winchester model 140 HELP !!!

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  1. BIGDOG$$

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    Jan 26, 2012
    southern Ohio
    I bought what looked to be a verry nice looking shotgun they guy said it had ben sitting so he decided to sell it ! OK her's the problem:: I had some shells from 3yrs ago Winchester AA Heavy Target Load 12 Ga. 2-3/4 In. 1-1/8 Oz. 8 shot shells so when we loaded it up an shot it after the 1st round when it goes to eject that empty/spent case it looks as if it doesn't cycle all the way back far enought to eject it, at the same time as the loader ramp is feeding the new loaded round up causing a jam ! I'V taken it down an cleaned it an looked it over looks ok I see no broken parts [not real sure what to look for ] re-asembled an the same thing ?? :confused: ANY HELP !!

  2. Helix_FR

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Imperial, MO
    Well a few things could be wrong here. This is a gas gun that sat for a long time so check the O-ring in the gas system. You'll need to take the barrel off to get to them. If they are cracked or loose, they will need to be replaced. Look at the gas valve that sits forward of that, is it caked in old oil and carbon fouling?. If everything looks clean, look to the ejector being broken, its a long thin piece that is on the inside of the receiver opposite of the ejection port. There is a small tab that sticks out that intercetps the rim of the shell and kicks it out. Those can be worn flat. Best test is to load a round and hand cycle it. Load one in the chamber, then pull the bolt back hard, the shell should extract out and eject out the side. (do this with the safe on for the love of God;)) If it don't then your ejecter is worn or the extractor is loose or broken. If it does then the gas system needs some work.
    Another thing comes to mind after the fact. What does the barrel say as far as what shell size its made for. ie. Shooting a 2 3/4 target load will not cycle a gas gun that has a barrel set up for a 2 3/4 magnum or 3 inch. The ports are too small for the proper amount of gas to cycle the gun.
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  3. StoneChimney

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    Nov 27, 2010
    The Winchester Model 140 (Model 1400 with plainer furniture) was not available in 3" Magnum. That ammunition should cycle the gun.

    As well as everything Helix said, remove the piston and check for carbon fouling there.
  4. BIGDOG$$

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    Jan 26, 2012
    southern Ohio
    HOLLY CATFISH !! a frend came over an he said let me look at it I said there it sits he picked it up slid back the chamber an said ! HUMm I'LL BE DAMM THE SHELL EJECTOR ON THE BACKSIDE IS MISSING OUTA THIS GUN !! I said what show me , an he did , he had me get another gun an sure enought IT WAS GONE... no wonder it woudn't throw the shell out. So he says I'v got a old parts gun over the house let me go fech it an we'll see if we can fix it . after about 45min. we took it out back an it worked GREAT. I asked him what I owed him he said just 1qt of that Apple pie outa that frig....WORKS FOR ME !
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