Who is this kenyon man

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  1. raysmithson1

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    Apr 22, 2010
    Monterey ca. we call it paradise
    It seems to me, this man is not a christian, but rather wears a hat of rags, color of red, along with the rest of the people around him, and yet to my disgust, no one in any high position , could care less, or those that have tried to say anything it goes up in smoke, of course I'm speaking of the man that says he is the head of the nation,, what to do? No one cares, hiel who the hell cares, not to mention George Soros, has any one looked up how many organizations he contributes to or has set up ,, Tides, Osi, for two, look how many people, that are in some , are in more and all the same , they are on campuses talking trash one world order , oh George is doing real good, he is a wicked person more than you will want to know ,,, read read and then some more,,, but is the liberal left that progressive or is it just me being a patriot, what the hell is the problem here, and what is the origin of this man, me thinks he is not who he says he is!
  2. 5string

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    May 3, 2009
    He is a puppet on a string, brought in to tear this country down.He is Muslim through and through.

    The politicians are do not care about the USA anymore, they have been bought off.

    I dont think anything good is going to come of this unless we can get the majority of those crooked politicians on some old fashion chain gangs.
  3. Gun Geezer

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    Oct 5, 2009
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    Obama is just a tool of Illinois politicians who finally figured out how to expand their power base. Every IL. boot-lick is on Obama's team.

    Lt. Col. Allen West for President in 2012. Watch him on U-Tube. Now he's my idea of the "Messiah".

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