Which Stihl chainsaw?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crpdeth, Nov 14, 2012.

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    DD, look at your cap. It should have an E on the inside edge, if I remember right. If it does not, take it to your dealer and they should give you a newer version. The old ones do not do well with the ethanol. They made a new one and I believe they were replacing them for free.

    Another thing to note is that the newer equivilent saws may run more horsepower and rpms than the older ones, but the new engines do not produce as much torque. One way to help remedy this is going to a larger sprocket. I went from a 7 tooth to an 8 tooth and it made a good bit of differance when I run my 28" bar especially. Yeah, I have the 441 Mag. :D I was told after I bought it they were stopping production on those and going back to the 460 due to the better torque...... Wish I would have waited.

    Last point, good chains(doesnt have to be stihl, but it cant be a cheap brand. I prefer the stihl though) are a must. Stihl pre stretches thiers so there isnt much stretch when you start working. Ever have those chains that could fit on a bar that is 6" bigger than yours once you have gotten it warmed up? Stihls wont do that. I dont think I have ever tightened mine more than once in a full day and it wasnt very loose then....
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  2. cpttango30

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    Man I'm getting a stihl chain. I have an echo saw I got the chains from home depot. They stretch like a rubber band.

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    I think the 290 would work well for you, don't forget about the husqvarna 455 or 460 rancher
  4. Blackhawk Dave

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    I've got an old 021 (looks like it says 027 on the unit - stupid German numbers). Landscape guy had to take down a tree that was over 3' in diameter in the back yard. Couldn't do it with his, cranked up the Stihl, was able to cut it into manageable chunks in a day. Still out performs any other saw. Just get one with a 16" blade for the big stuff . Look to get one on Craigslist, etc. A well maintained used one is just fine.
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    The Stihl Farm Boss in 290 is an all-around good saw and not to big. The 311 has more than enough power, espically with the bigger bars. I have both and use the 290 on the "smaller" jobs and the 311 if I'm out really getting into felling trees.
    I've owned Stihl brand all my life and one thing that has seemed to make them last next to forever, is to keep with nothing but Stihl brand chains, oil!
    One thing also I can add and it's a bit more expensive, is to use the synthetic 2 cycle oil mix for the gas.
    You wont have to worry about long term storage when not in use and you do not have to drain out the gas if it sits all winter or anyother time.
    Nothing but Stihl here...Chain Saws, Weedeaters and leaf blowers...they all out last anyother brand in my opinion.
  6. time2shoot

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    Jan 17, 2012
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    I would say look at the one you think you need, then get the next size bigger, motor size also, not just the length of the bar.
    chainsaws are like firearms IMO. no such thing as over kill.;):D
  7. aa1911

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    ^^ too true, this was my justification for the .458 win mag! won't need anything bigger now.

    The stihl chains stretch a tiny bit on my 25" bar but not near as bad as my old Poulan. The poulan, you had to stop once it warmed up and tighten the thing down or it would jump ship.

    don't have to worry about the poulan now though, the crankshaft broke off at the clutch, oops. my fault. it's a $45 part for a $150 saw, naaa..

    JUNKKING Well-Known Member

    All chains will stretch when new or if you run them dry, pinch them in the wood, etc. When you begin to cut with a new chain start the chain a little tight it will loosen some but it too much maybe your adjuster ir bar itself is bad.
  9. Crpdeth

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    You guys have been great (as always).

    I'm laughing here because I did just exactly what Timetoshoot said without reading his post... The 250 was lightweight and easy to handle, the shop owner and I agreed after some discussion that it would be all I ever needed for what I have planned, I said "great!" Then put it down, picked up the 290 and said "I'll take this one" :D:D:D

    Oh and BTW, the cases were 35.00 each. the 250 came with one, but that was the only one that did.

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  10. time2shoot

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    Jan 17, 2012
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    :D;) you wont be sorry

    JUNKKING Well-Known Member

    Donnie that saw will last you a long long time. Great choice. I can just see you now just looking for things that need to be cut that didnt need to be cut yesterday lol. BTW the engine you have now sounds like a car compared to your old Craftsman.
  12. cpttango30

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    I tried sharpening chains before and I end up with ones that cut at about a 40* angle when I sharpen them. So I gave up and just bought new chains and swaped them out. I think mine were just the cheap homelite stuff on the hangers at Home Depot. I will start out with the chain adjusted to that you can pull 1/2 the guide tooth out of the bar. Within 10 minutes I had to stop because the chain is sagging 1" below the bar. Like I said it is just a cheaper echo saw I picked up for my HOA. I got an echo because the HOA blower and weed wacker are both echo. So I wanted them all the same brand so no confusing the gas oil mix.

    I used to run a 440 magnum with a 24" bar when I was working on a clearing crew. My arms would be jello after a 10 hour day running that beast.
  13. aandabooks

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    Aug 13, 2010
    Heat my house with wood and run 3 Stihls. 180-12", 310-18" and 044-18". None of them are stock. I got into modding saws a couple years ago but then the gun bug took hold. You can't beat a Stihl and I won't own any other brand.
  14. My brother has the exact same saw. Great choice and I'm sure you will be happy with it for a long time.
  15. I used to have a Farm Boss (don't remember the model number). It got stolen.

    Went the buy another one and was talked into an Echo 440. The reasoning was that it was a lighter saw with more cc's in the motor and therefore more cutting power.

    I've had this saw for about five years now. Echo will be my go-to saw from now on. It's light, easy to handle and is not afraid of any size tree diameter. The Stihl was a little on the heavy side compared to the Echo.
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