Why sharks circle their pray

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    A father and son great white shark came up on a boat wreck. 20 people in the water hanging on for life.

    The father says to his son. "Now look we are going to cicrle the crowd and I only want your to show one fin"

    So the father and son shark circled the crowd a few times only showing one fin.

    Again the father truned to this son and this time he said "Now we are gona circle them again and this time show all your fins"

    So they did, they circled the crowd a few times showing all their fins.

    Then the father turned to his son and said "OK now it's time to eat them up" So they did, they ate up all the people.

    After the father and son had full bellies the son asked the father. "Why did we have to circle the people and show our fins before we ate them?" "Why not just eat them from the start?"

    The father turns to his son and says "They tast better without the **** in them.

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