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    Nov 5, 2005
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    They say that the Military Vets are dying at an alarming rate. So I started reading the obits closer in the local paper. Three days in a row the count of Vets were 5, 5, 3. Thirteen in three consecutive days in just this area. Some of these were Korean War Vets also.
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    My dad went into the Army in 1942 at age 19, which makes him one of the younger WWII vets. He's now 83, will be 84 in two months. Unfortunately, the remaining survivors are at an age where they simply won't be with us much longer. All the more important that we take advantage of their insight and wisdom while they are still here.

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    praise God my dad still here and in good health. he went in in 44 at age 31
    turned 93 this year - got to be careful of politics in his mind dems can do no wrong. can't understand were he went wrong all his kids usually vote rep:D
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