Why won't we buy American?

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  1. jim brady

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    Sep 22, 2009
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    Kind of funny - I am old enough to remember when all those little foriegn made cars were called 'Death Traps' by EVERYONE. There was an accident with a 1959 Pontiac and a 1965 Renault, guess who walked away and who was covered up and carried away? Then the 1970s 'Gasoline Crisis' hit and everyone dumped their American made cars and started buying those little death traps.

    Same thing with American factories and steel mills. Most of us were 'Middle Class', then the envioromentalists demanded that we stop polluting, so our aluminum, copper and steel mills closed down here, and re-opened up in Germany and Japan. The crap was still pumped into the air - just not HERE - and the foriegn companies and governments scooped up the cash that we used to earn here.

    Factories could close down Unionized shops here and have wash machines, refrigerators and cook stoves produced more cheaply in Tiawan and Japan. Same thing with our TVs and stereos. Most Unions went belly-up. A lot of 'middle class' neighborhoods just boarded up, or became 'Hoods'. (East LA and even Compton, California were pretty decent places to live at one time....)

    My step-father worked in construction back in the 1950s and 1960s. Him and our neighbors were all 'middle class', even though Mom also worked. They made good wages during the summer, but when the bad weather hit there was little work in construction, so the 'good wages' carried us through the lean-times. In the mid 1960s, most construction companies 'busted' the Unions and began hireing illeagal alliens. Their labor costs went down, but the costs they charged for building houses sure didn't drop at all......

    What is it now? Something like 7% of workers today are unionized. Kind of hard to blame them for our current economic mess. How about all the jobs shipped off-shore to foriegn factories? Our middle class today is just about non-existant. Big money still flows to folks running for political offices. Kind of like pigs slopping at the trough.
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    Feb 3, 2011
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    Well, wish us luck here. One of the main purposes of us advisors being here in Iraq is to try to convince the Iraqi govt. to go through with their plan to purchase a number of F-16 aircraft.

  3. jbmid1

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    Feb 3, 2011
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    Not so fast, Grae, the VIN code( FTR) indicates a factory in the good ol' USA. So, mostly American made. 75-80% if I remember right from googling
    "most American parts content".
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    Well, that's still hopeful then.

    I'd consider a Ford, now, for my next car. There was a time when I wouldn't. As for Chevy and Chrysler, they can go pound sand.
  5. Willie

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    Jul 31, 2003
    I agree here. GM and Chrysler filed bankruptcy to rid themselves of legacy costs such as promises made to workers,pensions and med help etc. Ford did not and still has to pay much more than either on of the others. Still they survive maybe because they care about people. And they make a good car or truck.
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