Why do older folks find it so hard to believe that GERMS are what make you sick?...

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    I've been building up to this post for a while, but finally my in-laws have set me off on this.

    Germs make you sick, plain and simple. It's no secret. Ask any doctor. Ok, so watch your exposure to germs, right?... Well, it depends on who you ask.

    I've never been so hyper-sensitive to this subject until I had a child. Now, I've realized in full life-sized instances why germs make you sick.

    Even as a child, I got irritated at my parents and grandparents commenting that the cold temperature outside would make me sick. The truth is guys, that the cold dry air dries up your sinus cavities and makes them swell, which then causes an infestation of bacteria, known as a sinus infection. No amount of bundling up can protect you from this as long as you're breathing dry air. As an adult I remedy this by running a humidifier during the winter in both our room and the baby's room.

    Problem solved... :)

    Another problem... Wash your FREAKIN' hands!!!... My wife and I took a much-deserved break from our 14-month old last night and allowed him to stay with my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law works in a medical office and has for some time now. She, of all people, should realize the merits of protecting against germs and washing your freakin' hands!!! Anyway, today, after a night with grandma, he has a serious upset stomach and what looks to be a full-blown stomach bug. I was upset a bit, but it doesn't come as a surprise. I have long held my mother-in-law's recognition of hygiene at a low regard.

    I watched my mother-in-law cooking today. She has a trash can with a liftable lid, which she regularly fondles upon lifting to throw something away while cooking. She doesn't wash her hands before going back to the cooking area. I confronted her today about it. I said, "you do realize that some seriously nasty bacteria exist on that trash can lid?"... She acted a bit ticked, and eventually washed her hands. I had to explain that e-coli, salmonella, etc. all existed on that trash can lid and could only be removed by a disinfecting agent. I explained that while my wife and I cook we leave the trash can lid open so that we never have to touch it while cooking. She and her husband acted almost insulted that I'd call this to their attention. But IT WAS NECESSARY!!!!... Finally, she serves us dinner and I refuse to eat the chicken she was manually picking from the bone after handling the trash can lid. She didn't seem to understand it, but that doesn't matter to me. I'm coming down from a SERIOUS stomach bug a couple of months ago, and appealing to her ego is the least of my worries at this moment.

    I explained how she treated the chicken after handling the trash can and my wife nearly lost it, AFTER she finished her dinner.

    Now, after 24 hours with grandma, and no prior digestive problems, my son has serious diarrhea and has had about 8+ incidents since leaving 'good 'ol Grandma's...' :rolleyes: My mother-in-law simply blamed it on his teething. I explained, a bit more rationally than she cared to hear, that sickness related to teething could be explained by a higher likelihood that the baby would place their hands in their mouth and that SHE should watch what he touched. She doesn't... :mad:

    The other incident I recall recently is a guy at church who came up to shake my hand and the hand of my son. He then informed my wife and I that he wasn't sitting near us since he had a severe stomach bug and was therefore sitting near the restroom. He further stated that his wife didn't come to church since she had the same bug.

    Let me restate this... The guy shook the hand of me and my (at the time) 8 month old son before telling us about the bug which he likely got from casual contact from another person, such as a FREAKIN' handshake!!!.... :mad:

    I simply do not get this. Why is it so hard to believe that germs, and not happenings in the weather or unrelated phenomena are what makes one sick? Is this a phenomenon that I'm observing with just older folks, or is everyone this misinformed?... Tell me, please... :confused:
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    Re: Why do older folks find it so hard to believe that GERMS are what make you sick?.

    I hear ya,, one reason I now carry handiwipes and just refuse to shake hands any more, ,epically in a restaurant.. People are either careless or flat out stupid, or don't know any better.. I was on a cruise ship two years ago and we had an outbreak of the running squirts,, the whole ship was in semi lock down while they scoured it top to bottom, stem to stern.. Using the disinfectant spray they provided kept us safe and I now have two bottles of it here..
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    Re: Why do older folks find it so hard to believe that GERMS are what make you sick?.

    In spite of excellent information about infectious diseases, how many of you actually wash your hands more than twice a day? Sadly, not I. In fact, I rarely bath more than twice a month, and am proud of the water I save.

    One would reason I wash my hands doing dishes, or bathing. One would be wrong. Dishes? I am a batchelor - dishes do not come to mind. Nor does soap or water. Bathing? Again, I am a stinky batchelor, and proud of it. I love the way my underarms smell - salty and yummy.

    So, take your daily baths often, and continue to waste water. It would be better for humanity to baths less, and smell more. This would reduce the population, with no after affects, other than smelling better. Nothing like your own ripe armpit - the tangy, salty sharpness is better then aged cheese.

    One wonders why others shy away .... from running squirts? What's a sprinting squirt? Is this an Olympic Event? How does on quantify squirts, be they running or sprinting. Or static? Squirts are just squirts, right?
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    Re: Why do older folks find it so hard to believe that GERMS are what make you sick?.

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