XM8 Assult system

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  1. 416 has several years fielded with the organization that designed it, as well as a few others.

    The Navy and part of the Army side of SOCOM are using all the SCAR's right now. This time it's the Navy side of the house that will hold the most validation responsibilities, inside SOCOM. (The Army already had a shot and just had the .45 project too.)

    SCAR came in and took a big lead real quick; first in its performance, next in the package. It raised eyebrows when the entire package, I mean entire, shared more commonality than 416, 417, M8 etc.

    Plastic issues? Assume they'll be fixed when the engineers get to do it again.

    The Army is looking at getting a plastic helmet too, by the way. I don't mean kevlar either, like ACH/MICH/PASGT. Polymers have finally got that much stronger than steel; I mean a real molded plastic.
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    I never got a chance to shoot this rifle is my only regret :(:(:(

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    Delta, thanks for the posts.
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    I ownder which oversight liberal made them add the word assult
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    Asscult? Is that like a "Barney Frank" kind of thing or something? :rolleyes:

  6. No problem, Marlin.

    Many people immediately saw that the XM8 was going in the wrong direction from what was needed. It was a bag full of good idea fairies and they were having babies. On top of that, as good as the idea sounded, it was being poorly executed, honestly; either from a lack of technology that would enable those awesome idea fairies, or perhaps because people with little visibility on the rifles we really need are tripping over each other to sell weapons they say we need.

    Just FYI on the meantime, for big Army, trying to get more out of the M4/M16, there was a big push started recently for lots of new and "improved" stuff for the M4/M16, pushed under more RFI.

    Some is good, some I'm not sure. I mean like improved magazines (stronger lips/body and better springs), cleaning tools, slings etc etc...I think even a laser boresight for every weapon, but I think that's unrealistic for many reasons.

    For at least 5 years before my old boss retired, he was often telling people in the rifle business that the biggest flaw in the modern M16 magazine was the shape. His argument usually pointed out the useless curve in the body. According to him, when springs or followers became worn, or dirt got in a magazine, that curve is wear the magazine will get hiccups and choke. Straight AR 5.56mm mags? For some reason people cringe. Still none yet, but it's standard for 7.62mm.
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    Mmmmmm 416... I want :D. HK finally released a civilian version in Germany... hopefully its just a matter of time before they bring it to the United States :D.
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