Why Not Send Them To Flight School....

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    while we're at it.
    I'm really blown away buy the comments on this story. Considering the source of this story, I would have expected the comments to be completely different. The link is from The Chronicle of Higher Education.


    March 9, 2009
    Clinton Announces Million-Dollar Scholarship Program for Palestinian Students
    Ramallah, West Bank — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced a new million-dollar scholarship program to help Palestinian students enroll at Palestinian and American universities.

    Mrs. Clinton announced the Middle East Partnership Initiative during a visit to this Palestinian town last week. The four-year program will support about 10 scholarships each year for disadvantaged students to attend four-year courses at Palestinian universities. The program will also offer 25 “opportunity grants” to enable promising but disadvantaged young Palestinians to apply to American-accredited institutions in the United States or the Middle East, a State Department official told The Chronicle.

    Once funds are approved by Congress, Mrs. Clinton hopes to begin the program in the 2010-11 academic year. The money is in addition to $900-million in aid to the Palestinian Authority announced by the secretary last week at the donors’ conference, in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

    During her visit to an American-sponsored English-language teaching program in Ramallah, Mrs. Clinton said the opportunity grants would create “a larger pool of capable young men and women from places like the West Bank and Gaza” who can “compete along with students in other countries for the opportunity to further their academic training in America.” The secretary spoke on a youth program aired by Palestinian Authority TV.

    Last year several Palestinian students from Gaza who were awarded Fulbright scholarships ran into difficulty entering Israel to complete the application process, and two of them were subsequently denied entry visas to the United States on security grounds.

    Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem, said efforts were being made to enable Gazans to participate in American-sponsored projects despite the security challenges.

    “We’ve had several dozen Gazans participate in our programs over the last few months, both educational and professional,” said Ms. Schweitzer-Bluhm.

    “It is difficult,” she said. “It’s a challenge to bring Gazans to participate in these programs, but we go through great lengths to try and facilitate their participation, and we have advance coordination with the Israelis to get them the necessary permits.” —Matthew Kalman

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    I'm sitting here with my jaw dropped..... I can't believe she did that!!! And I join you in your surprise at peoples' responses...by and large they're against it, too, which is great to see! Not that it will make any difference...but it is encouraging!

  3. artabr

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    Yea, these folks are all collage profs and admin.
    It kinda gives me a glimmer of hope.

  4. Big ugly

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    Feb 27, 2009
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    I got a brillant Idea. Lets flood the US work force with more bloody Forigners. Cuz when these little B@#!&^%Sget outta colledge they gonna be fightin for jobs with the rest of us. Hell we already got Illeagles here now takin jobs. Dont spend the mony I pay in taxes to help some Sand Jumper get a leg up, I as a tax payer should have a say in where my taxes is goin. SPEND some more you usless nag I stilll got food in the cupboard for my kids to eat, We allright!!!!!!!!
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    Nov 19, 2008
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    Unfreakingbelievable. I hadn't seen this post until you linked to it in a later post of mine. This burns my a**. Redistribution of wealth in our own country is bad enough but redistributing American's income to educate these people who exist as an entity soley as a result of arab hatred toward Israel is unconscienable.

    My daughter who is a hard working tax payer that receives educational assistance from the Air Force reserve has had to skip several semesters of college because even with the assistance she couldn't afford the tuition. So in essence the government takes money from her that she could use for her own education to pay for that of a bunch of militant ragheads.

    Of the responses to that article here is my favorite:

    "The Founders knew it would be difficult to keep and sustain our democratic Republic. Reading these posts, I am both encouraged at our willingness to protect and defend it and convinced that there are those who will always capitulate out of ignorance of human economic and political history (read a naive idealistic belief in ‘true peace, whatever that is), or for fear that somebody just won’t like them. Prejudice is not the same as an informed position borne out of knowledge and experience. I guess it all comes down to what you’d do if someone was kicking your family’s door down. I know what I’ll do, and it won’t include using Amnesty International as my moral compass. Bottom line, providing these scholarships is not the job of the federal government. National security is. Furthermore, there is no money for them and if there was it should go to American tax-paying citizens. Anyone who thinks otherwise is free and encouraged to move about the planet."

    — frank Mar 9, 10:42 PM
  6. First Barry wants to give money to Hamas for "rebuilding Gaza" when we all know that most of that money will go towards rearming the ragheads and giving them more weapons to shoot at the Israelis. Then he wants to bring the Palestinians over here so they can get an education. I'm just wondering how many of these poor "refugees" will be disguised terrorists:mad::mad::mad::mad: Add to this that he seems to be trying to alienate our closest allies, Britain and Israel yet at the same time he's trying to bring about closer ties with nations that harbor extreme religious terroriist groups. Oh, but he's a Christian:rolleyes: Yeah, suuuuure he is. He's showing us where his allegence really lies when he wants to do stuff like this.
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    May 10, 2004
    I don't see where they need any further education. They have plenty of Rocket Scientist's now. :mad::mad::mad:
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