Winchester M-70 Sight Question

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  1. I have a Winchester M-70 (300 H&H) and just realized the other day that I am missing the rear sight. Is there anywhere I can get a replacement? I think what happened was when Grandad put the scope on, the sight was in the way so he took it off. I just thought I would ask as you fine folks have never let me down. Thanks. . . .:)

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  2. That's one fine rifle. Does it have a plug in the rear sight dovetail?

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  4. If by lug you mean the larger diameter on the barrel for the rear sight, that's part of the barrel, machined from the larger blank. Often, when a gunsmith mounts a scope on a rifle like this, they will simply remove the old rear sight and press in a key blank into the dovetail. It that's the way grandpa had it done and used it, I'd leave it as is.
  5. That sounds about right. I think later this weekend I'll take a picture and post it just to be sure.

  6. I'll look forward to seeing it. I love both the M70 and .300 H&H.
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    The rear sight was probably in the way or made a ghost image in the scope so it was removed and a blank like this installed in the dovetail slot to protect it.

  8. Sorry for the long lapse in reponse. I have been rather busy between work and home projects. Here are a few of photos of the rear sight. Hope they help.

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  9. Trap, that looks exactly like what I have. Just how hard would it be to find a sight to fit it. I am inclined to leave it as it is; I am just a curious sort. Thanks. . . . . .
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