Women in Combat, Eh?

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    Just for fun, I put together a little story that includes many of the regulars on this board. Hope you enjoy the story....


    When I hitched a ride on the chopper, I should have known by the name on the side, “Cotton Pony”, that the three other soldiers already seated were female.

    We lifted off just as I was strapping myself in and in no time we were moving toward the setting sun high above the jungle below. The North Vietnamese Army were known to travel through the area from time to time, but Intel reported no activity in the last few days.

    My guess is we were no more than half way to base when one of the soldiers told the pilot that she had to use the “Ladies” room. After losing the argument over landing without permission, the pilot finally set us down very gently in a small grassy area not far from the tree line.

    I was surprised to see all three soldiers leave the chopper and head for the trees holding on to their helmets with one hand and carrying their M-16’s in the other. That’s when the pilot filled me in as to who these female soldiers were.

    Montana Pari, Texas Shooter and One Knight, who the men she worked with often referred to as “Boom Boom”, were seasoned professionals. Montana Pari could track a man over solid rock with uncanny precision. Texas Shooter could pick a sniper out of a tree at over 150 yards with a single shot. One Knight was even more dangerous. She carried with her a pair of 44’s and she could hit two different targets at the same time. They were all part of the legendary REMF team (Recon Experts, Mostly Female).

    Suddenly, we began to take on small arms fire from the opposite tree line. The pilot radioed in our position and was ordered to lift off immediately. That’s when I learned that we were carrying a cargo of fresh milk and coffee for the sailors at the Navy base that was our destination.

    Lucky we had both side doors open on the chopper because an RPG rocket sailed in one door and out the other as we lifted off. We arrived safely at the base in less than 20 minutes.

    Once the cargo was unloaded, the commanding officer of the base told us we must go back to rescue the women. Several men were standing nearby and when the CO asked for volunteers everyone’s hand went up. Ten men all together volunteered, so we brought along a second chopper.

    Dap22 would pilot the chopper I was on along with Dream Catcher and Night Hawk. The second chopper was piloted by High2fly. He carried with him Geno G., Larry JK, Mith, Tac401, Homer and Indy Bear, all members of the elite FNG team (Fearless Night Guides).

    In minutes, we were within a few miles of the position Dap22 had radioed in less than an hour ago. Night Hawk was sure he caught a glimpse of light from a mirror, so we landed both choppers less than a mile away.

    Larry JK immediately took command of his team and they started tracking in the direction of the flash of light Night Hawk had seen with the rest of us following close behind. Dream Catcher and Homer stayed with the choppers to man the door guns.

    The sun was about to set when Indy Bear spotted the three female soldiers walking in our direction.

    It was as if they walked out of a rainbow and into our view. Montana Pari was wearing bright red lipstick and a smile on her face a yard wide. Texas Shooter must have also touched up her makeup because she had a special glow about her. Then we saw One Knight bringing up the rear with at least a dozen Vietnamese prisoners. She had both her 44’s drawn and I could swear I saw smoke rising from both barrels.

    Mith radioed back to the base to send a duce and a half for the prisoners. Tac401 gave him our exact location. Indy Bear and Geno G. helped Larry JK tie up the prisoners. Dream Catcher would interrogate them as soon as we got back to the choppers.

    So once again, the elite FNG team (Fearless Night Guides) is successful in finding the downed soldiers deep in enemy territory and bringing them back to safety.

    The prisoners seemed to be proud to have been captured by the legendary REMF team (Recon Experts, Mostly Female). You should have seen Homers eyes light up when he saw the three female soldiers. He mumbled something about being able to repay the loan now that he won the bet about the REMF’s returning safely.


    P.S. That was the first time anyone realized that when a woman has to use the bathroom, she is likely to take other women with her. To this day, we still don’t know why…

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    ! Great, MisterStan!

    <she says as she tries to open her left eye from the constant squint...
    OR..... is that a ....wink??.... that it takes to look thru the scope mounted on her
    Ruger Mini-30>

    Hey! I'm a low-maintenance women! <she says as she slides the mirror toward her
    back pocket and misses... hearing it fall to the ground....she tries to bat her eyelashes....
    and then the left eye assumes it's familiar squinting position. She puts the gun down -- Al Gore-style--and holds the barrel with her right hand.......while forcibly trying to open her left eyelid
    with her left index finger and thumb. Whew!! Thought I'd gone blind!)


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    Great story, Mister Stan

    really enjoyed you getting almost everyone involved

    appreciate being included,,

    is this a "to be continued"??...hope so,,,,,, sounds like an on-going project you (whats that word??) oh, "volunteered" for.

    and Sharon, I knew I had seen a mirror,,you must have been doing some trick shots for the rest of your REMF team,,,or straightening your make up??? either way, you saved the day!!!

    Stan H

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    Great MisterStan.
    Remind me some day and I'll tell you about the conversation I had with Homer while we were waiting........he is one more weird sojer.

    p.s. BoomBoom: Are those 44's of the magnum variety??

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    ...knowing now that the much needed greenbacks were safely "in the bag", he leaves the '60', and rushes to greet the REMF Team. He reaches to patty slap the well deserving rump but suddenly draws back, catching her Look...at his look...at his chosen target. Remembering Her Bowie! and His (The Necks) scalpels!...with a quick divertion he slaps a low five greeting to the nimble and crafty foot of Trung Uy TShooters. Her preferred 'low five'.

    ...instead of the customary handshake that was now considered to be a Foos-Ball risk factor, SFC Mt Pari's nods an approval to a light, but not lingering pat on her bottom. So welcomed, he places the 'well done' with deft fingers. Overjoyed, he places another...then trys one more...Pvt Homer begins to pat freely...slowly...deftly!, desiring to catch all and each cheek evenly. The hands on hip growl voiced "Your lingering Pvt Homer!" He smiled and apologized sheepishly.

    ...noticing the sunlight gleaming and glistening from Trung Si Donna's 44's as she held them forth keeping the awe struck prisoners at bay and under her lone control. Pvt Homer lunges to embrass her for her 'well done'...when suddenly he is snatched from her side and hurled violently backwards...the safety lanyard of the chopper's door mount being so unforgiving when reaching it's limit.

    The Young and Handsome Private awakened in the birds belly only to see the REMF Team lifting off in the other slick back to camp...while he was resigned to escort the band of bound, histericaly laughing prisoners back to Long Binh.
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    annnnnnnnnnnnnnd? On they went to get thier next undercover assignment..The team is not just another "woman in combat" team as first thought, Misterstan, Nighthawk and the others stood in awe as they watched them. The woman quickly put the lipstick and other "helpless woman" attire back on, Checked their guns and ammo supply..they are always ready to strike.

    As the Huey lifted up, Pari tried to sit down for a much needed rest, but her rear was a bit sore after all the "atta boys" given by Homer... At least he knew better than to mess with the golden hands of the Foosball champ..Boom Boom was trying to stitch the rip in her shirt that Homer made as he lunged forward and grabbed her shirt pocket accidently while trying to give her his congrads..Imagine..with all they had just experienced their only injuries came from Homer, trying to show his appreciation..or was that his intent..

    They no sooner landed when........John W ran up and told them they had to report immediately to the CO..........then.....

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    The three women soldiers stood at attention in front of the Navy Captain's desk. One Knight handed him their orders which were folded in half length wise.

    The Captain took the orders and noticed something that said "Mostly Female" and looked Montana Pari right in the eye. "What's this mean?" he said as he pointed to the words.

    Montana Pari opened the orders up and showed the Captain where it said legendary REMF team (Recon Experts, Mostly Female) right at the crease.

    "Oh," the Captain said. "Any of your soldiers every work with Seals before?"

    Texas Shooter said she worked with some seals before she joined the Army back at the San Diego Zoo, but mostly she just fed them.

    "I mean Navy Seals!", the Captain said. "The Navy has been having a problem with the VC planting bombs to the underside of their River Patrol Boats and we need someone to return the favor."

    It turns out that because of all the heavy equipment that must be worn to get under the VC junk boats to attach bombs the men would usually just sink to the bottom. It was suggested that a woman soldier would have built-in buoyancy equipment that might help keep them off the river bottom.

    The Captain referred the REMF's to Dream Catcher to fill them in on their duties....

    (Guess that means Dreamcatcher takes it from here....)


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    TShooters stands patiently at attention before the Captain...shoulders thrown back...
    anxious to show off her Mae West flotation device.

    When he finishes outlining the details of the mission, she asks for permission to speak.

    "Errr...Captain??? On this next mission.......we won't have to jump........................will we?"

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    "Jump!!! why hell no" Captain says.."this is strictly a water mission".."if you chose to take this mission, you may pick five our our best men to serve as decoys"........

    Just as they began the tedious and difficult selection.... the door burst open and to everyones surprise and glee..Hang em' high Hope walked in..
    The team just became the fantastic untouchables again..

    "Cap, we can't lose now, we have the very best of the best", Misterstan blurted out, then continued...."pick me, oh please pick me"..
    Hang em' High Hope looked him over.."can you sink a line?"..
    "Yeh, I been getting online for years, why?"..

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    Dreamcatcher watched them file into his hootch.

    "Damn," he thought. "I've been around awhile but I've never seen such a rag-tag looking group of REMFs."

    The exploits of the mostly female group were well known throughout the intelligence community. Their looks belied the documented effectiveness of their past special operations missions. He wondered vaguely how the female warriors were feeling now that the time had finally come. Perhaps they were all feeling afraid. Fear was a curious thing. You carried it along with you for as long as you possibly could, never mentioning it to anyone else; but eventually there would come a time when it grew so big, reached such tremendous proportions that you found yourself too weak to take it any longer. You kept fighting against it and just the association with those warriors who knew how to harness fear bolstered your own resolve. Yes, fear was a necessity. It kept you sane and it kept you alive. As he stared into the depths of these young, female operative's eyes he knew they were wired and tuned.

    "Pretty damned soon, he reflected, they'll be wishing they that they could be back here again. Some of their group perhaps would die, some would be wounded and perhaps others were going to crack. He had seen it before, especially when a small group such as this went into the unknown darkness of unfamiliar, unforgiving waters under the cover of darkness. "Maybe they'll make it - maybe they won't," he mused. "And maybe that Captain is totally nuts!" "SEALS work alone, and the Captain knows that", he reflected.

    His first and only liaison with the SEAL commander concerning this hair-brained idea had left no question about REMF participation in such an operation.

    "This damn well ain't no GI Jane outfit and you can tell your Captain that we operate independently and that he can shove this idea," the gruffy SEAL barked. When he informed the Captain of the SEAL refusal to participate, the Captain only shrugged his shoulders. "Well, looks like you'll have to plan this as strictly a REMF operation. Get Homer and a couple more to help with the training and logistics and get an Op Plan to me within a week. Keep this close hold. The nature of the operation will take them North. I'll coordinate with the Nasty Boats and see if we can get them to assist in the inserts."

    Now as he sat here with the three battle-hardened females in front of him, Dreamcatcher wished he was steaming the Caribbean in some rusty Destroyer. "Can they really pull this off?", he wondered. Mt. Pari was unconsciously picking at a hangnail on a greasy, calloused thumb. One Knight was flexing and relaxing her 44s in some self-serving, personal exercise and T-Shooter was sensually massaging the receiver of a well-oiled Swedish K. "Maybe they can," he thought. "Even if they aren't successful, North Vietnam will never be the same."

    "Scuse, me ladies." "Hey Homer. Get your ass in here and outline the training program you've come up with."

    Dreamcatcher slowly arose and left the hootch. "Hope the Skipper doesn't want an interpreter along on this op," he whispered to no one in particular.

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    Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    As Indybear and the others returned to the FNG compound he was deep in thought. "We've done a mess of extractions since this outfit was formed, but those REMF's are the damnedest thing I've ever seen. That bright red lipstick combined with the glistening of those 44's like to put my eyes out! I wouldn't mind working with them again if it weren't for that hot pink helicopter. They ain't getting' this old boys ass on that thing, I guaran-damn-tee ya! It's a wonder Victor hasn't blown 'em out of the sky. Course, I guess he must be as amazed by it as the rest of us are and they're probably long gone before he can get his composure back and fire."

    Looking around he notices Homer is lagging behind a bit. "Probably still woozy from smacking his head on the floor of the chopper when the safety strap pulled him back in. Hell, he deserves it! Acting like a damned fool! You'd think he'd never seen a pair of 44's before! Glad I got them stopped before they sent him with the POW's. Rattled as he is he'd have never gotten them to LBJ." Dropping back he gives Homer a much-needed shoulder to hang on to as they trudged on through the deepening dusk.

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    Hey People,

    Computer problems, I'll be back soon, I hope! Keep the story going
    until I get back........


    Good deal.........you know what I mean!


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    I must have missed the question!!

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    In preparation for the mission, I studied the notes from Captain Jean d'Isle about the use of Nasty's in Vietnam...
    The SOG (MACV's Studies and Observations Group) operation I was visiting in Danang was one of the "blackest" of their black programs. Hidden behind high fences and from the view of friend and foe alike was SOG's navy: several high speed (45 knots), heavily armed motor torpedo boats manufactured in Norway, called "NASTY's." These NASTY boats were manned entirely by Vietnamese crews as part of a psychological warfare operation. The mission of these boats and crews was to operate along the enemy coast as part of an elaborate program to convince the civilian population that a dissident North Vietnamese organization called the "Shining Sword of the Patriot" was actively working from inside North Vietnam to overthrow the Communist government. In addition to terrorizing military coastal installations with hit-and-run attacks, one or two NASTY boats would head north at night to board fishing boats and kidnap the occupants.

    SOG was the unconventional warfare element of the U.S. military presence in the Southeast Asian conflict. It was the most secret, elite U.S. military unit to serve in Vietnam -- so secret, its existence was not only concealed but denied by the government. It was possibly the most lethal and effective combat organization in the war.

    Because of the nature of this mission, it can only be done with "volunteers". The first thing we must do is make sure the REMF's understand they are under no obligation to take on this mission and there will be no hard feelings if they decline.

    "Homer, check with the REMF's to see that they have agreed to "volunteer" for this assignment. Unless one of them speaks fluent Vietnamese, we will need an interpreter too".

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    Just a side note.

    This skit can also be used as a learning tool. When something is brought up in the skit, it can be researched via the Internet.

    Here's more detailed information about SOG.


    And here is a picture of a Nasty boat.


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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?

    Some may think of these women as a rag tag bunch, but they have become an effective tool in combating some of the most tedious of missions..The element of surprise and awe that they bring to all onlookers is just enough diversion to allow for any mission to be accomplished.

    "What a ship"..exclaimed Boom Boom, "if the mission isn't accomplished with the aid of this fine piece of machinery and technology we will have to just resort to the X-33, and space warfare just isn't my cup of tea, I don't care how much you like flying high Mt. Pari..
    Of course we will have have to have Misterstan man the ship, now let's get the crew assigned to their positions and move em' out, Homer your now in the Navy."

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    ...having received the message over the net, the Young and Handsome Private keys the mike...
    ..."Uh! Roger that Trung Si Mitherstan! on your last...

    ...but since I'm but a lowly RTO having to carry this nasty, heavy piece of Sh!t! excuse for a Pr!ck-25...humpin everywhere up and down mountains you boys call Hill 442 and Hill 373 and Hill414...well I'll have you know they ain't no hill man...you slap this on your back and have it chaffe the he!! out of your a$$ and see if it's a hill to you and another thing"...(pauses to take a breath and let's up on the key bar)

    ..."Uh! Homer Four Alpha this is" ...

    ...rekeys..."Yeah!, I know who you are! and Dang!, it's hot out here!...Where was I? Oh yeah!...and another thing like I was sayin...hows about you guys commin out here and humpin these dikes and paddies too!...Dang this Heat! and Dang these paddies with all this foul water! and buffalo sh!t! and blood suckin leeches! and blood suckin mosquitoes! and bitin flys and bitin ants when ya finally get to sit for some chow! and while we're on it, that's another thing"...again his fingers slip as he takes a breath...

    "Homer Four this..."

    ...rekeys..."Big Deal!, "Homer 4 this is" HMPF!...What ya going to do...Send me to the Nam!!!...
    ...as I was saying...about them lousy c-rats!...you come out here and"...

    Sgt. Mitherstan replaces the mike on the PRC-25..."Sorry Cpt. Catch, I tried sir...I couldn't get a word in edgewise".
    ..."Thanks Sgt Mitherstan, I heard... too bad too. If Pvt Homer would of only known that we selected him to assist in the medical exams for the REMF's before each mission now that the SEAL's has questioned their physical capabilitiesand seein g how the young soldier that was selected was recently and mysteriously shot!...and right in his a$$!
    Too bad about that too...some shennaigans I think!"
    ..."Yep!, too bad for Pvt Homer,I believe he might have been interested", the Sargeant agreeing.

    ..."Heck!, adds Cpt Hatch, he could have had this job here in the rear! No more 'walks in the sun!', no "
    'boonies!', and all that other sh!t he was whinning about! Plus all the cold beer ya can drink!, air conditioned billets! , dates with Donut Dolly Winter!...
    ...Dang!, that there alone is enough for any man to leave it all for Hehe! Hear she' fallen for some Jar Head! Need ta get her around us Navals some more ...EH!, Sgt Mitherstan! Dang Jar Heads and GI"s always trying to muscle in on the prettiest little Donut Dolly this War has ever seen.

    What, ya got ya hand flying around up in the air like that for...this ain't school?"

    "EW! EW! I'll sacrifice and take the job Sir!", urges Sgt Mitherstan (snaps to Attention and rigidly gives his finest Salute)

    "No, I appreciate your honorable offer Sgt Mitherstan but I need you for the better job of handling all my paperwork.
    For that there sacrificial offer tho...you can leave every day now an hour ealier. Only stay till 8pm".
    Sgt Mitherstan melts into a OD mass of ooze at his desk answering weakly, "Yes and Thank you Sir...your so very kind to me".

    "Your Welcome!
    No!, I have to find another volunteer for this new position"...

    ...Suddenly they come spilling in...Indy and Dave shoulder to shoulder bouncing of each other not being able to get through the door fast enough. P Gary and Gene 90210 clamor up the quonset ribs and come crashing thru the windows over by the water cooler...Genog and Mith come hurling thru the side windows in a tangled web of arms and legs vieing for position, while Hawk and Dirty and 502 barrel in the back door knocking it nearly clean from it's hinges. Ole Mike H leaps from behind the coat rack he had been hiding behind...Shadow being the coat racks shadow slinks to become the Captain's chair casting.

    ..."EW! EW!" "Pick me!" "No!, Pick me!" "P!ss on him Sir, pick me!" "What!, why you!" "EW" "EW!, my a$$!" "Oh Yeah!, Well have a fistfull of this!" Smack! Then another Smack!...soon the brawl breaks out...as all HE!! breaks out. Fists to the face and feet to the groins...furniture over backs...hurling bodies crashing against the quonset huts walls...huge dents, windows break.

    TWEET!!! TWEET!!! TWEET!!!, goes Cpl Larry's whistle. Quickly bangs two over the head (pick any two you like) that refuse to stop fighting at it's shrill sound.
    "Now just what the F::K is going on in here!, he demands. Upon seeing Sgt Mitherstan and then Cpt Catch in the midst of the torn, bitten and bleeding mass he snaps to attention and offers...Would ya like me to drive these men from your hut sir?" (sharply smacking the nightstick in his palm)...

    "No!, he says looking up from the pile...that won't be necessary Cpl Larry, this is just a little selection process for the new medical assistant for the REMF Team is all".

    "Has the position been decided now Sir!", Corporal Larry retorts?

    "No! , Cpl Larry...it hasn't".

    "Yes Sir!, Thank You Sir"...Cpl Larry salutes!, spins about and leaves.

    "Alright men! Last man standing get's the position! And the rest of you will be placed under investigation by Cpl Larry for the shooting of that young soldier in the a$$ who was first selected for the position. Now carry on!"

    Smack! Slam! Bang! Crash!...

    Outside now, Cpl Larry gives an ear to the rucus, shakes his head...smiles and proceeds over to the Snack Bar to try and sway the prettiest Donut Dolly in the War to go out with him for a drink at The Boom Boom Lounge...
    ...figuring worse to worse he'd shoot the Jar Head in the foot and toss him in LBJ.
    "Make her an offer she can't refuse", he thought.

    Man!, What a mornin!...got to club two GI's already this mornin and it's only 07:30hrs and now my mornin cup of 'French Moca' with Donut Dolly Winter...

    Off he walked whistling...'It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood'...

    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    As the fight starts to get out of hand, Sargent Stan calls in air support from LBJ....

    "Over here, guys. Get these men settled down and bring them to Captain Catch's hooch. He will be making the selection for medical assistant ASAP."


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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    Whew!! I thought we'd have to jump. I always get black eyes when I jump.


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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    Dreamcatcher was swilling one of his last Black Labels, wondering how in the hell they were going to pull this off. He had cancelled the free-for-all to select the medical assistant. Homer was out somewhere hauling a prick25 around on his back and filling the airways with bitches and bullsh!t and wasn't available to build a training program for the REMF's underwater excursion. The skipper had called to inform him that an addition to the group should be expected in a day or two and that it was important that she be included in the operation from the git-go. This Hope must have something on the ball. Probably toting another pair of 44s like One Knight. "Can't understand why those girls prefer those big things," he mused. "Must be difficult getting through the bushes with those things hanging on you! But, if that's what it takes to get the job done -- so be it." He had already heard that someone had leaked a photo of the Nastie Boats to the girls and they were oohing and ahhing over its capabilities and trying to come up with a more appropriate color scheme. "Brings back memories of that pink submarine," he groaned.
    In spite of all the other preparations, he had been ordered to ensure that each of the REMFs undergo a thorough physical examination. The Doc advised that he could carry this out but that someone was needed to act as an assistant. Homer had been the first choice but he was out eating water buffalo dung and providing transfusions for the mosquitoes and leeches. Too bad! A sniper had picked off the other grunt he'd selected. "I sure would like to volunteer to assist the Doc," thought Dreamcatcher. "The troops have been taxed to the max here lately and it would allow them to catch some well-deserved rest." "Well, I don't get paid for shit like that. Who to pick? Who to pick?"
    Some hellacious racket outside the door suddenly broke his train of thought.

    "Cpl Larry! What the hell's going on out there?"
    "Sorry Dai Uy. These sumbitches bout to drive me nuts out here. They've started again and already punched each other out a couple of times. I had to get outside assistance to settle them down. Geno's got a knot on his head and Mith's got a thumb out of joint. Hawk and Dirty locked Trung si Stan in this shithouse and Indy and Dave turned it over. 502 and Gene90201 tried to tie me up and I've just about had it with these a$$holes. Sir"
    Dreamcatcher threw open the flap on his hootch and grimaced at the pitiful sight before his eyes. "What in the hell is going on now?" he yelled.
    "I was here first."…"Like hell you were you scumbag"……"Aww pack it you bunch of jerkoffs, I heard about it first"….."The hell you did, Stan told me this morning"………."Captain, Captain, I….."
    "Okay, knock it off," Dreamcatcher screamed. "And don't call me Captain. A Navy Captain is the same as an Army Colonel and I'll never in hell make it that far after this assignment. "Cpl. Larry, What, for the love of Neptune, is going on?"
    "Trung si Stan put out the word that you were ready to select someone to assist in the REMFs medical exams," Cpl Larry answered. "And they're all here for you to make the selection."
    "Oh my God!," exclaimed Dreamcatcher. "Alright, the first one to give the correct answer to the following will be the medical assistant."
    "Whose written orders was General George A. Custer following when he attacked Sitting Bulls encampment on the Little Big Horn?"
    ….."Gen McArthur"….."Naw stupid, he was in the Philippines then"……."I know, I know……Colonel Saunders."……"Hey Dumbshsit, a colonel don't give no general a order"….."Admiral Farragut"….."Shut up Stan, how'd you get outta that shithouse?"…….
    Dreamcatcher turned and walked back into his hootch. "Let's see how long this takes," he said with a grin. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Mt. Pari doing one-armed pushups in the gravel,…"One hundred fifty, one hundred fifty one"….T-Shooters was doing the Manual of Arms with a .50 cal, and One Knight was gently oiling those famous
    44s. "I can't wait to see what this new gal, Hope, has to offer this operation."

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    When the REMF's heard their fearless leader Major Hope was about to rejoin the group, they took control of the Huey from LBJ that was flown in for support.

    While all the guys were standing at attention over at Captain Catch's hooch, they snuck over to the supply shack and got some hot pink spray paint and painted the Cotton Pony.

    Major Hope is due in later this afternoon. Wait until she sees what the REMF's have done with the chopper from LBJ....

    mt pari
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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    "Sure can't wait for Major Hope to arrive, ya know the color is great, tell ya, there ain't no way we won't through them with the element of surprise..why they won't even know what hit them by the time they realize what the heck it is", Mt Pari chattered while changing arms for second round of push-ups...182..183..gotta be in shape for the long swim back, the English Channel will look trivial after this mission..her first experiences with the ole *kick in or swim* routine sure will pay off now..

    Oh crap here comes Captain Catch and his brows are way lowered!!!! crap!!!..we are in deep doo doo..Misterstan mumbles as he tries to scrap off the radiant pink from white t-shirt..
    "Hey Corporal, run and check on Boom Boom", Catch bursts out.."whas she up to again" ....You orangatans probably thought that pink paint in supply was for cotton candy, but you went and did exactly what I was going to order done anyway, some backfire of a prank, eh?.....now, go wash up..you all look like a bunch of Barbie dolls with all that pink sh.. all over you" .. wait a minute, get in formation first..over there by by the Cotton Pony..this ought a be a Kodak moment to beat all..Put your head up Private Homer..turn around and look at the camera Indybear..don't you be runnin' off any of ya..."

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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    Pulling his tattered and bloody carcass out the middle of the on-going battle between the “volunteers”, Nighthawk stumbles over to the front of the the group.

    “Dai Uy Catch, “ he sputters, through his swollen, bloody lips, “I got me an ideer!”

    “And what would that be?’ responds Catch

    “Since ya’ll can’t decide between us, and all we’re doin’ is kicken each others asses, how’s about we bring in some one what ain’t been fussing so much about this thang, plus might know something about medicine, unlike most of us ?” Nighthawk says, wiping the blood off his chin and squinting up through his blackened eye.

    “And who did you have in mind, soldier?” questioned the Dai Uy

    “Wall, Sur,,I know of a bit of a lad down at MACV HQ that would work out just fine. That is as long as ya don’t mind his attire.” says Nighthawk. “Besides, maybe we can find him some camouflage tu-tus to wear in the field, though he has been known to prefer purple.”

    “TuTu’s?” screams, Catch,,”What th hell??”

    “Nothing to worry about there, Cap, long as he ain’t tryin’ to dance. ‘Sides, he does have the advantage of carrying extry field dressings,, though he disguises them as “Depends”, which he always has with him.”

    “Ah, hell,” sighs Catch, “go get this guy, ,anything to solve this dilemma. Hey, whats this guys name and rank?”

    “Not sure what rank he is, but everybody calls him JD, ,and his Call sign is TAC401”

    “Ok, go get his ass up here. I hope you know what you’re doing!”

    “Never sure of that but off I go”

    With that, Nighthawk slips over and jumps into the Sgt’s M151 and takes off in a cloud of dust, headed to MACV HQ to pick up his pal. He knows he also scored some points with the boss man,, now if he can just grab a couple of cases of beer while he’s in Saigon ,,,and maybe a quick ,,,,,well, maybe,,

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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    Sargent Stan was reading through the CONFIDENTIAL messages that were coming in from MACV Headquarters when he noticed one addressed to Captain Catch from one TAC401.

    The message read that TAC401 had it on good authority that it was General Terry who ordered General Custer to march on Little Big Horn. Fact is that he arrived 2 to 3 days early and took on the Indians himself without the second column for backup.

    The message went on to indicate that the information could be verified by checking out the information at this address:


    Looks like TAC401 may get the job as Medical Assistant.

    Stay Tuned....

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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    Hangem' High Hope was standing in the shadows half hidden by the deuce and a half that she had caught a ride on earlier out of Long Binh to the half-aide camp, Camp of the Misfits as she thought to herself.

    As she approached, some land locked Seaman was trying to upright a latrine (oops I ment head) when Hope asked him where the field commander was located. The Seaman got all excited and dropped the little building down on his foot. The Seaman Stan let loose with a few undistinguishable words under his breath and directed Hope to the north side of the camp and started yelling for someone by the name of Homer.

    While walking in the direction she found the chopper pad where a pilot by the name of Dave was preparing his chopper for a run. Hope couldn't help but notice the color of the chopper but didn't make any comments, although there were many that could be made. She continued on wondering what else remained to be seen.

    Hope found a big tent at the end of the camp and standing in front was a guy that looked like he had some kind of authority. Upon approaching she asked him if he could be Commander Dreamcatcher? With a gruff reply of, who's asking? Hope saluted and stated, Hangem' High Hope reporting for duty sir.

    The commander takes a long look and a smile starts to cross his face. He stands there and ask, where's them 44's at Hope?

    Hope turns and hotly retorts, I don't carry 44's commander, I have no need of them and what's more, wipe that smirk off your face commander. For a second the commander gets a scowl on his face. By this time Hope was holding her breath, she knew that the commander could deal a good heap of trouble on her for her reply but somehow she knew there was something different about him. Hope sensed he was the type of guy that could take it as well and give it.

    Hope picked up her gear and was directed toward the females hootch and introduced herself to the few women that were there. There was Montana Pari, T Shooters, One Knight and a doughnut dolly by the name of Winter. Hope asked which one it was that had the 44's and One Knight gleefully waved her hand, saying that would be me Hope.

    With that meeting over, Hope went outside at the call of few of the guys waving at her and trying to offer a can of Black Label beer. Standing there shooting the breeze was Geno, Mith, Dirth and Hawk. Hope was thinking, now these guys seemed to have it more together. The Lost Seaman Stan, as Hope had secretely named him, came by with his buddies 502 and Gene 90201 and that Homer guy.

    Upon being introduced to the guys she asked them if they had come for duty from Long Binh. The guys kind of shuffled their feet in the red dusty dirt and asked, why do you ask? Hope replied, oh nothing, just thought you had been residents there at one time or another and left it at that. Hope had just come from Long Binh and knew that LBJ was located there.

    As she was tuning to leave a Cpl. Larry appears and starts inquireing if we have seen high2fly. A guy who had introduced himself as Indy said, he had seen him up at the mess tent trying to show some guys how to fix a refrigeration unit on the cooler.

    As Hope turned to leave all the guys had got into a rip-roaring conversation regarding something about medical assistant and throwing jibes at one another. All of a sudden a scruffed-up looking Nighthawk runs for the jeep and hauls out as fast as he can go headed south. I could hear him say, Good Ole Tac, I'm coming....as he roared out of sight.

    Hope returns back to the hootch and asked the other women if all those guys were for real? She knew there was a lot of work to prepare for this next assignment and from what she could see this assignment was going to be like none other that she had ever been on.

    She says to herself, I can hardly wait for all the rest of the troops to arrive, may the Luck of Ireland be with us all.

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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    So that was Hope!," Dreamcatcher uttered, shaking his head as if to clear the fog of a 151 rum hangover. "Major Hope, to boot." He shook his head again letting the realization that the new REMF outranked him sink in. "I wish just one of these Army types would learn something about Navy rank," he muttered. "First they up me to Captain. Now she shows up and busts me down to Commander. I guess she probably thinks Stan is an ordinary Seaman. I'm getting seasick from all this yo-yo'n up and down the rank structure."

    He ran through their first meeting in his mind. More like an encounter. The REMF Major had really gone ballistic when he'd asked about her 44's. He'd just assumed that all of these female operators were armed to the teeth at all times. She hadn't looked as rough and tumble as the others but there was no mistaking the fact that she was all business. Even when she thought he was senior to her, she put him in his place and let him know she didn't carry nor need the bulky 44's. "Wonder why that subject is so touchy?," he wondered. He had seen the blue steel sparkling in her eyes as she admonished him. She was obviously trained, experienced and ready for any undertaking. He was sure she would lead the pack in the additional training necessary for their waterborne excursion to points north. "All business and no monkey business," Catch mentally sized the Major up.
    "I like that. I think we'll get along just fine." Ever since she had picked up her gear and moved with perfect precision toward the REMF hootch, she had occupied absolutely too much of his thinking. "Must be the eyes," he said aloud to no one.

    Now he had to head for the commo shack and see what the hell Trung Si Stan was blubbering about. Who the hell is General Terry? What's this about TAC401?? Old Trung Si Stan better hit the rain locker soon or he'd find himself messcooking on a fleet tug out of Bum Jump Egypt. Pheweeee!

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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?

    If I may have a word with you sir, as Hope ran up to Captain Dreamcatcher. Out of breath Major Hope gives a salute to the Captain. I owe you an apology Captain. I misread my orders and thought you were called Captain. I also misread a Sgt. Stans rank and thought he was some sort of Seaman.

    I did not refer to myself as Major Sir because I thought I should come into the area and take note as to the way the troops were handling themselves and attitudes toward this particular assignment. I wanted everyone to feel relaxed around me and be themselves.

    Now if you will excuse me Sir, I will go locate Sgt. Stan and rectify my mistake. With that, Major Hope saluted the Captain and left to go find Sgt. Stan.

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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    Meanwhile, Nighthawk is flying around the MACV compound, 12 cases of Black Label, 4 cases of Depends, and a cammo-tu-tu in the back of his stolen M151, looking for the elusive JD,,,which reminds him of the quart of JD he has stashed under the seat.
    Well, he thinks, it won't hurt to just take a little taste of this good ol' Tennesse sour mash.

    With that, he pulls to the side of the road, pops the top off the Jack Daniels and takes a long pull.

    Hell, ol' Tac401 can just find me, waiting right here.

    So he waits,,,taking just a "little" sip every one in awhile

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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    ...the Young and Handsome, 'long time since seeing any gals in or out of tiger's, OD's, camo's or kakhi's' Private cocked his head and leaned heavier and heavier while lowering and lowering sideways upon the shovel's handle trying to catch every bit of the REMF's 'causing his heart to skip a beat' gripping march to the MASH area armed to the teeth in their tiger camo striped robes and carrying Med profiles. He paid particular attention to the one with the terrific pair of 44's marching just ahead of the Donut Dolly styled robed one.(another secret deception ploy of the vaunted Unit along with all the lipstick,perfume and girl type stuff). When suddenly a tremendous wash from a floresant pink slick's landing immediately blew their robes open.

    "Snap to Soldier!"
    Rigidly coming to Attention!, after traveling up the great pair of legs and statuesqued folded armed figure above him. His eye's resting upon the Major's insignia pinned to her robe.
    ...having his 'moment' before him blocked,
    ... knocking himself 'cold' from the shovel's steel spade he hadn't let go of...
    ...and falling backward into the latrine's overflow trench he was cleaning for 'insubordnation' on the net to his friend but still an Officer the sometimes Commander, sometimes Captain...Catch.

    ...upon the mix of stars, Gold Clovers and nearly opened robes...he could make out the figure of the stethoscoped, ear to ear grinning 'purple tutu over Depends wearing' Sgt Tac shouting and giving a two armed 'over here' wave to the REMF team from the top step...just above another massive still kickin, bitin, cussin dust cloud selection process for the new Assistant to the Assistant to the Doctor position.

    ...pulling at the wet Depends, he wonders upon hearing and seeing the pink Cotton Pony land, just where that cottin pickin Cpl Nighthawk got to with his much needed supply of Depends and the cases of Black label he secretly gave to Captain/Commander Catch in exchange for this position.

    "Probably off gettin drunk again", he murmered.
    Upon looking down at thr rocaus display below, he muses whether or not to tell them that PFC Indy was his choice as the new Assistant to the Assistant to the Doctor. Chosen for his sence of duty, his ability to improvise and adapt and with a snicker, pats the newly captured Czeck SKS, complete with bayonet.

    ..."Nah!, let em have some fun! Heck!, they'll all be over The Boom Boom Lounge later arm and arm sucking Schlitz's and 33' s"

    "Yoo! Hoo!, Over this way Ladies"

    Back, amongst the twirling Gold Clovers and stars, laying in the ooze...Pvt Homer drifts off to gagaland.

    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    | Del Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    Catch was lying on the rumpled cot in his hootch listening to The Animal's "We Gotta Get Outta This Place" crackling out of his radio from AFVN. He was sipping JD straight from the bottle and chasing it with Black Label beer, trying to beat the heat with the "wok, wok, wok" of the almost-dead electric fan Trung Si Stan had cumshawed from somewhere. The sound of the groaning generators was always in the background like a bad case of tinnitus.

    "Maaaable, get off the table - quarter's for the beer," came rushing into his thoughts. "Damn!" he thought. "This place is driving me up a tree. Squirrelly as a shithouse mouse." Just then the song shifted to another Animal's tune - "House of the Rising Sun."

    Pulling another healthy slug from the bottle of JD, Catch muttered, "The sun ain't gonna rise in this house no time soon."

    He reached over, flipped the radio off, took another pull from the JD, unzipped the insert in his boots and kicked them across the hootch. "Gotta meet with that advisor from the nasties tomorrow, gotta find someone to tweak up those REMFs underwater skills, gotta assign somebody to that peckerchecker to assist with the medicals, gotta…..yawn….
    He drifted off to sleep with a drunken murmer: "Must be the eyes! Must be the….."

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    | Del
    Re: Women in Combat, Eh?
    Damn! Finally get me a cush job as the Assistant to the Assistant to the Doctor and the first thing "Dr. Tutu" wants me to do is find that goldbricking SOB Nighthawk. If I know him he's probably polished off all of JD's Jack and most of the brew. If that don't piss JD off nothing will. What the hell's that? (Indy spots the handle of a spade sticking out of the latrine overflow trench.) Jezzus! It's Homer! Guess I'd better pull his ass out of there before he drowns. Can't do much more than that 'cause I gotta find Nighthawk. If I f**k this up I'll end up out in the boonies for sure! Man, those REMF's are just TOO fine. Hope I can find Nighthawk and be back before the inspections start!

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    | Del Operation Pony Launch
    Sargent Stan was sitting in the Com Shack with Geno G. when the teletype machine sprang to life. He peaked at the SECRET message and noticed it was addressed from Admiral Zumwalt to Captain Catch and Major Hope.

    The first line read “GO TO TORONTO TONTO AND PRONTO”.

    Geno G. explained to Sargent Stan that it would soon be time to commence Operation Pony Launch. He ripped off the message, put in in a special pouch and headed for Captain Catch’s hootch while Sargent Stan got on the radio to locate Major Hope and the rest of the REMF Team.
    The first part of the operation sent the five members of the REMF Team by helicopter to Da Nang, where they would meet up with a Vietnamese crew on a Nasty Boat and head North along the coast to meet up with four Swift Boats anchored off the coast of the Quang Khe naval base, home to a major part of Hanoi’s coastal defense fleet.

    At 0200 the following morning, the five REMF’s would be brought within three miles of the rocky coast where they would board a specially outfitted junk boat manned by a crew of four Navy SEALS. Once the REMF’s were brought close enough to shore, they would continue in a rubber raft until the Quang Khe naval base was in sight.

    At that point, Major Hope would stay with the raft and Montana Pari, Texas Shooter, One Knight and Stormy Winter, the only Marine in the outfit, would swim into the harbor and each place a limpet mine to the hull of all four Swatow Gunboats docked there. These Chinese-made vessels formed the backbone of the North Vietnamese navy.

    The timers will be set for 0330, which should give them enough time to return to the raft and then back to the junk boat where the Navy SEALS would take over the mission.
    Sargent Stan entered Captain Catch’s hootch just as he was finishing the final briefing. By the looks in their eyes, the REMF Team was ready and able to carry out it’s mission.

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    | Del a mission desired
    ..." I've tried repeatedly to raise Cpt/Com Catch on the Prick 25!, Trung Uy...go ", she spoke between blowing pops of Bozooka.
    " Roger that Onenight and spit that gum out!...out! "
    " Roger your last Trung Uy!...out! ", slings the mike and sticks her tongue out it...POP!!! "

    " Still can't seem to raise the Senior Coordinator there Major. " " Good Grief!!!!...No pink Cotton Pony slick pilot Cap Dap22! (in the dustball and likin it !!) or Dai Uy Gunship!...No Nasties or Ravens notified yet!...No Coordinator!...Not even that soon to be busted Cpl Nighthawk for not having that jeep here now!.
    Alright!!! let's "procure" a deuce from that Medical team that attempted that pitiful excuse for a physical exam and get the Team saddled up and all the supplies on...adding a " Do you think the Med boys will mind " " No!, I'm sure they won't give us any problems, Trung uy TShooters replied with a laugh, I'm gettin pretty good at them foot slingin half-nelson's ". Major Hope laughed heartedly along with her.

    ...upon hearing the Medical deuce and a half's motor...Sgt Tac, and PFC Indy dashed out the double doors nearly falling down the steps..torn and quite battered from the trouncing they had taken when the REMF's had protested the lack of the customary gowns...some innocent goggling and the coup d' gras...perhaps a couple of 6-8, maybe 10 but certainly not more than a dozen!!!...few lingering pats, squeezes and touches.

    Tac smiled weakly at the REMF's, saluted the best his recently and grossly half-nelsoned arm could endure and waved them on with the other probably fractured wrist. A battered PFC Indy attempt to salute, but falls flat...stars, Bars, Clovers and Chevrons take him to visit a 'gaga-ed' Prv Homer.

    Doc High to Fly's arms dangle from the guierny as he's rushed to surgery to have his 'dangles' hopefully dangle once again.

    Five one finger didgets returned his lone salute!

    The deuce swirved sharply, narrowly missing the huge dustball (that Cap Dave and Pfc Indy caused !) of arms and legs and cursing rolling across it's path " What the Heck was that? ", Major Hope asked?" " Must be some kinda male hormonal thing is my guess ", Trung Uy T responded. The rest othe REMF's back in the bed were taking bets as to what the heck was up with that!

    ...with no answer to their loud knocks...the REMF's entered..." Recon this quonset!!!" Accidently kicking the empty bottle of 'JD', SFC Mt Pari, whereupon peering behind the door and into the little nook, raises herself straight..." Oh Major!, I found who we're looking for " Major Hope's neck muscles bulge! She relaxes, smilles wickedly and whispers to the huddled Team. The REMF's eye's widen...then a smile plays across their faces as well. SFC Pari the Senior NCO of the Team nods an 'Enlisted' approval...Trung Si Oneknight reaches towards him while Bac Si Winter retrieves the blinds.

    ..." You sure you left them everything!, our call signs for Arty and the Raven...if they ever find {Cap Dap22 (still fightin in the dustball) and Dai UyGunship}, our extraction site and window, and the overland route to meet the Nasty along the canal. We have the mission directives so all we have to do is clear this compound and get to the pickup point and let em slick our a$$es up to DaNang so we can get this deal done. Everythings in the note EH? ", the Major asked a bit concerned.
    " Yes Major Hope!, all in the note posted to his desk with the K-bar", the young Trung UY returned.

    " They ain't gonna leave our a$$es hangin out, a confident SFC Pari, chimmed! Heck!, Major Hope!, half the Dang US Military would come for us...just to get some eyeball of that!
    " Cept for Cap/Com Catch!, he's kinda 'tied' up at the moment ", Trung Uy T Shooters laughs aloud. Laughter burst out as they envision the Captain/ Commander being caught all trussed up buck naked with cords from the window blinds.
    " Let him coordinate that!", Trung Uy T added.
    " Yeah!, being a Naval and all, I'd say that's the way to stringy a dingy ", giggles Trung Si Onenight.

    The laughter swells...
    "What's a dingy?", Bac Si Winter asks

    ...the growing tangled mass of cursin, kickin and scratchin rolls it's way past in the opposite direction.

    ..." Still think we should of called other MP's besides that Cpl Larry and his staff Sgt Mitherstan ", SFC Pari shouted above the roar and smoke of the barreling like heck deuce...Bac Si Winter agreeing. A quiet Trung Si Oneknight simply smiled. " Nah!, deep down me and the Commander/Captain kinda understand this stuff...that'll be enough for those friends of his to find him ", Major Hope replied. " No need to really get him riled!, further added Trung Uy T, we've had missions under others like him...a good guy and a good officer in need of a little R&R is all ".

    "What's a dingy?"

    Trung Si Oneknight beamed, knowing she had secretly taken pics of him just in case.
    She pressed the accellerator to the floor...
    ...long hearty laughs could be heard...
    ...the deuce leaving billowing blue smoke in it's wake, finally took the REMFS off to start their mission.

    ...a black and blue eyed PFC Indy has him nearly out of the trench...get's a whiff and releases his grip...whereupon the Young and Handsome Private again hits his head on the spade...sending him back to gagaland.

    ..." Uh!...Sorry Homer! Uh!, no more rain in the forecast and it's nearly dry down in there...I'll...Uh!...I'll come back for you in the mornin. ", turns about and is nearly grabbed and pulled into the massive much larger now Dust Ball again...

    ...it rolls down in the direction of The Boom Boom lounge.

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    | Del Re: a mission desired
    Dreamcatcher struggled and twitched in the nightmare. The JD and Black Label had done their work real good. In the dream he was trussed up in a bamboo cage, tied with vines from some vile jungle plant and was preparing for the beatings with a bamboo cane.
    Something constricted his air flow and he awoke with a start. "Gawdamn…whut the hell…naked as a jaybird….where's the damn Stan……damn…damn…damn….who the hell tied me up…..Stan, you no good, slovenly excuse for a sailor…..what the hell am I doin on this road…naked as hell….tied like a hawg…." As he gradually came to his senses, Catch realized he was helpless. There was some purple rag tied around his neck and held his arms and hands secure behind his back. "Looks like that damn tu-tu thing I saw that grunt wearing…." Glancing down toward his feet, Catch saw the shimmering metal catch of a huge brassier that was wrapped round and round his ankles…"Damned Army, female, counter-insurgent, navy hating, ground pounding, cannon fodder looking hooligans are behind this…I know it," ranted Catch. Just as someone was brutally trying to pull him from a ditch, Catch heard weird, inhuman laughter over the rumble of a US ARMY deuce careening down the dusty road. "That was Homer. I'd recognize that horse laugh anywhere," screamed Catch. "That back-stabbing rat-bastard." "Get the hell away from me Private Indy."….."Where's Trung uy Stan?"…. "I got shit to do Private, get me outta here right now"…."Hey, don't leave me here Private"……"Stan, Stan….I was kidding about Bum Jump, Egypt"…."Private, quit grinnin' and either pull me outta this ditch or go get Stan"…."My ass is grass. Who's gonna coordinate this operation now? Them SEALS gonna eat that bunch for breakfast." "Stan,…..Stan…"…."You reckon that twerp's in on this?"……"naw,"…."Stannnnnn!
    Catching his breath, Catch swore off Jack Daniels for life. No more Black Label. No more joint duty with the Army. He curled up with his little dingy and rolled toward the Boom Boom Lounge. "God help that worthless Stan if he's in the lounge," he whined.
    "Them eyes! Them eyes! I'd like to poke a finger in both of em."

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    | Del Re: a mission desired
    This is way too good..keep it up..came home from being radiated..this is great..forgot all about becoming the beam that sends Scotty up....

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    | Del Re: a mission desired
    ...the deuce having given up the proverbial ghost lays sinking quicky into the unnamed canal some half klick back. Maj Hope directs SFC Pari to take Bac Si Winter along with her back the 100 or so mikes to LP the inersection of the dike and the trail, and didi back if the Team is compromised or the Cotton Pony is heard. The rest of the Unit seperated themselves from each other some 7-10 mikes facing out in the darkness, establishing their lanes of fire if needed. The canal sheilding any attempt from a nothern assault.

    Maj Hope, Team Leader sat back on her haunches, rests the 'Pig' and tugs at each belt of 7.62 criss-crossing her chest and back, linking to each thigh and calf...her knees opened to allow for the cat like responces the REMF's were known for. Two 1911A1's upon her sides, clips tuck taped back too back, a modified bandolier of the 'back to backs' ringed her waist. She lowered the 2 claymores from around her neck, strung together by her xxx-tra stong dental floss. Untieing the one and tossing it to Trung Si Oneknight theTeam RTO and setting the other out before her position...it's clacker at the ready.

    Her thoughts drifted to the other REMF's...the TEAM! Her Team! She innitially didn't care for their call signs for this mission but was overidden, knowing and accepting the fact the others had all voted for...'Charlie Mike Bravo!...Couple of Mean Broads!'..."Alot of truth she mused...We are mean and she acknowledged We are a bit wider these days too...but!!!, she warned the rest...Outside of the net, noone is to use that around us...man or woman!"...they had agreed. The Major rocked and waited for the floresent pink Cotton Pony! or a Nasty! or PBR!...anything!.

    They were given a mission and it was upon her shoulders to carry it out. She knew her Team was up to the task. They would follow her..."even if they had to hump it to DaNang".
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    | Del Re: a mission desired
    ...lowering the CAR along with her body to the ground, Trung Uy TSooters, XO in charge of mission Logistics and Support welcomes the break. She eases off the 8 back to back duck taped 30rd banana mags..." No need to double as a flak vest now...more important for the fire power they provided in case Charlie visited ", Trung Uy T mused. She thought of, but then elected to leave the dozen 26's strung along the web over her tiger striped shirt. Loosing three to cover the zone she had chosen if they came, she placed them next to her CAR. It pointed to the darkness.

    Trung Uy had insisted that upon all missions, the REMF's must wear Tigers and carry CAR's...their personal choise of backups could be theirs however. There was some minor grumbling that the unit had to go in armed so heavily since this was a 'water' mission...but it was her decision as Team Coordinator to make...Maj Hope approving. Her REMF unit would always be prepared to and from any mission. She then unbuckled and eased the double hip holstered Ruger 454's and ring of speed loaders too and laid them aside.

    Sighing heavily, relieved at the loss of all that weight.

    Pulling her Bowie, Trung Uy T opened the C-rat can of popcorn tossing a few to her tongue. Her thoughts drifted to the promised R&R...she adroitly began tossing the Bowie back and forth with her toes stopping intermittently to grasp a toefull from the can and toss it to her out stretched tongue.

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    | Del Re: a mission desired
    Too much fun! ROTFLOL


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    | Del Re: a mission desired
    ...theTeam RTO, doubling as the Senior Light Weapons Specialist along with the Bac Si, having just finished camo-ing her nails, pressed her newly camoed lips tightly to the tissue...content that they looked fine Trung Si Oneknight unslung the Pr!ck-25 and lowered it to the ground. The Trung Si aka "Boom Boom" to every unit south of the 17th (and rumoured, to a number of units north as well) actually didn't mind the weight of the '25' since her chest was both pushed forward and upward. The xtra lift allowed the pair of 44's hidden in the specially constructed shirt/bra combination with it's "one touch" spring loaded flap quick and easy unholstering.

    She had filed for the patent, the missions being it's field testing. Subjecting it to the most vigorous of rigors and enviromental abuse with the Nam's heat, rains...from powdery dust to clinging red ooze.

    She kneeled and unlaced the the M-40 tummy corset, folded it carefully and laid it next to the 'Thumper', leaving the other bandolier's of 40's duct taped to her thighs and calf's. The double bandolier of 5.56 military ball slipped from her waist to the ground as did the CAR that had been shouldered next to the 25. She stretched, finished with a touch of powder to her nose, pinched her cheeks to pink. Tucking away the compact she reached for the CAR . With a final look and satisfied with the claymore's field of effect if detonated, Trung Si Oneknight shifted to the best comfortable position and peered out into the darkness along the canals edge...she thought to herself, " Let em try and mess with this package. "

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    | Del Re: a mission desired
    ... the tobacca chewin Heavy Weapon's specialist SFC Mt Pari gave the fist sign, Bac Si Winter froze,then quietly moved off her 7 mike pace in the direction of the SFC's pointing finger.

    ...with Bac Si in position SFC Pari dropped to one knee at the edge of the trail...eyes and ears searching the dike some 50-60 mikes ahead, it's pathway open and visible. The hamlet was sleeping...quiet...Victor Charlse's was surely awake. They appeared to be alone, their movements had been slow and measured...she was satisfied that the young lass would always follow her lead and direction.
    The Sargeant First Class had seen much and was the most experienced REMF on the team...Major Hope and Trung Uy T depended on her to lead and set the example for Trung Si Onenight and BacSi Winter...more so the FNG (Fine New Girl). They teamed up on the LP's all the time, so she could keep and eye on her. Not so much the Trung Si, who not only with having a lot of experience, was also a necessary part of the Command Element within the Unit and was never far from at least one of the Officers.

    ...not having the luxury of offin their weapons and pack from their webs and the specially made harness that allowed the HE's, Willie Pete's and Illum to hang like Xmass lights about her tiger's, along with the dish plate, tripod and 81mm tube. Not only heavy but bulky as well, she shifted repeatedly for small comforts. She never complained aloud. Relaxing some, satisfied that she could easily reach the 5.56 mags from the leg and thigh bandoliers for the CAR she held before her. PFC Pari's fingers silently tapped the Peacemakers in the ole Bison leather holster, it's belt ringed in speed loaders of 44-40.

    Settled! Alert!, occasionaly sneeking peeks at the FNG, She had...

    ...thoughts of two fisted badger and wolverine collerings just for the fun of it back home as a young teen...it brought a smile. the Sargeant First Class let go a silent brown stream, repositioned the chaw....
    ...she could see the local boys...
    ...all were scared of her back then...it brought another smile.
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    | Del Re: a mission desired
    ...positioned now, Bac Si Winter who 'tripled' as Team Medic, Light Weapons Specialist and teasingly..."Logistics" was also affectionatly called either "Doc" or "Mule", for she indeed carried the extra harnesses of M-26's,and M-40's...bandoliers of 5.56 a bandolier of back to back duck taped .50cal clips...even two additional belts of 7.62 for the 'Pig 60'. A pair of Desert Eagle's 50 cal's lay hidden in one of the "One -Touch" shirt/bra combo's that Trung Si Oneknight had outfitted her for. Also being 'field tested'.
    How the diminuative Bac Si carried the array both above and below her "uniform" amazed the other REMF's.

    Her tiger stripped Donut Dolly uniform was an irritant to the Major for it's offence to Regulations but again Major Hope relented for the benefit of Team spirit and identity ...plus the fact of having the benefit of her 'mule' like qualities. "Additional sustained fire could help save all their a$$'s", Major Hope had remarked when added to the Team. "This is my ticket to to this Unit", she often reminded herself when the loads became so heavy and tiring. It would strengthen her resolve to be a REMF.
    ...the Medic bag hung about her containing the REMF's Team essentials...5 bandades, 5 shades of lipsticks and choices of perfumes, two spare rolls of duck tape, a lot of C-rat packs of European Blend coffee (French Mocca being her favorite) (along with Cpl Larry) and dozen Krispy Kremes.

    ...Winter could not lighten her load as well, when as a LP. Always walking Point, didn't bother her at all either, not with her "Trusty Rusty...SFC Mt Pari!" safe behind as the 'slack' man being one seasoned veteran always ready to bring some serious sh!t to bear on Charlie. The Vet! and FNG !...constant partners whether for a "walk in the sun"...LP's or swiggin Schlitz's!
    She was quickly learning the positions and duties of the team...following Pari came Major Hope,Team Leader, the force and drive for the unit, followed by the team's life blood, it's RTO, Trung Si Oneknight... able to bring fire missions when the unit was 'in deep sh!t'. Flip-flopping the situation to bring Charlie into a "world of hurt", thus giving the needed time for their extraction. Pulling up the rear, the 'drag' man...Trung Uy TSooters as XO she was the glue that kept the unit together, Cordinator of the missions and true heart of the REMF's and the most cat like of the REMF's.

    ...they waited for the the floresant pink Cotton Pony. It was near 0500hrs, another hour before first light and the ville will begin to stir..."where the heck was Dai Uy Dap or Dai Uy Guns at?" "Had they taken fire and forced to abort?" "Were they down?" "Perhaps a PBR had been dispatched instead". "Another deuce maybe?"

    "No need to break radio silence yet. They'll be here"

    ...they were alert...prepared to move along with the mission...walk if necessary.

    Near first light!...

    ...the squelch broke softly three times...Charlie!, followed by a single...Mike! and another two breaks...Bravo!
    Trung Si One Knight keyed a doubled, two squelch acknowledge and signaled Major Hope. 2mins out she guessed by the 'Whop Whop' cutting the morning air.

    ...Sfc Pari and Bac Si Winter hustled back.
    Eyes and ears searched...'Charlie Time' if they wanted to...the Team did not.
    ...their mission was elsewhere.

    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    | Del > Women in C.

    Men!!!!! your guys were just so good, just so funny..

    "Salute to you all .., .. this is FNG Spc SOGun!!... "


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    | Del Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    DAP22 set the Cotton Pony down gently in the center of the road. Captain Catch motioned for the members of the REMF team to get on board. “You soldiers have trained long and hard for this mission and we’re not going to scrub the mission because of a land mine or a deuce that can’t make it through a little mud. We’ll be boarding the Nasty boat at DaNang in less than 2 hours. First Sergeant Gunship will accompany you until you rendezvous with the Swift boats. He’ll act as an interpreter between you and the Vietnamese crew.”

    Major Hope could see by the smile on the Navy Captain’s face that he was not put out by the little fiasco at his hooch a while back. The Captain spent some time with the REMF Team going over the features of the MK-1 Limpet Mine. It weighed about 10 ½ pounds (6 ½ pounds in the water) and was to be attached below the water line near the engine of the Swatow Gunboats by 6 permanent magnets. He showed them how to set the timer as well as the anti-removal device. The mines were stowed away on the junk boat the Navy SEALS operated.

    At DaNang, First Sergeant Gunship introduced the REMF Team members to the Vietnamese sailors on the Nasty boat. They got underway immediately heading North as the sun was about to set, the red sky a welcome sight.

    The two diesel Napier engines on the Nasty moved the 24-meter, 80-ton mahogany and fiberglass hull through the water with ease leaving behind an enormous wake. They were soon traveling at over 40 knots.

    Sergeant One Knight, the Team RTO (No, it doesn’t stand for Rent To Own), checked the radio by breaking squelch 3 times in one second intervals. Captain Catch came online and asked if everything was O.K.. One Knight answered “Roger, 10-4 Captain” (I thought his first name was Larry).

    Major Hope and First Lieutenant Texas Shooter reviewed aerial photos of the Quang Khe naval base taken just a few days earlier. All four Swatow gunboats were shown tied in a row at the pier. If these photos were still accurate, this sabotage mission should work out exactly as planned.

    Sergeant First Class Montana Pari was going through the supplies Corporal Stormy Winter, the Team medic, planned to divide equally among the four divers. Corporal Winter knew her Marine medic training could mean the difference between life or death if she wasn’t up to the task.

    The flashing light signals from up ahead told the REMF Team that they would soon be leaving the Nasty boat and boarding one of the four Swift Boats. So far, so good.

    Major Hope and the REMF Team waved goodbye to the Vietnamese sailors on the Nasty and thanked them for the ride. First Sergeant Gunship gave the female soldiers a smart salute as they departed and they saluted as one in return. He would wait with the Nasty crew for their return expected shortly after daybreak.

    The Swift Boat was a much lighter craft weighing about 20 tons. The muffled twin diesel engines were much quieter than those on the Nasty. Their firepower was also impressive. This included two 40mm automatic grenade launchers and two 20mm automatic cannons, plus two 3.5-inch rocket launchers. Two of the other Swift Boats even had flame throwers.

    It seemed like no time at all when the Swift Boats came up on the specially outfitted junk boat. It was a bit eerie to see the painted faces of the Navy SEALS as the REMF Team was introduced to them. Soon the junk boat was slicing it’s way through the water toward the rocky shore in search of the mouth of the Gianh River.

    The Weapons Specialist gave a limpet mine to each of the four swimmers and helped them check their scuba gear. They were all set to detonate at 0330 hours. It was just about 0 dark hundered when the REMF Team transferred to the rubber raft.

    Major Hope quickly took control of the outboard motor and the Team headed quietly toward their planned point of insertion. The Team would split up into two pairs with First Lieutenant Texas Shooter and Sergeant One Knight leading the way. Sergeant One Knight was assigned to Swatow 195 and First Lieutenant Texas Shooter would take care of Swatow 171. Sergeant First Class Montana Pari and Corporal Stormy Winter would plant their mines on the other two.

    The Swatow Gunboat, made in China, measured 83-feet long. It packed up to three 37mm automatic cannons, two twin 14.5mm heavy machine guns and eight depth charges. With a crew of 30 North Vietnamese sailors, a Swatow could move at up to 28 knots and use its surface-search radar to detect oncoming boats.

    At exactly 0100 hours, Major Hope cut the engine. They were situated right at the mouth of the Gianh River and it would take about 45 minutes for each diving team to reach their targets.

    One Knight and Texas Shooters each put on their masks, cleared their mouthpieces and slipped into the dark oily water. Exactly two minutes later, Montana Pari and Stormy Winter did the same.

    Tonight was a moonless night and Major Hope prayed that her team’s extensive training would bring them through this mission successfully. Now all she had to do was watch for any activity on the river and wait….

    In about 35 minutes One Knight and Texas Shooter came within view of the Quang Khe naval base on the South bank of the river. It was then that they both realized only three Swatow Gunboats were tied alongside the pier. The fourth one, Swatow 195, was tied up to the refueling barge another 100 yards further down the river.

    One Knight took a deep breath and headed for the barge keeping her head underwater so as not to be seen from above. Texas Shooter headed for Swatow 171, which was the last one in line at the pier. It was exactly 0145 when Texas Shooter planted her limpet mine below the water line near the engine. She then slowly eased away and swam toward the barge in case One Knight needed any assistance.

    Less than five minutes later, Montana Pari loosened her limpet mine from her belt. Just as she was about to plant the mine to the hull of the Swatow Gunboat, there was a sudden rush of water behind her as if someone had dived off the deck of the gunboat into the water. Her heart pounded with excitement as she turned just in time to see what must have been garbage left over from mid-rats slowly sinking to the bottom. She regained her composure and planted the limpet mine and set the anti-removal device.

    Stormy Winter slowly came up to the hull of her Swatow and planted the limpet mine without incident. Then she headed out to the center of the river to meet up with her swim partner to begin the long swim back to the rubber raft.

    Major Hope checked her watch for the hundredth time and saw that it was now 0250 hours. The swim teams should have been back by now. Just then, she saw Montana Pari and Stormy Winter surface together a few feet from the rubber raft. She helped them into the raft and asked if they had seen the other swim team.

    Sergeant First Class Montana Pari told the Major that Swatow 195 was docked at the refueling barge about 100 yards down the river from the other gunboats. Together, they waited patiently watching the waterline to see if the other swimmers would surface.

    At 0310 hours, Major Hope had still not received a signal from the other swim team. She radioed to the Navy SEALS on the junk boat to bring their boat closer to her location because they may need to make a speedy exit once the other swim team was back.

    The junk boat came within 30 yards of the rubber raft and cut it’s engines. The Navy SEALS put their best swimmer over the side and he swam up to the rubber raft. Just as he grabbed the ropes around the raft, Stormy Winter saw a blinking light about 50 yards up the river. The Navy SEAL quickly headed in the direction of the light to offer assistance.

    It was about 0325 when the REMF Team was safely aboard the junk boat. The driver quickly fired up the engines and made a beeline toward the waiting Swift boats anchored off shore.

    Just as the Swift boats came into view their was a tremendous explosion that lit up the night sky. A few seconds later, there were two more explosions, then a fourth that sent a huge fireball high into the air!

    When the REMF Team boarded the Swift boat they noticed there was only one other Swift boat in the area. Almost as if on cue, the mouth of the Gianh River suddenly came to life as a half-dozen North Vietnamese torpedo boats headed directly for the two Swift boats.

    As the last torpedo boat cleared the river, the other two Swift boats moved in behind them and immediately opened up on the rear boat with their flame throwers. The startled North Vietnamese sailors didn’t even notice the specially outfitted junk boat and the Navy SEALS took out three boats simultaneously with grenade launchers.

    In a matter of minutes it was over. The Swift boats had disabled the other three torpedo boats and all four Swift boats were on their way back to the Nasty boat right on schedule.

    The mission was declared a total success!

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    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch,,,

    Nighthawk, having recovered from his hangover, and knowing that this mission would no doubt be a success, begin preparations for a welcome back party for the fantastic REMF team. He made sure to make plans for a very large gathering, to include all those who assisted in the successful completion of the mission.

    He began his list of items to "requisition" for the party;

    First, 5 very large tubs, filled with hot water, bubble bath, and perfume for the team to clean up and relax in.

    Second, 5 very large tubs for the liquid refreshments he knew would be needed for everybody else to relax with.

    Third, new cammies for the team, altered to fit each team member to highlight their individual assests, to include the newly issued garments from "Victoria's Vietnam Secrets". (He loves them "assests")

    Fourth, lots of ice

    Fifth, all the availible booze and beer in-country. If this group did not deserve this, who did?

    And, after giving a little more thought to the matter, maybe he should order a little food. Just in case some one gets hungry.

    He is sure the CO will not object to this. Besides, Nighthawk always has another bottle of JD hidden somewhere for "convincing" a reluctant Commander.

    With list in hand, Nighthawk hops into his "requistioned" M151 and goes in search of volunteers to help him acquire the needed supplies.

    "Now,"he is thinking, "who would help with this?????

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    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    ...as the female REMF team were strung out across the boat, all of a sudden the most awful blood curdling yells started from each one.

    Major Hope turned to look at each of the women, now sitting in an upright position and they were beginning to tear away at their wet suits. The Major demanded to know what was going on immediately or someone was going overboard. Everyone tried to explain all at once and screamed.......what are these ugly looking little, slimy, creatures that are stuck to the skin and will not come off???????? Oh how icky!!!

    The Major trying to calm her troops down, had a very uneasy feeling. Trying to explain to them that they had leeches on them and if they would all calm down, there was a way to remove them. Get out your perfume ladies and spray them and then use your mascara brush to brush them off the skin. I will come around and inspect each one of you, now get with it!

    As Major Hope was trying to get around to all of the women, she noticed that someone was missing. Where is SFC. Pari, demanded the Major. SFC. Pari, where are you? After several calls, no response from Montana Pari was heard by anyone.

    The Major grabbed the radio, clicked the mike and nothing. Clicked the mike twice more and nothing. All of a sudden, the Majors heart felt like it was lodged in her throat........I don't believe this, we're in a heap of trouble and this time a real pile of it. Just as we were about to call this run a huge success, now it feels like a living nightmare.

    Major Hope knew if one of her REMFs were missing, it spelled nothing but trouble, the boat was going to have to turn around. It was dark and the lights that were available for signaling were getting dim.

    The major yelled for LT. Shooter and Sgt. One Knight to get their rears forward immediately, with all guns on the ready and keep Corporal Winter and her medic bag availabel. REMFs, we're missing one of us, we are turning back.

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    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    Major Hope knew better than to scream at the REMF's in
    open enemy waters. If she doesn't calm down, she is going
    to stroke out and end her career early, Sgt. Oneknight
    thought to herself.

    Major Hope suggested going back to look for SFC Pari and
    Sgt. Oneknight volunteered to search the surrounding waters where SFC Pari was last spotted.

    Sgt. Oneknight was concerned about her friend, but they
    both were intelligent and very fit, after all, they had taken
    their training from the best.....uh!...uh!...let's see, was his name Nighthawk? No...it wasn't him as his last Mission
    had been "OPERATION JACK DANIELS". Okay, was his name, Captain Catch? No, it wasn't him, he was rarely
    seen since his last Mission, "OPERATION HOOTCHY KOOTCH". Well, she would think of it later.

    Sgt. Oneknight sat on the side of the boat prepared when Major Hope cut the engine. She flipped backwards off
    the boat into the murky waters in search of SFC. Pari.
    She searched the waters until she was exhausted. She knew Pari was in hiding somewhere and would somehow signal them to be picked up when she felt it was safe.

    The Navy Seal named Geno was traveling with them.
    Geno spotted Oneknight in the water, looked at Major Hope and stated matter of factly, "Oneknight is exhausted, she's struggling, I'm going after her."

    Geno reaches Oneknight, places an arm around her, raises the other hand to her...."Damn, you got a leech on you." Oneknight grabs his wrist and says, "BAAAAAACK AWWWAY from the 44's, it's not a leach, it's a tattoo."

    Major Hope, I saw no sign of SFC. Pari. I know she's around,
    she probably doesn't feel it's safe to signal just yet.

    Her friend, LT. TShooters looks at Oneknight and says, "So.....this is your last mission, huh? What are your plans?"

    First order of business is to attend this party Nighthawk has promised, a hot perfumed bath to wash this long, thick red hair sounds just heavenly. Secondly, I believe I heard it mentioned that he is supplying food, I hope he is making his famous spaghetti sauce. (gotcha Nighthawk..lol!)

    Within the next 24 to 36 hours, dap22 will be here to fly me out, I'm headed stateside, I'm headed home!

    TShooters wanted to know her plans once arriving home. Oneknight told her, "I'm going home to open "THE BOOM BOOM LOUNGE", sit back and wait for Pari to show, cause she is the mechanical bull ridin' queen."



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    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    in the meanwhile....the boat must have made a sharp roll to the side, the Major awakes from a fitful sleep and finds her arm draped around over the top of an ammo box, holding it tightly. The Major makes a jump to her feet, all of her REMF's are sitting and doing their nails and combing their hair. Major Hope looks at each one very carefully and counting each REMF, not believing what she is seeing.

    The REMF's, 1st. LT. Texas Shooter, SFC Montana Pari, SGT. One Knight and Dough Nut Dolly Cpl. Winter are all present and accounted for but..........the Major stands with a look of pure joy. Ladies, you are all here the Major exclaimed. You wouldn't believe the terrible dream I just had.

    The REMF's look at the Major as if she had something to drink that they had not. Not wanting to make any waves with the Major the REMF's just sat there and continued to do their thing. Joking, chewing and popping bubble gum and just having a good time.

    The Major knowing that she had about completed this assignment began to call for 1st. SGT. Gunship, and asking when they were going to make land. 1st. SGT, make sure that Pilot Dave has the choppers ready when we get there and tell Captain Catch you and I will report ASAP. Navy Seal Geno, please get the REMF's ready to unload with their gear when you have a chance.

    Major Hope sat down with her head resting in her hands and remembers to herself, mechanical bull riding? Party? Boom Boom Lounge? Noooooo Waaaay!!! I gota get out of this place, if its the last thing I ever do......

    The Bells of Ireland are not with me!

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    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    Can it be possible that Major Hope and Sergeant One Knight were having the same dream?

    I see One Knight has fallen asleep. Someone please check and see if there really is a tattoo! (LOL)

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    | Del
    Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    Stan-you wanna check you just knock yerself out. Me, I like my hand right where it is, as opposed to food for fish in some backwater boonie in NVN!


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    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    Lt. TShooters was sad to hear that this was SGT One Knight's
    last mission and that One Knight would be DEROS'ing soon. She didn't
    relish the thought of the REMF's training a replacement
    FNG (Frilly New Gal). All the REMF's had been together since the
    inception of this special team.

    As she sat there meticulously Brasso'ing each and every case of each
    and every 7.62 shell in her bandoliers, she thought back over the mission
    and about what a success it had been. All the REMF's had worked so well
    together, and with all of the support team, too. "And, I never
    had to fire even one of these babies", she thought as she put the shining
    shell back in it's place.

    There were some fun times on this mission...like the Venetian blind
    cord caper..and how the gals had taken the speculum out of the freezer
    and hid it before the medical exam. And, how the team had all wore their
    flak jackets for the mammo, and how the machine had crackled and
    sizzled on the first one. "Guess we got outta that one!"
    She chuckles to herself about the ruckus outside.
    Dayum...thought those guys were taught to never volunteer
    for anything! They're still probably rollin' around in a dust ball,
    fists flying, back at camp. Maybe they will settle down when
    the party starts and they realize the mission has been completed.

    "Well," she thought.."One Knight may be goin' back to the world soon,
    but I've got two more years on my hitch. I hope to make Major by then.
    Yeah....Major Hooters. Has a nice ring to it."

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    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    ...Hearing her talk of was!, hows! and soons!, the Young and Handsome Private announces his presense so as not to startle the young Trung Uy and begs to speak to her for but a moment...
    ..."alright, come on in Pvt Homer".

    "Want some?"...shoving a footfull of crackers and a steaming c-rat can of 'beans and mother...' fresh!, right off the sterno.
    Taking notice that the heat didn't bother either her toes or the recent camoed colored nail polish. "Uh!, no thanks Trung Uy...maybe next time".
    ..."Ya sure?" Have plenty here", and flips open the foot locker to reveal it filled to the top with every GI's favorite.
    "No" Really! I just ate"
    "Suit yourself!" and returned to scooping out another Bowie knifefull of the glop with the one foot and dipping the cracker in it with the other before bringing it to her lips. TShooters never dropped a bean nor missed her mouth..."yet another of her talented toes accomplishments, he noted...mght be able to use that talent some how too"

    "What'd ya want Pvt Homer? Haven't been paid yet."
    "Oh! Hehe!, UH!, nothing like that Sharon Uh!, you don't mind me callin ya Sharon...do ya there Trung Uy?, sitting and sliding over closer. Places his hand on her knee. Uh!, I happen to over hear ya giggle to yourself and mention being a Major Hooter's oneday and I had this great idea see!"
    The young LT's eyes narrow...to his hand and muses..."if PVT Homer has an idea!, experience says to watch out. Go on"

    "Well instead of reuppin and all to do that, let's me an you upon gettin out...Uh!, let's get together and open up this bar/restaurant see and we'll name it 'Hooter's' see and we'll get all the biggest and best 'ya knows' (makes large motions with his hands) around for the billboards see and ad's and we'll have these real neat T-shirts and all and"...

    "And just is wrong with my 'ya knows', she miffed...

    "Oh!, Well! Nothing really...much"...

    ..."Much!...Much what!"

    "Well, it's...it's...it's that mole on the left...

    "And have we been sneekin peeks around the womens shower Pvt Homer?
    Uh! ER! Now! Now!...Trung Uy Sharon your an Officer and a"...

    Smack! Smash! Crash ! Bang! Smack! Smack!


    ..and two hard boiled eggs.

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    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    SFC Mt. Pari came around the corner just in time to see...once again... Lt. Homer cleaning the dirt off the the wooden walkway going to the hooch, with his back. "We nearly get ourselves sucked to death on a mission, get back to base and your right back to your antics aren't you?".......

    "I'm checking the showers for holes, and if I see even a crack that looks man made, you'll be on your back for a long time..." Mt Pari then headed over to the showers...miserable from the leech attack, the critical and tedious mission and even more so from being dumb enough to disrobe trying to get them all off..The bug bites were driving her crazy..Good thing the others didn't find her as she was..in all likehood she'd end up tracking down the medic at some point...looked more like a serious case of Measles and Mumps combined. She was thinking how nice that tub would feel when she encountered Indybear on the way looking really preplexed..."What's going on?"......

    mt pari
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    (8/7/01 12:51:29 am)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    I am loving this story..keep up the great work all..I have a bit of brain fry..the zings are powerful, so I'm countin' on you all to carry out our missions for awhile..But I am here..

    Posts: 1374
    (8/7/01 10:41:00 am)
    | Del a mission retired
    ...sitting up in the road having his back scorched from the 'boardwalk slide', he half peers out from his one lonely but rapidly closing eye soon to match the other being fully swollen shut...
    ...partialy seeing SFC Pari and his buddy Pfc Indy talking, he raises his hand to wave his close buddy over to loan him a hand yet once again...
    ...when the tremendous noice reached his ears!

    The Young and Handsome Pvt Homer turned to see, but couldn't avoid the 'Mother of all Dustballs'...
    ...he was snatched into it's cloud...
    ...rolled down the road...

    ...heading for The Boom Boom Lounge!

    CRASHING!!! Thunderously!!!, against and thru it's doors...ripping them from the hinge and depositing it's contents in a massive cloud of dust and rocks, the VMBB Gang, 2 dogs, 6 mamasans, a couple of sailors and a jeep onto the floorboards...

    ...Pvt Homer staggers up to the bar...
    ...a quick "33" there Boom Boom please!, barely making out her glistening 44's...

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    V.I.P. Member
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    (8/7/01 10:46:01 am)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    Dear Mt Pari,

    My thoughts are with ya, Gal. Hang in there! Hope you will
    feel better real SOON!


    V.I.P. Member
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    (8/7/01 11:02:25 am)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    "Homer has just got to quit gettin' excited and swingin' his trench
    tool all around like that. Tsk...some people just can't talk without
    hand gestures....." she thinks, as she looks at him layed out
    on the ground, one eye partially open, but not seeing.

    "Hmmffppptt....mole!! ....my ass!! ....that's a beauty mark, Homer! And,
    ya can't tell your right from your left!", she muttered as his eyes started
    to flutter him back into conscienceness.

    "About this ideer of your's....who???..back in the real world would be
    interested enough to pay to come into a joint like that? And, what would
    be on the menu...besides beer?? And, what would the entertainment be,
    besides....errr....'you know' ??" She looked at Homer long and hard,
    a slight smile turning up the corners of her lipstick-red lips.

    "Hmmm...Homer might be onto something this time.....", she thought.

    Posts: 1591
    (8/7/01 11:39:23 am)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    Go git 'em girl! Too funny Sharon....Hi!


    V.I.P. Member
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    (8/7/01 10:40:44 pm)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    Knowing the team will soon be finished with their bubble baths and ready to unwind, Nighthawk backs the 1/4 ton trailer fuul of beer over near a long table.

    He begins to set the table with large amounts of food and drink. Spagetti, BBQ ribs, corn, bread, and lots of cold beer.

    Then, with a face tight with pain, he moves to the near by flag pole. He slowly lowers the flag to half-staff.

    Moving to one end of the table, he solemly leans one chair forward against the table and turns the glass setting there upside down in memory of a fallen member of the unit.

    He wishes he did not have to bring this kind of news into such a celebration. He hopes the group understands.

    There is always sadness mingled with the joy in this place.

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    (8/7/01 11:44:35 pm)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION

    ....as nighthawk places the glass upside down, you can hear the Bugler begin to play the solemn sound of Taps in the distance.

    Ateeenhut! Every soldier turns his face to the flag that is now flying at half-staff, comes to attention and salutes our fallen member one last time.

    God Bless You Ron and Thank You For Your Service To Your Country!

    Posts: 1386
    (8/8/01 7:17:33 am)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    ...backs away from the bar and gives the finest salute he can muster towards the upturned glass.
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

    Posts: 1124
    (8/9/01 1:51:44 pm)
    | Del
    Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    Tac grabs his M-14 and proceeds to fire the salute
    with the rest of the Rifle Squad.
    The Firearms Forum Vietnam Memories Bulletin Board Contact Administrator

    V.I.P. Member
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    (8/9/01 6:02:30 pm)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    Another Warrior gone home....

    Edited by: TShooters at: 8/9/01 7:05:20 pm

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    (8/13/01 11:46:03 pm)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    ... feeling the warm wetness, he shouts loudly "Git outta here, ya dang cur Dang mutts always peein on my leg" and kicks at the mutt that had cocked a leg on his leg.
    "Are you paying attention Pvt Homer? This is very, very important! Now remember, only keep your eye on it. Don't touch it!"

    ...seeing Sgt Tac enter the backroom to help restock the bar for the REMF Mission Party. He picks up the M-14, taking notice of the walnut, the weight and balance it provided for the powerful 7.62. Pvt Homer slung and shouldered it several times appreciating it's pointability...

    "Pvt Homer!!!

    ...his stern voice caused it to slip... he fumbles... reaches...
    luckily catching it with one finger through the trigger guard, before crashing to The Boom Boom Lounge floor...

    The BANG!!!, (heard)

    ...was the M-14's report as the 7.62 FMJ splintered the floor boards before ricocheting off ... into... and through one of the cute little French poodles and coming to a resounding 'THAP!!!, having cut in two...the shoe string holding up the hooch maid's black cotton pajama bottoms.

    Closest to her aid...
    ...Capt Dave and Cpl Hawk, each grab an arm of the stunned and slumping mamasan. They reached with their other free hand, but failed to keep the bottoms from slipping down.

    Everyone gasped!...
    ...at the totaly useless now remote control unit that had been duct taped to her body, being conected by shoe lace to a hooked finger...

    Everyone gasped further!...
    ...her bottoms, no longer held by the dual purpose shoe string...slips completely to the floor revealing...
    ...her teenie, tiny, shriveled, little...

    A Man!!!, they shrieked out loud,
    ...and No!!!, Cpl Larry announces to all...
    ...reaches and pulls off her mask revealing...

    ...a sneering, leering Jane Fonda...
    ...weapons rack, and point...fingers anxious to squeeze off bursts.

    He continued..."HEnoi Jane! was secretly planted sometime back to take out the RMEF's and as many of the Camp VMBB troops as possible. We have had her under surveillance, but lost sight of her for awhile, when she jumped into the 'Mother of All Dust Balls' in an evasion maneuver. She further attemted to hide herself amongst the two poodles, the other five Mamasans, the two sailors, and Capt Catch's jeep here tonight!"
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    (8/14/01 12:32:06 am)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    "...B B But the Bomb!!!", says Capt Dave.
    "Wh Wh Where's it at???", asked Sgt Hawk.
    ...each letting go!...
    ...HEnoi Jane falls to the floor!
    Capt Dave and Cpl Hawk sliding quickly out of the line of fire.

    "Right Here!!!"
    ...heads turned to see Pfc Indy twisting the head off one of the cute little French poodles.

    "YIKES!!!" "NO! Pfc Indy!!!", they shrieked!!!.
    "OH!, Don't worry!"... with a final twist and snap, the poodles head was off, revealing wires passing down through it's neck to it's tummy full of C-4.
    It's Mechanical!"

    "WHEW!!!", sighed the troops, after taking his best 50/50 chance snipping the correct wire, there by neutralizing the 'Potent Poochie'.

    ...all turning yet again, this time, to the voice of Sgt Tac...
    ...it was our plan to trap the other accomplices also trying to wreck havoc to Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

    Leveling the M-60 at the other five Mamasans, he barks, ...
    Capt Dave!, Capt Catch!, Cpl Hawk!, Cpl Larry!, and Pfc Indy!...
    ...take off their mask and frisk them!"

    "What!" "Check this out!" "What about this here?" "Look at what this one has!"

    The troops of Camp VMBB were stunned!!!

    "Here's your infamous 'He/She Trannys Revolutionary Cadre' " remarks Sgt Tac...
    ...Rosie 'Pigwart' O'Donelle, 'Hell'ary Rodham, Teddy 'Weddy' Kennedy, 'Slick Willy Klinton', and Jesse 'Situation' Jackson... all...her, with his this, and his, with her that, and vice a versa.

    "Cpl Larry, Pfc Indy, and I devised this plan to have Pvt Homer to cause a disturbance somehow with my M-14. He could be counted on to cause somekind of trouble somewhere, somehow, someway. We needed time to quarter them out and be distracted. Pvt Homer somehow came through with that and more, also disabling the bomb's control unit."


    "Uh! Sgt Mitherstan!, You can stop trying to twist off that pooch's head... He's Real!
    ...you see it was him that was cocking his leg and peeing on Pvt Homer, thus giving away the identity of the real one from the mechanical one carrying the bomb.

    And we all know how the dogs like to pee on Pvt Homer and his legs!
    The Young and Handsome Private blushingly guffawed.

    Now that the MP's are here to haul HEnoi Jane and the rest of her Tranny Revolutionary Cadre off to LBJ. Let's get back to why we came!"

    A CHEER! rises up!!!

    Sgt Mitherstan, knowing sailor uniforms well, spies the two sailors standing far off whispering...his eyes narrow

    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    mt pari
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    (8/14/01 10:59:32 am)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    lovin' it...

    V.I.P. Member
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    (8/14/01 3:44:06 pm)
    | Del
    Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    I can't help but reply... I've been silently reading and enjoying ALL of it, and will continue to do so.... but that last bit was great


    V.I.P. Member
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    (8/14/01 6:33:27 pm)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    Way to Go, Homer! You saved the day!

    <she says as she climbs out of the locker
    with all the Playboy pics plastered on the
    inside of the door>


    Posts: 1678
    (8/15/01 3:24:56 pm)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - THE MISSION
    No question, you got it goin' on Homer!

    Where are the other's to follow up.

    Seems to me, Nighthawk had a party to throw for us girls.

    Dreamcatcher was looking forward to attending.

    What's a party without Mitherstan? (RTO) ha!

    V.I.P. Member
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    (8/15/01 4:27:41 pm)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - after THE MISSION
    Seeing that the proper respects have been shown, and the MP's leading off the Trannys Revolutionary Cadre' , nighthawk walks around and fires up the ol' reel to reel tape deck, blasting out "We gotta get out of this place"!!,,,
    singing along in that great tenor voice, he begins setting up large stacks of cold beer and quarts and quarts of various whiskeys, burbons, gins, and vodkas.
    Opening the containers from the mess hall, he sets out trays of snacks, sandwiches, and a couple of large bowls full of spaggetti and a few of his special Chili

    the tape moves on to "Mrs Robertson" as he gets the speakers podium set up. We know the skipper will have to say a few words before the awards are handed out,,,nighthawk hopes he gets to be the one to pin an award on Oneknights fabulous 44's

    now, dancing along with "Paint it black", he moves the chairs to one side ,,,just in case this group gets to feeling frisky,,,at least they can take out their frustrations on the dance floor...

    ewww,,,better get a mop,,,damn dog!!!!!

    may as well have another cold one while waiting for the gang to come in,,,

    "I see a red door and I want it painted black,,,,,,"

    What's this??do I see our great unit arriving???

    "Come on in, ya'll,,drinks are COLD and FREE!!!!!!!


    now, if I can just find one of them lovely REMFs feeling a bit lonely,,,,,,,ahh, what dreams a man can have,,,,

    Senior Chief Moderator II
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    (8/15/01 7:47:05 pm)
    | Del
    Re: Operation Pony Launch - after THE MISSION
    Hey Hawk........you'll have to stand in line behind the rest of us...................re: the award ceremony!!!!

    V.I.P. Member
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    (8/15/01 9:36:55 pm)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - after THE MISSION

    mumble mumble mumble,,,gawd damn Army,,mumble mumble,, gawd damn lines,,,,mumble mumble mumble

    I swear when I get out of here, I'll NEVER stand in another gawd damn line again!!!

    Now I got to stand in line to "assist" a lady,,,,err, I mean a fellow soldier,,,

    "We got to get out of this place!!!"

    Posts: 1703
    (8/16/01 8:03:14 am)
    | Del Re: Operation Pony Launch - after THE MISSION
    From the makeshift podium Nighthawk built for the Award's
    Ceremony, Boom Boom raises her hand in salute to her
    fellow REMF's.
    Boom Boom couldn't think of any other REMF team she
    would rather having watching her back than these girls,
    what a great bunch they are.

    With the party in full swing, Boom Boom turns her attention
    to Nighthawk.
    "I understand you don't have much experience with 44's."

    "UH! UH! I'd like try to them sometime", Nighthawk remarks.

    If you'd like to step into Captain Catch's hootch for a little
    while, I'll give you a few lessons on handling them with
    utmost care.

    Nighthawk scanned the party looking for Geno, the only one
    who knows where Boom Boom's tattoo is. Geno, vision
    blurred is partying strong with the REMF's and missed
    Nighthawk's mouthed words.

    "Hey Boom Boom!" Nighthawk calls after her, "am I gonna get
    to see the tattoo?"

    "Well, that depends, first of all, you have to learn how to
    unholster the 44's, smooth, all in one fluid motion", she
    winks at him, turns and heads for the hootch.

    Captain Catch and Sgt. Stan over hearing the exchange
    look at each other, snicker, shake their heads in unison.
    "Nighthawk's in trouble now."

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    (8/20/01 10:18:37 am)
    | Del END OF STORY
    No doubt by now, Nighthawk has his hands full. (LOL)

    I have tried my darndest to put together a PARTY for this skit, but every time I try I end up thinking I am leaving somebody out or I may be putting someone in a scene they may be uncomfortable about.

    The fact is that even when a military mission of this magnatude is completed, there is seldom time to party. Preparation for the next mission is usually under way before you know it.

    The best we can expect would be a one week R&R for each of the REMF's. I'm pretty sure Major Hangem' High Hope would pick Hawaii (where she actually did go for R&R when she was in Vietnam) and I think First Lieutenant Texas Shooter would pick Australia (Of course, she would bring along her real-life partner, her husband). I don't have a clue where the other REMF's would like to go for R&R, perhaps they would like to write their own R&R story to share with us.

    This whole skit was the result of reading a number of skits written by our friend Homer. He has a knack for including everyone in a skit and giving us a few belly laughs as we read his clever stories. Thank you, Homer.

    The idea of COTTON PONY was introduced to me by our friend Donna (OneKnight). We were having a discussion about mood swings of the opposite sex and she mentioned that in her office when one or more of the gals seemed to be somewhat difficult to work with on a given day, someone would opine that she must be "riding the cotton pony". Thank you, OneKnight.

    The idea of a hot pink helicopter was first mentioned in the skit by our good friend IndyBear. Even though it seemed like an outrageous idea, it was soon apparant that everyone picked up on it and worked it into the skit flawlessly. This was by far the most significant ingredient that made this skit a huge success. Everybody was able to add their own creative efforts into the story. Thank you, IndyBear.

    One day, I received a picture of a pink helicopter in my personal email. It was our friend DreamCatcher who had taken the time to put color into the picture. I managed to add the words "Cotton Pony" to the picture and it soon became part of the skit. Thank You, Dreamcatcher.

    It was easy finding a capable pilot to fly the Cotton Pony. Our friend Dap22 was an actual real-life dustoff pilot in the Vietnam conflict. Nobody else would have been able to safely navigate a hot pink helicopter through Vietnam air space. Thank you, Dap22, and thank you for your service in Vietnam. There is no doubt that today their are a number of smiling faces in America with loving families thanks to your courageous efforts so many years ago!

    On the return trip, the co-pilot was none other than our friend Gunship, who was a real-life South Vietnamese helicopter pilot during the Vietnam conflict. Thank you, Gunship.

    When it came time in the story to pick a medical assistant for the very important physical the REMF team needed to pass before being sent on their dangerous mission, I was overwhelmed with requests in my personal email to make sure our friend and skipper on this BBS Tac401 was chosen. Without his timeless efforts to keep this board going and therefore giving us a place to share our experiences in Vietnam and at home, we would not have been able to know the great comfort that this BBS has given us. Thank you, Tac401, from the bottom of my heart.

    The actual mission of taking out Swatow Gunboats at the Quang Khe naval base in North Vietnam had been tried twice in the early years of the Vietnam conflict. Neither mission was a success. For more information about these missions, look up OPERATION VULCAN with your Internet search engine.

    Special thanks to all who posted their stories in this skit. It has been a great deal of fun.

    Stan Lambert
    St. Clair Shores, Michgian

    Vietnam 1970-1971
    Yeoman Second Class
    USS Mark (AKL-12)
    Homeport Catlo, RVN

    Posts: 1771
    (8/21/01 12:07:56 pm)
    | Del Re: END OF STORY

    All of you were fun in the skit.....good input.

    Misterstan..........you did a great job on the skit and thanks
    for embarrassing me....your day is coming....but, it was fun
    and Thank You.

    Homer................your just too much....lot of laughs from
    your input.

    Dap22................my chopper pilot.....my HERO! got me
    back to the states safely....

    Geno..................thanks for saving me from drowning

    Nighthawk...........it was a great party, i like partying with
    you............lol! (thanks)

    Indybear.............i forgot what you did in the skit.....

    Dreamcatcher......you can have your hootch back now..

    Senior Chief Moderator II
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    (8/21/01 12:45:40 pm)
    | Del
    Wow...........what a story it was. I'm in awe of you skitsters who have such a knack of "story telling". Would have liked to jump in a little but I'm afraid I don't have the great ability to do so as obviously you folks do! Homer, Stan, Donna etal.. my compliments to you for a job well done. And, it was my pleasure flying you all around in the "cotton pony"...... I guess I'll retire for good now......thanks for the memories. Thanks to Gunship for his able bodied assistance!

    Posts: 544
    (8/21/01 5:02:37 pm)
    | Del
    Donna-the ball of dust would have been LOTS more fun if you'd been in it! The mamasans just didn't stack up, if you know what I mean.

    Senior Chief Moderator II
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    (8/21/01 5:20:28 pm)
    | Del
    As Donna would probably say......"Exactly what is your point, Indy?"

    arh arh arh arh

    Posts: 1509
    (8/21/01 6:21:57 pm)
    | Del Re: END OF STORY
    Yeah!, they were a real 'drag' huh.
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

    V.I.P. Member
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    (8/25/01 5:47:34 pm)
    | Del Re: END OF STORY
    It was a hoot, Ya'll! Always like to start the day with laughter.
    Let's do it again sometime! And, all you "hangin' back and holdin'
    back-ers" come on and join in, too!

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