Who's Perfect??

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  1. Marlin

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    Stole this gem from Charlie over on Mauser. Couldn't resist!


    A Catholic priest and a nun were taking a rare afternoon off and enjoying a round of golf. The priest stepped up to the first tee and took a mighty swing. He missed the ball entirely and said "Sh!t, I missed."

    The good Sister told him to watch his language.

    On his next swing, he missed again. "Sh!t, I missed."

    "Father, I'm not going to play with you if you keep swearing," the nun said tartly.

    The priest promised to do better and the round continued. On the
    4th tee, he misses again. The usual comment followed.

    Sister is really mad now and says, "Father John, God is going to strike you dead if you keep swearing like that."

    On the next tee, Father John swings and misses again. "Sh!t, I missed."

    A terrible rumble is heard and a gigantic bolt of lightning comes out of the sky and strikes Sister Marie dead in her tracks.

    And from the sky comes a booming voice .......

    "Sh!t, I missed."

  2. So God's not perfect & has a sense of humor! :)
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