Winchester Model 62

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  1. DaleMull

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    Dec 4, 2012
    I was given a Winchester Model 62 .22 rifle. Im trying to locate where the serial # is to determine the year made and hopefully its value. Nowhere on this gun can i find a serial number. The gun is in great shape. theres nothing on the barrel other than the Model 62 information on one side and the Made in USA Winchester Repeating Arms engravings. Behind the hammer, as it goes into the stock, there is another engraving of "Winchester, Trademark, Made in USA". On the underneath side of the gun, there are no engravings of any kind. This gun belonged to my grandfather and was given to me by an uncle. He told me he had it cleaned up and wanted me to have it. its beautiful, but Im curious to know some history and possibly its value.
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    Turn the rifle over. Look on the lower stock tang behind the trigger.


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  3. DaleMull

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    Dec 4, 2012
    Thanks Popeye. Ive included 2 pics (one from the bottom where you instructed and one from the top side...and no serial #. Any ideas?

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    This is probably another case of a gunsmith gone mad. Several decades ago it was common (and even today) for someone to think that re-bluing the old gun is a good idea. Often the gunsmith that does the job polishes off the engravings, like the serial number, in order to get down to good metal that isn't rusty.

    Today theses collectable gun's value is ruined by re-bluing. If it is a shooter or a keepsake then it matters not but if it is value you are after then "cleaning them up" kills value.

    You may be out of luck unless you tear it down and see if there is not another number inside under the stock or inside the receiver somewhere (??).

    Over the years Winchester used various style lettering on their markings and sometimes you can get an idea of the age of the gun by the lettering style. Your pictures are no help as they are grossly out of focus. I can suggest you get the book "The Winchester Handbook" by George Madis. Starting on page 233 he covers the Model 62. Or take some sharp pictures of all the markings on the gun and I'll see if I can help. It was made sometime between 1932 and 1958 according to the Madis book.

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  5. DaleMull

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    Dec 4, 2012
    Thank you for the advice. sorry the pics soo blurry, cell phone camera obviously not very good. i can probably get some better pics and repost.
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