why arent we doing moreMr Pres

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  1. skullfr

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    Jul 11, 2012
    I have always enjoyed going to Mexico to spend the day and have some fun.It is impossible now as it is too dangerous.Our Border Patrol,Rangers and DPS are being shot at and killed.What use to be a small weed smuggling and illegals has grown into a massive problem.They blame us for buying weapons at gun shows and straw purchases but I havent seen a gun show that will sell mil-spec heavy weapons to a normal citizen.Now our National Parks are being used to grow marijuana and our citizens are being shot and robbed.Not only that but they are destroying our natural resources.Our troops need to be deployed on our borders to protect our lands and citizens.Mexico is a gun free country but the cartels are better armed than the military and 50000 were killed since 06.Even the illegals are no longer just poor migrants but criminals from all over the world and violence is growing in our streets.The border towns on our side have seen a huge rise in crime rates and poloticians and reporters are recieving death threats.It is time too up the ante and stop this invasion of our land.These organizations are the most brutal of all criminal organizations and have no problem killing whole families and beheadings are all too routine now.We need combat troops to fight this.Our 12th mountain div needs to be in our parks rooting out this type of actions.Let the muj kill each other and stop these idiots at our borders

  2. glens67

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    Dec 19, 2010
    Middleton, ID
    Not on my watch.
    No military deployed for police duty.
    No easy way to stop the illegal growers.
    I remember a show about Calif. Fish and game officers that found a car full of growers shovels hoses but they lacked the probable cause to arrest them, because they claimed to be landscapers. No way to check their legal status. Sighted for littering and released.

  3. carver

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    Shoot em all, let God sort em out! The military is for war, not for policing.
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  4. skullfr

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    Jul 11, 2012
    When Pancho Villa was on his lil rampage Black Jack Pershing and his crew(a lil guy called Patton) went down and set his ass straight.The Zetas have taken ranches by force for thier ops and 2 reporters had thier throats cut and hung from a bridge that seperates our countries.I am not talking army for police action but full blown combat patrol.The border towns have become a free fire zone.The Mexican army is staging in our country for ops with advice and intel from our side.Now officials have evidence of Hezballah operating in mexico.


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