Who NOT to b uy your next car from , you may get a great deal then be arrested

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Chevy dealer accidentally sells car for $5,600 less than asking price... and then has buyer ARRESTED for theft


    A Virginia man went to a Chevrolet dealership to buy a new SUV but ended up in jail when a sales representative sold him a vehicle for the wrong price, and then accused him of stealing it.
    Danny Sawyer, 40, spent four hours behind bars after purchasing a 2012 Chevrolet Traverse from Priority Chevrolet in Chesapeake in May.
    According to a pair of lawsuit filed recently by the Virginia resident, the dealership’s staff sold him the SUV for $5,600 less than they should have, and then informed the buyer that he must sign a new contract for the correct amount.

    When Sawyer refused, the suits allege, a dealership employee called police and had him arrested after claiming that he had stolen the SUV.
    Dennis Ellmer, president of Priority Chevrolet, had issued apologies to Sawyer, saying that he never should have been incarcerated.
    In addition to his mea culpa, Ellmer, who manages all 11 dealerships in the Priority Auto Group, also offered to let Sawyer have the SUV at the lower price, but the 40-year-old said it is too late for that, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

    Sawyer, who works as a registered nurse, filed two lawsuits seeking a total of $2.2million, plus attorney fees, against the Chesapeake dealership, accusing the business of malicious prosecution, slander, defamation and abuse of process.
    An employee at Priority Chevrolet declined to comment on the lawsuits when reached on Wednesday.

    According to the filings, Sawyer originally bought a black Chevy Traverse on May 7 after trading in his 2008 Saturn Vue, but had a change of heart and decided to exchange the vehicle for a blue model the following day.

    Sales manager Wib Davenport approved the substitution allegedly without mentioning that the blue Traverse will cost additional $5,600 – a claim that has been disputed by the dealership.
    In the end, Sawyer signed a final contract for a little over $34,000 while the actual asking price of the vehicle was listed as $39,000.
    A week later, Sawyer returned from a trip to find dozens of voicemail messages from the dealership informing him that that a mistake had been made and asking him to come in and sign a new contract for the higher price.
    Sawyer’s lawsuits allege that the buyer refused, although the dealership insists that he orally agreed to pay the difference, but then failed to show up to sign the papers.
    On June 15, Sawyer was arrested by three police officers in his front yard after a manager at the dealership accused him of stealing the SUV.
    Four hours later, Sawyer was released on bond, and in late August, the Commonwealth of Virginia dropped all charges against him after finding insufficient evidence to pursue the case.
    In later September, Ellmer apologized to the aggrieved customer, saying that his staff made a mistake by going to the police.
    ‘This shouldn't have happened,’ he said.
    Rebecca Colaw, Sawyer's attorney, said she appreciates that Ellmer is taking responsibility for what happened, but said that ‘sorry’ is just not enough.
  2. Mr_Shamrock

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    May 24, 2012
    I was in the market for a new vehicle for my wife a few years ago and was at my local Chevy dealership. I saw an obviously mistake on the tag that hangs from the rear view mirror pricing a brand new Duramax x-cab loaded truck for $24,000. It wasn't what she was looking for, but I told her to just go with it and let's have some fun with these guys. I checked the stock number and it matched the stock number on the windshield sticker. About that time a salesman came out to greet me and I quickly told him I wanted this truck. He asked if I had any questions about the truck and I said no I just want to buy it and I have cash. We proceeded inside and started the paperwork. He then had to go get the buyers order signed by the manager. I could see the managers office from where I was sitting and witnessed a 10 minute long debate between the two. The manager then comes out and tells me he cannot sell the truck for that and that is was obviously a misprint. The guy ended up being a real dick and told me he didn't care what the advertised price was and I should probably just take my business elsewhere. I told him thanks for making my decision for me and I will do just that. I knew I wasn't getting their truck for that, but decided to have some fun with them and their true colors came out when there was an issue. My wife was actually up in the air between a TrailBlazer and a Toyota Camry - we went with the Camry. As a business owner myself it amazes me how many businesses out there are run and employed by completely rude clueless a-holes!
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  3. medalguy

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    Feb 20, 2009
    New Mexico
    Two VERY good reasons I would not buy a new Government Motors vehicle when I bought earlier this summer. I have owned GM vehicles all my life but I'll never buy another one, no matter the deal offered. Lincoln or Ford from here on out.

    By the way, when the market drop happened in 2008 and Ford stock dropped to about $2, I invested pretty heavily in Ford at $2.85. Today their stock is up to ten bucks. I only wish I could have had my Social Security invested in Ford stock as well. :eek:
  4. hogger129

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    Nov 29, 2009
    I drive a Volkswagen, but I think if I bought something American I would get a Ford.
  5. aa1911

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    Dec 12, 2010
    Pacific Northwest
    sue them for false advertisement. A lot of these cases, it's no accident.

    Had a buddy who found an add printed in the paper for 15 chevy Tahoes on a local used car lot for a screamin' deal.

    He went down same day and inquired, they said they had tahoes but not at that price. He showed them the add and they claimed that they had all been sold.

    "So you sold 15 tahoes in 6 hours? I'm going to notify the BBB, this is clearly false advertisement to get people down here"

    suddenly, they 'found' that they had just one left they could sell him at the advertised price.... hmmmm....

    Walmart and other big stores do the same crap; they will have some rockin' deal on say, a cell phone. problem is, there's only one or two at that price. weasels...
  6. aa1911

    aa1911 Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2010
    Pacific Northwest
    and buy Toyota! don't mess around with chevy in the first place.... ha!

    my Toyotas are more made in the US than any domestic out there.
  7. Double D

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    Jul 16, 2009
    North Florida
    For one, I wouldnt give one thin dime to illegal company they call GM. Its illegally owned by the unions and the way the government treated the shareholders and the lifelong dealerships, they can kiss my rear end. For another thing, I hate to say it because I want to support and buy american whenever I can, but I bought a new dodge ram back in 2007 and went to trade it in 11 months later and it had devalued by over 1/2 of what it was purchased for in less than a year. I bought a toyota tacoma in 2008 and have managed to keep it a low mileage vehicle and the blue book on it right now is within 5 grand of what I paid for it 4 years ago. Dont believe it? Look it up. Its still worth 20 grand 4 years later. The dodge was worth 12 grand after 11 months.
  8. aa1911

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    Dec 12, 2010
    Pacific Northwest
    my 2000 tacoma pickup (not counting the $8k of performance upgrades) is still worth $6k private sale and about 7-8 grand at a dealers lot! they hold their value better than just about anything, Honda same thing.

    my wife's honda is 97 accord with 140k and it's still worth close to $4k. Good luck getting anything close to that with a 'domestic'.
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