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  1. Okay.

    The ACLU is moving to hold the CIA for contempt of court for pretty much doing their job. (In essence our national defense is going to get weakened further because of supposed "torture techniques" that in reality are too mild for SERE C training! High school cheerleaders have done worse!)

    Meanwhile, Hillary Damned Clinton is paving the way to give $900,000,000 to Hamas controlled people! (Hamas has violated every human right there is and not little cute stuff either. I've a good friend who carries cigar burns on his face for the last 15 years from some dudes the Hamas kids call their pals, Hizballah.)

    You don't advocate stress interrogation techniques but you'll give $900,000,000 to a bunch of murdering torturing fanatical pricks?

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    And why is it that you sound surprised? Don't you know that we have been doing it wrong for all these years :mad::(:mad::(

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    Thats the kind of lunatics we have running our country these days...

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    It's times like this that make you wish for true justice in the world. :mad:
    If only we could drag them through the back streets of Bakuba or Beirut by the short hairs.
    Maybe if they dug a few of the graves that they helped facilitate they wouldn't be so quick to back slap the bad guys. :mad:

    My love of this forum prevents me from expressing my true feelings.

    Edit: 3,800 post on my 1 year anniversary. Forum love, or what. ;)

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    Talkative...very talkative.... :D:D:D:D

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    Is it time to redefine what the terminology of an insurgent is?

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