Why Do People Say 1911's Suck?

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by hogger129, Aug 1, 2012.

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    yup! my sentiments exactly. Wanna hate? then give me your ammo (and your 1911 for that matter).

    I will admit that my 1911's don't feed HP ammo quite as good as I would like but to be fair, I shoot mostly reloads with old tired brass. It does perform near perfect with most factory ammo. I'm a Glock lover also but 1911 will always be my near and dear. 100+ years and counting, hard to argue with that.

    A true to spec 1911 mil or 1911 match pistol is one of the most reliable pistols out there; some manufacturers have changed the hardness or specs on some or all of their parts which is not always a good thing; not always bad either though. There are some very good improvements but Browning was a genius and will remain so forever for his designs. External extractor design is a tried (and failed IMO) attempt to improve it for example. Just about every manufacturer now has their own 1911 these days, something to be said for that also.

    The movie 'The Way of the Gun' has a ton of 1911 action in it, not bad tactics either for Hollywood anyway.
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    .45 ACP

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    Answer this...as a dealer, every single one of my distributors are constantly out of the name brand 1911s yet you can always get a glock or most any other poly gun. Why? Because they are so wildly popular that they are in high demand and they sell like hotcakes. If you are an FFL you know what I mean. Try and find a colt or a springfield or a smith & wesson e series or a kimber from any of your distributors, it wont happen. But, I can buy plastic all day long.
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    Or a new gov't 'tool' for the men.....mandated and required....used from rear...
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    The question:
    Why Do People Say 1911's Suck?
    My answer:
    The one's that do probably can't afford a decent 1911
    Buy a cheap clone
    Can't handle a pistol, especially in anything more than a .22lr
    Don't have the aptitude to take one down and put her back
    Try to run 'pretty' self defense shelf/homemade rounds thru it
    that someone told them 'was the best' [instead of ball ammo]
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    I have to get in on this one I started out as a wheelgunner a long time ago ,but once I got my first 1911 there has always been at least one in the safe. Most people that talk down on them have either ,never shot one that works properly ,or they were never shown the right way to control one. In the late 70's and early 80's you had to buy a colt and have it worked over, I used to buy a $400 colt and put $600 in custom work and parts to have a gun that Kimber ,Colt ,Springfield, and many others give you out of the box today. My new favorite 1911 at this time is a Commander sized Dan Wesson Classic Bobtail. It is without a doubt the best factory pistol that I have bought. I have probably shot 2000 round through it and the only jam it had was a bad primer. The trigger pull is set at 3 3/4 pounds from the factory,it has yellow night sites on the rear and green up front, the fit and finish is perfect. Its a little heavy for everyday carry since it is all stainless and weighs in at 39 oz.. I have tried the Spingfield XDin 45 and the XDM in 9mm bothe excellent guns but I don't care for polymer even though they weigh a lot less to begin with stuff 14 rounds of 45 acp in one and notice the change. Sorry for the long winde post and large pics but 1911's Don't Suck

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  7. RangeM4

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    Aug 29, 2012
    I own a Kimber 1911 4" and Glocks, Springfield, Ruger.
    The 1911 platform is an outstanding firearm. I think most people will agree with me when I say they can be picky about their magazines and ammunition.
    Once you identify what your 1911 likes then they are very reliable and accurate.
    Some brands have had extractor issues or return springs get weak, but come on who could say 1911's suck?
  8. Martimus

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    Aug 25, 2012
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    I current have a STI, several Rocks, a Colt, and an old Spanish Star in my safe... and have plans to add a few more 1911's to the collection in the next year or so.

    As much as I hear people complaining about 1911's, I've had very few problems with any of my 1911's. I wish I could say the same about the better halfs Glock...

    Stuff happens... and pistols break! Unfortunately some pistol brand fans tend to overlook the shortcoming of their favorite pistol... and focus on their perception of shortcomings with some other brand.
  9. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    sounds like US politics

    the evil and violent right wing tea party etc etc etc
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    Interesting thread.

    Well a gun style that's been around and proven for 101 years has one problem, it obviously doesn't have any patent protection on the basic design so anybody with any gun shop or machine shop or whatever can pump out something that looks like the original masterpiece...with varying quality controls.

    Saying 1911s suck is like saying all of any product sucks because there are are some cheap imitations around.

    I used to work with a guy who was an avid gun collector and a Capt. in the Army in WWII. He used to tell me about his exploits in Europe with his trusty .45.

    He was a big guy with big hands and would tell me how he put it to good use in WWII. Ask any German soldier or POW what he thought when someone pulled a 1911 out, massive muscle on a truly classic piece of made in the USA.

    Suck? Not the real deal or some really good modern 1911s out there.
  11. WHSmithIV

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    May 3, 2012
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    I'm with you Carver. Someone up above was looking out for me the day I swapped my Chinese SKS straight across for the Citadel (RIA) 1911 I have. I have since modified this 1911 to be just the way I like it. I wouldn't trade mine for a truckload of Glocks either.

    The only people who say that the 1911's suck are people who do not know the 1911. I was so happy with the SKS to 1911 trade I almost crapped my pants. I used to carry the 1911 in the Navy every time I was Petty Officer of the Watch. I can hit a golf ball on a string from 35 yards with mine. How much more accuracy do I need with it? If the bad guy gets within 75 yards he's dead - oops - might take 2 or 3 rounds at that distance - but he's dead. I certainly am not going to be picking off a deer from 100 yards with it - I have my 30-30 for that (never say never though :) )

    Just got a new box of .45 ACP a couple weeks ago at a yard sale for $10.00 - gotta love Idaho!
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