in the US of A. We must all start to think of what is best for society, as our world is fast decomposing before our very eyes.

    Most important, put this plan to a NATIONAL VOTE....Let the people decide what they want.

    Many of the people in the uninsured camp were once insured. But through some hardship they can no longer afford the average annual premiums of $13,375.00.

    You know, you may not have med insurance someday and be in the camp of the uninsured. And even if you are lucky enough to have some med pay, it may be shockingly different in benefits from what you have now.

    Here is something to consider to broaden the minds of those stuck in the tunnel vision of their own little capitalist world.

    "Kaiser forecast that the yearly family premium for health insurance could reach $30,803.00 in ten years if the 8.7% annual increase of the previous 10 years were to continue."


    And lets go out a further 10 years. Now, the average premium is $70,939.00 per year at an 8.7% annual increase.

    Some of you say that is ridiculous? Well, why so? If it has happened on a continual and regular year in - year out basis for decades...what will stop it?
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