Wild Turkey Hunt

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    Feb 23, 2010
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    A few years back I had a hunting lease down at Junction, Texas on the Lano river. Our cabin 30' wide X 40' long was just right for the six hunters in our group. Along the river side of the cabin we had a long row of sliding windows. We fed out corn along the river banks to draw the deer and turkey. During the day the turkeys would come by to eat. We would slide the windows open and stick out our shot guns and wait for the three count. Everyone always got a turkey at about 75 feet away. That lease was a hunters paradise, everyone always got their limit of deer and turkey.
    Now I am retired and live way out in the country in the Brazos river valley. I have more deer and turkey in my yard than I ever had on a hunting lease. I am attaching pictures of the turkey in front of my house just accross the county road.
    Share some of your Turkey hunts with the rest of us, makes for some interesting reading.
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