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    I like to reload and I like to shoot. Winter is the hardest though. After loading a few new rounds I grab tjhe shooting equipment bag, the rifle (or handgun), and the snow shovel. Hardest part of winter is getting the snow away from the bench. Some days it's just very cold. I will build a hut over my bench. I need ideas. Good view to see someone who may walk into the area. Not to lose the ear drums even with hearing protectors. Also comfortable to use on a hot summer day. What have you tried that worked, or did not work?
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    My range shelters have metal roofs, which I find very loud even with hearing protection. I'm sure if they dampened sound with some sort of insulation up there it would be better, but it is good shelter otherwise. It's not easy up here in the winter (my range is closed for the season).

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    We gotta find you a winter outdoor range pine! LOL I bought a gazebo from home depot last year and it keeps most of the snow out of my range, got my own place not too far from home. Gazebo was only 100 and figure if I gotta replace the roof every 2 years at 60 bucks I am ahead..................
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    Nov 14, 2009
    haven't tried it but a shelter made of electrical conduit and reinforced plastic like this ( could be made easily. Have built a lot of winter shelter on construction sites with the stuff and it holds up well. Construction site shelter uses scaffolding and a clip to hold plastic in place., I'm thinking you could use conduit and bend to form a half circle hoop and cover with the plastic using split plastic pipe used for exterior conduit(the gray stuff)-just make sure the plastic is very secure, not using enough attachment points will cause it to be slack and wear out much quicker than you want. Nice thing is , could be taken down if you want and stored until next winter.
    kinda like these car shelters:

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    Thought about it for awhile. Believe you have a great idea. There is also fabric and framework for the same type of green house. Neighbors also have barns and shelters covered with a very heavy duty fabric. Hang up was heat. I can enclose the bottom of my bench, around the u-shaped cut out in it, and hang an electric heater towards the front. The fabric would also negate the need for the diffuser over my Chrony on a to sunny day.
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