xray trucks to keep an eye on you

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    Used for border security? They must be kidding, There hasen't been any border security since the previous administration sent two border patrol agents to prison for protecting the border.

    Where are the idiots that have been screaming about cell phone radiation for years? These vans have got to be putting out much more radiation than a DOPLER Radar station.
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  2. glocknut

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    This technology has been around for a long time. I am convinced they were using something like this back in the 80's in Omaha, Nebraska. They had trucks that looked like they were equiped with electronic gear that would troll the neighborhoods. A friend and i followed one once for a short time and were stopped by OPD and told never to follow one of them again!
    Omaha had handgun registration back then and i believe they still do. I assume they were trolling around looking for whatever they could find? I assume if they found something they could cross check it by the list of registered owners and if it didn't match...whola... they have found someone who is bucking their tyranical gun laws.

    That may be speculation but they sure where touchy/crotchidy towards anyone who wanted to get a look at those trucks.

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