Which .38 bullet better 'stopper'

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    Sorry 'bout pics, best I could do. Here I show two bullets having been fired into a stack of wet newspapers from appx. 2 feet. One is a SJHP Remington +P 125 gr. the other is something I got a bunch of at a flea mkt., it is cast lead .358 wad cutter with a deep hollow base, 148 gr. The Remington is a factory round (one pictured at bottom), the WC I loaded in front of 3.5 Bullseye hollow end foreward, both fired from 2" S&W M36 .38 Spec. The Remington penetrated a bit farther but the WC made a bigger cleaner hole. Loaded solid end front the WCs are an accurate bullet and seem as accurate at 25 yds. either way. They have what I think is and I've used as a crimping groove at either end. I tried this WC in a .357 ahead of 5.7 Bullseye and loaded solid end foreward was decently accurate, loaded backwards was less accurate and the bullet consistantly broke into 3 pieces, each sort of going its own way. As for close range stopping power in the M36 .38 Spec., which bullet would do best?

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    there are alot of uncontrollable variables which could make either bullet better than the other. If a BG had on thick clothing, where the shot was placed, etc. In the end, I would take the HP's for SD. They're designed for it and alot of testing has gone into them. If I happend to have WC's loaded up at the time something went wrong, I wouldn't be afraid of having enough stopping power; lead is very good at dispersing all energy into the target.
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    good advice worm.. The pics gave me a headache..
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