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  1. AJohnson

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    Aug 28, 2008
    HI, I have a Walther PPK that my father brought back from WW2. The gun is worn on the sides so I can't read what is written on it very good. As far as I can tell it says Waffenfaurik Menlis Walther ?? Walther patent Mod PPK on left side. Right side has serial#403441k. It is in a leather holster. The clip loads from the bottom of the handle.I would like to find out when the gun was made if that is possible. My father died in 1984 and My mom had the gun all this time in a chest.I'm not looking to sell the gun, I just want to find out a little history if anyone can help me.
    Thanks, I look forward to hearing from ya'll ​
  2. AJohnson

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    Aug 28, 2008
    Hello again, I have read some of your other discussions on the PPK so I can tell you that the gun I have has an Eagle/N marking . The handle is black. The gun has not been refinished. If anyone can tell me anything it would be GREAT!

  3. mnpcap

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    Aug 27, 2008
    Hello AJohnson,

    I too have a PPK in the approximate serial number as yours, see my post (wartime PPK info), posted on 8-27-2008. From what I have been able to find out is that mine is a late war production 43-44, I would guess yours falls in there also. I am new at this so this is just an educated guess.
    Are there any other markings on your PPK? When I figure out how to post pictures, I will.

    Good Luck,
  4. AJohnson

    AJohnson New Member

    Aug 28, 2008
    Hi Cap, I haven't found any more marking on the gun that I know of. The gun is worn down pretty good so it's real hard to read what is there. And I don't know anything about what to look for so that doesn't help. I wish I had been interested when my father could have told me the story that went with the PPK. We also have a sword with the NAZI symbol on it . It would have been a good story.
  5. mnpcap

    mnpcap New Member

    Aug 27, 2008

    Try going to the "Walther Handgun Owners Group" www.whog.org page. Scroll down to PP/PPK markings, there is chart displaying possible markings.

    Proof and Police Marks

    Model PP and PPK pistols are found with a variety of markings. Some of these are merely factory serial numbers and proof marks indicating that the gun has functioned safely when fired with high pressure cartridges.

    In addition to the serial number and proof marks, Model PP and PPK will often be found with Nazi party abbreviations and insignia. Still others will be found with Army acceptance marks in the form of an eagle, Swastika, and Waffenamt numbers. The Waffenamt mark indicates that the gun has been accepted by the government inspector at the plant. The German GI usually referred to this ever present mark as the "Pleitegeir" which means the "Bankrupt Vulture."

    Crown over N is a German pre-war proof mark used before April 1, 1940. "N" indicates that the gun has been proofed with "nitro" or smokeless powder. Foun on early PP and PPK's.

    In April of 1940 the Germans replaced the crown over N proof mark wiht the eagle over "N". PP and PPK's carried this proof mark after April 1, 1940.

    Post-war PP and PPK's carry the new eagle over N, indicating that the gun was proofed for nitro or smokeless powder.

    Post-war PP and PPK's manufactured at Ulm by Walther for commercial sale carry the antler proof mark of the Ulm proof house. The year of the proof test is also indicated i.e. 68 means 1968. There are other proof houses, but these have different symbols such as a bear for Berlin, a horse for Hanover, an oak leaf for Kiel, and a shield for Munchen.

    The police acceptance mark is similar to the Army mark but the swastika was replaced by a cross and sub-letter C, F, L, or K.

    Eagle over WaA359 is the most common Waffenamt pistol stamp. It is found on all Walther PP's and PPK's accepted by the military. Another version of the "Pleitegeirer" shows the eagle over 359.

    The RZM insignia on the left is found engraved on the slides of early PPK's. It is found on the left hand side of the slide between the Mod PPK and the slide serrations.

    The NSKKJ (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps) was the party branch entrusted with transport of party and military supplies. Their pistols were generally Model PP's wht NSKK insignia engraved on the left side of the slide but some PPK's have been noted with the NSKK insignia on the right side of the slide.
    SA der NSDAP Gruppe Mitte

    Nazi SA sections of the NSDAP were issued Model PP pistols in the prewar era. These pistols were generally engraved on the front of teh grip strap as shown. The SA was divided into 28 areas so the Gruppe (group) name will vary.
    RFV 13311W
    PDM 1337

    Various other initials will be found on prewar PP's and PPK's. The initials on the left have not been accurately identified. Any accurate information as to their exact meaning would add to the overall history of the PP and PPK series.

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