Winchester 1894 (Consignment Sale)

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    My question relates to a Winchester 1894 that is on a consignment sale at a local gunshop for $899.99. Unfortunately I can't post pictures as the salesman drew the line there, so I will endeavor to describe as fully as possible:

    General: 26", octagonal barrel with full length magazine chambered in .30WCF Stock is dark, shows wear (dings, scratches, etc.) but no apparent cracks or significant chunks missing. Hardware has surface rust and grime; front/rear sights intact; bore is rusty - apparent this rifle has been in storage with little regard for preservation. Most of the receiver bluing is gone and barrel appears in similar fashion though the engraving is still legible. Action is stiff but appears workable.

    Serial: 202011

    * Barrel:
    (location: barrel top - pretty far forward)
    (italics on left side of barrel, near receiver)
    (top, near receiver)
    no other markings I could discern (e.g., proofing marks on barrel or receiver)
    MODEL 1894

    My confusion lies in the difference between the barrel markings and the tang - the barrel markings seem to be for s/n before 100,000 while the tang marking is for post s/n 100,000. My sole reference (until coming here) has been Madis' work: "The Winchester handbook" (1st edition 1981) - which, after digging through the archives here, appears to be in error and compounds my confusion.

    1. At 899 and in the described condition, is that a fair price?
    2. If purchased - from a collector's standpoint is it something to keep in the current state or is it suitable for cleaning, minor restoration to the point of occasional shooting? (an automotive parallel: a'66 Shelly GT350 found hiden in the trash vs. an otherwise worn but straight '66 Mustang V-8 candidate for restoration and weekend use)

  2. Highpower3006

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    Sep 28, 2012
    That serial number dates to 1899. Pictures would help to evaluate the rifle as it is nearly impossible to judge condition from a description. See if the shop will either clean the bore or let you do it. I think that may be a tad high if there is any significant pitting from the rust.

    However it is an early '94 rifle.

  3. wdossel

    wdossel New Member

    Thanks - I'll try and engage the shop owner to see if I can get some pics, esp. of the bore.
  4. No, it does not. Serial number 202011 was manufactured in December of 1903, and was not received in the warehouse until early 1904.

    Bert H.
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  5. The markings on the barrel are correct.

    The Type-2 upper tang marking is slightly early, but there was always an overlap in the serial number ranges for the majority of the changes Winchester made throughout the production run. The change from the Type-1A upper tang marking to the Type-2 marking took place in the 220,000 serial number range.

    In my opinion, the asking price for that rifle is $300 too high. A realistic price would be $600 verus $900.

    Bert H.
  6. wdossel

    wdossel New Member

    Bert H. - thanks for the info. Guess it'll continue to collect dust as I'd asked earlier if they'd entertain a counter offer and declined.
    Re. guides - should I just relegate the Maddis book to the bookshelf? Any suggestions on what I could take into the field for use at gunshows and the like for a quick reference?
  7. Yes... buy yourself a copy of "The RED BOOK of WINCHESTER Values" (I still have a few copies available).

    Bert H.
  8. wdossel

    wdossel New Member

    Am interested - purchase details? (forum rules wouldn't let me send a PM yet...)
  9. Highpower3006

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    Sep 28, 2012

    Dang, so much for the serial number chart from the Blue Book! Sorry about the misinformation.
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