WWII and historys best sniper.

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    This is a story of one of the best snipers in history.This is the sory of Simo Hayha.He was known as White Death.He has one of the best records in history yet his name is unknown to most.The story is a lil long but good.Enjoy it.

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    Yes, and he used iron sights.


    Ludmilla Pavlichenko (309, with over 30 German Snipers) was taken out of combat after about 18 months of service for propaganda reasons. Had she been allowed to continue as a sniper her record would have likely been much higher. She typically used a 4 Power scope to reach out well beyond 500 meters.
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    yeah,all the soviet top 20 had over triple digit confirmed kills.
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    I know his name - I lived in Finland for over 23 years. Not only was he exceptionally good, he did it all with a modified Mosin-Nagant rifle! Simo Häyhä was NOT a Russian sniper. He was a Finnish sniper during the Finnish-Russian Winter war just prior to WWII from 1939-1940. He holds the record of 505 confirmed kills - more than any other sniper in any other war.
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    Great post, and I'm one of the many who had never heard of him.

    Thanks for posting.
  6. I found this to be informative. I saw a movie about two snipers i think the name was Enemy at the door it had Ed Harris as a German sniper and Judd Law as a Russian sniper(i think)
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    Yes, this is a very good, well done move. The actual title is "Enemy at the Gates" it is from 2001 and features Ed Harris and Jude Law. You must watch it from the beginning to appreciate it to the fullest.
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    Staff Sargeant "Pop" Roy Bumgardner, during the Viet Nam war ran up at least a count of 1500. I had the overwhelming honor of meeting him. He was in CSC co. 1/31 Inf at Camp Casey, Korea in 1976-1977. RIP "pop" miss you.
  9. Maybe not a good example. I remember him too and a quick search found this.

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    In the article it says he was charged with manslaughter and two of his subordinates were charged with premeditated murder. I can't believe SSG Bumgardner would fire on civilians. It must have been some kind of accident or trigger happy subordinates. Col Anthony B Herbert was his superior officer in the 173rd Airborne Brigade wrote a book "Soldier" that depicts the event differently. It also depicts other events involving other soldiers. None of it tarnishes my respect for Bumgardner.
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    Japanese snipers on Okinawa 1945

    My father was a Navy medical Corpsman at the battle of Okinawa in 1945. He said that the troops he was attached too surrounded a group of Japanese snipers hidden in tall grass. So instead of risking getting plugged by the snipers, the soldiers sent in dogs to get them. He said that they tried to shoot some of the dogs and blew one up with a grenade, but the dogs got the best of them and my father said you could hear the Jap soldiers yelling.
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    I have researched and read all that I can find on Roy Bumgarner, I was his driver in the Scout Platoon at CSC 1/31 in 1976-77 in the 2nd ID at Camp Casey. I met his Korean wife, I lived beside him for months. He taught me to be a soldier, no question. I think he got a bad wrap, as Col. Herbert states in his book (which I own and read). Pop said his favorite book was "Once An Eagle" .. and his personality fit that book to a tee. I don't see him randomly killing. I watched him give is rations of food to children nearly every day and stopped to talk to them as much as he could.

    This was a soldier that did his duty. As Col Herbert says starting the chapter about Pop, He is a living breathing walking legend, and I was honored to serve him in Korea.
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  14. Sgt 45

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    Tony Herbert has quite a history himself. He was in the 3rd SF when I was but I never met him. He was able to get out and go to the 173rd, I would have loved to have had the honor to serve under him.
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    I beat all of those numbers, however, I was using two General Electric mini guns and two pods of 2.75 folding fin rockets (7 ea. per pod). I got a lot of high angle firing experience under my belt. The best ammo. of all was nails. One could stack'em high when using those!!!! When placed just right, "one shot 10 to 15 kill rate." Oooph's wrong war, my bad!!!
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