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WWI History/Nostalgia(sp)?

Discussion in 'General Military Arms & History Forum' started by Guest, Feb 23, 2003.

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    (6/29/01 9:20:10 pm)
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    Would you believe in my hands (well okay I'm typing so it's not in my hands at this moment) I'm holding an original February 28, 1918 thank you from General Pershing to the American Expeditionary Forces in France as he thanked them for their service to their country (looks to have an original signature by John J. Pershing - Commander in Chief).

    Unfortunately, I got to return it Monday morning to work - but by then I'll have scanned a copy of it, a postcard from France to the folks back home from someone in the infantry, a do's and don't list for men aboard the U.S.S. RIJNDAM and two old canned photos - you know the one where the photo rolls out and is really long!

    Man I love my job and seeing this type of history (though what photos of the Kansas City army base circa 1918 and the other one have anything to do with a military base in Idaho is beyond me).

    Still I can't wait to see if they discover anything more!

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    (6/29/01 10:46:20 pm)
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    You truely have a piece of history there, "T" -

    Those are things that add insight to those that were there, at that point in time. Sorta like going back yourself and actually touching the moment. I envy you the opportunity!
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    (6/29/01 10:53:49 pm)
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    There were also 2 ancient maps of France - with Paris circled (the map came that way) all in French and lots of handwriting around the edges. However, the one map looks like it was taped on the back and has been folded and unfolded so many times it's in bad shape and the other one has some tears on it so I did not bring them home to even look at - I was afraid to even open them up beyond what little I did.

    Lots of newspaper articles from the same time frame also - again I just glanced at that stuff - did not want to damage it anymore than it already was.

    Oh and yes I got permission to take the stuff I did home - wouldn't dream of doing it without the permission. I love the history I've seen so far it's been a real eye opener.

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    (6/29/01 11:02:49 pm)
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    I am in awe, T. Where did you get them?

    The note from Pershing MAY have been one of many copies, given to everyone in the AEF at the end, but still priceless even if it is!

    Tell whoever has them to catalogue them with as many details from memory or second-hand info like from his kids, because some author/Historian some day may wish to use them in a book, or to do research.

    Original photographs later provide details, like from stuff in background, etc, that is priceless, and the photographer never even considered.


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    (6/29/01 11:13:04 pm)
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    polishshooter - looking it over it probably is a copy - Pershing's signature doesn't look original - however the signature of the Capt and the soldier's name who it was issued to do look like original signatures - makes sense because the post card is from the same soldier.

    As to where it came from - Building 23 (built back in the late 1800's or very early 1900's) when the VA here in town was the original military base (in fact I have been scanning pictures of the place when it was Fort Boise). The people from mental health are moving from that building into the brand new building built up on the hill for them. This box of stuff was found in a closet in the old building and brought to my boss - I've got the weekend to copy it and then we are going to see about shipping it to the Military Museum up at the National Guard's headquarters here. It's more their history than the VA's. How it got where it did???? None of us have a clue.

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