WWII German handguns

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    Mar 3, 2008
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    The only reason I placed the P38 first is because of cartridge, although a
    .356 hole is a .356 hole, one just goes a little deeper than the other. :)

    I have never found a gun that fits my hand better than a Hi-Power. Not even my beloved 1911's. :)

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  2. TranterUK

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    I have to agree Art, and I am a huge 1911 fan. The calibre not withstanding, I regard the HI Power as one of the finest handguns ever designed, and my personal favourite.

    The original design and two prototypes built by JMB were his improvement on the 1911, loosing the swinging link, the back strap safety and introducing the first staggard magazine for example. One of the last guns I bought in the UK was a Hi Power in .40 S&W, an excellent handgun. :)
  3. And then along came Gaston Glock and put 'em all to shame. :D;)

    Sorry, Tranter, I just couldn't resist. :eek::rolleyes:
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    You know grasshopper, a meal may seem the same whether eaten off of fine china or plastic. But it is not the same at all.
  5. As long as the steak is American prime beef, (not that British stuff, for God's sake!!! :eek:;)), cooked so it moos when I stick the fork in, and flavored only with salt and pepper, I'd as soon eat it off a paper plate with a hunting knife as off fine china and with silver dinnerware, Tranter. My taste, I must admit, definitely tends toward the plebeian. :D;):p
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    In the UK we take our plebs rare, with a little salt. :)
  7. King Charles I made that mistake once too, Tranter, not to mention George III. As I recall, old Charlie got so involved with it that he lost his head . . . literally. :D;):p
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    Re: need luger info

    I have been shown a p-08 wwII bringback marked "1936" on bbl. S/42 on toggle no Waffenmet acc.stamps all matching sn# including mag.!!!!
    Need manufactuer info.
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    I would have to say the Hi Power, I want one in .40, they just fit my hand so well.
  10. TranterUK

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    Just to widen interest, here are two German made Hi Powers that have been through my hands. The one with the adjustable sight would have been made soon after the factory was taken over, they dropped the tangent sight after existing stocks ran out. The other is a series 'b', the last before the factory was abandoned and largely destroyed by the retreating German Army.

    So, first series, just numbers, then series 'a' and 'b' being denoted by a small letter after the number. (Also take a look at the nazi markings, they are common to most nazi issued weapons).

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