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    Good day,

    I've inherited two Win. 22s, Models 06 & 74. The '06 has been ridden hard and put away soaking wet, but it easily opened for a safety check. All the metal is rusted to some degree -- the barrel most severely.
    The 74 is much cleaner, but has maybe fifty percent blueing. It's much heavier and probably shoots like a house a fire! Although I can see that it's magazine pulls out from the buttstock, why then does it have, what appears to me, a hole on the side of the stock as a another way to charge the magazine? Might you all advise on how much I should clean up the 06, and their realitve values? I'd never sell them but would like to know their value.
    Thanks for your input:D.

    God Bless

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    22 tube magazines always have a loading port. You can see it in this pic, about halfway between the forearm and the muzzle. Shiny spot.

    You pull the brass follower part-way out of the tube, so that the loading port is unblocked, and load through the port. I suppose this is to prevent you from accidentally laying your follower down in the dirt, or something like that.

    With 22s that the magazine is in the buttstock, like yours or the Browning 22 automatic, it works the same way. You don't pull the brass follower all the way out. You just pull it out far enough to expose the loading port - that hole in the stock.
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