Who Was Hayim Solomon?

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    I just got an e-mail on this, and it goes into great detail about all the elements of the Great Seal of the United States.
    Then it says that the stars above the eagles head on the front of the seal came about because Washington asked Hayim Solomon what he could do to honor him for his contributions to our new independance.
    The result was that the thirteen stars are set into the shape of the Star of David.

    I love stuff like this, so I dug into this this morning, and found this story can NOT be verified.

    But I learned who Hayim Solomon was.
    He was a Polish Jew who moved here and helped the revolution.
    He was a financial genius in currencies exchange, and kept pouring money into the fledgling rebel forces.
    When Washington was ready to set into what was to be the LAST campaign of the Revolutionary war, he was told that the army was broke, had zero credit, and needed $20,000 to finance the campaign.
    He replied simply "Send for Haym Solomon".
    They did, Hayim went to work, and soon raised the full $20,000 for the cause.
    That campaign finished the war.

    We do, in reality, owe the success of our revolution to this Polish Jew - Hayim Solomon.

    When he died, his family found he was financially strapped.

    The total amount he gave into the Revolutionary War has been calculated in current dollars.


    Yeah, that's Billion, with a 'B'.

    We will never know for sure if he asked for the Star of David to be on our great seal.
    But considering the kind of man he was, I rather doubt it.
    But I have little doubt that it was done to honor him, nonetheless.

    Many brave men took up arms and gave their lives for this nation.
    And some who never bore arms made the victory possible.

    Did anyone read THIS in the history books??

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    Good story and bit of our history.

    I can't read the plaques...do you know what they say and where are they.

    I wish "they" would quit messing with it. Give us the good, the bad and the ugly...TRUTH! You don't think it was just white guys (WASP) that delivered USA from tyranny do you...it won't be this time either.

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    Both markers are in the Mikveh Israel Cemetery in Philadelphia.

    Unfortunately, the original resolution is not sufficient for it to be read.
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    Well, our country was founded on Judeo / Christian principles.