Winchester 9422 barrel removal

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by North_Man, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. North_Man

    North_Man New Member

    Dec 25, 2010
    I have a Winchester 9422, made in 1980, and I wonder, how do I remove the barrel?
    Is it threaded or is it pressed?
  2. NSSC

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    Sep 14, 2011
    BBL on 9422 LR is "pressed and pinned". Tight fit. Strip lower receiver completely. Find/make a block of wood or plastic resembling cigarette pack in size & insert into receiver semi snugly. This protects receiver from warping "out of true" when twisted off BBL with a large (pipe wrench type) wrench. BBL is secured with "tapered pin" & must be "drifted" out from right-to-left as oriented when weapon is held at shoulder. After pin removed, secure BBL tightly in large (bolted down) vice close to point where BBL meets receiver. Use thin scraps of wood to protect BBL from vice jaws. Tape receiver & tape some thin slats/scraps of wood to receiver approx 1" back from where BBL inserts into receiver (behind slope of metal nearest end of the receiver) to protect it from being scratched when twisted off with "pipe wrench". The portion of BBL (BBL extension) that inserts into receiver is 7/8" long. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO POUND RECEIVER OFF BBL WITH BLOCK OF WOOD AND HAMMER! Use pipe wrench secured tightly on-to the receiver approx 1-1/2" behind point where BBL inserts into receiver. (attempt putting some deep penetrating oil in this area hours prior). BBL should be secured tight enough in vice to prevent it from spinning. With BBL secured in vice and wrench placed on receiver, put pressure (lefty loose) and then smart little shove to break the union "tight fit seal" and the receiver will move ever so slightly as if it is "unscrewing". It is just "spinning". Continue this motion and receiver will appear to be unscrewing from BBL but it is just working itself off. It is extremely tight. You might think it has 100 threads because it is taking forever and then you say to yourself (WTF) this is pressed not threaded and start laughing! Eventually, 2/3" spun off you will be able to twist receiver with hands and pull off. Make sure the BBL is secured very tightly in vice. If it spins in vice you can accidentally remove the rear sight from the groove. If so just tap it back in when the BBL is removed. A small semi half moon metal/plastic piece located on top of the BBL extension and visible to the eye before the BBL is removed will fall out during BBL removal. Do not loose this, it needs to be replaced. DONE.
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