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    May 24, 2007
    Milo, ME
    And yes...I am core republican ;-)
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    May 5, 2003
    SnakeByte, delta13soultaker is dead on the money, so to speak.

    A prosecutor is going to go to town with any shooting in the back. He's also going to go to town with any "less-than-lethal" rounds mixed with lethal rounds.

    If you come upon a bad guy and he runs, then sit tight and call the cops. First person to call usually wins, it seems. If you let the bad guy call, he's going to tell his load of manure and you'll be seen as a whacko with a gun, especially in California.

    A recent article in Guns magazine (at least, I think that's where I read it) calls it "posting up." First thing you do when someone comes in your house is gather the family together in a defensible room and "post up." To "post up" is to get behind even partial cover, covering any entrances to the room and pick up your cell phone and dial 911. DON'T go hunting the bad guys unless you're trained to do so. Some of the members here, such as delta13, ARE trained to do so. They know best how to clear their own house. If you are not trained to clear a house, the best advice is to "post up" call the cops and inform the bad guy in a clear, loud voice that you have done so and are armed. *IF* the bad guy then chooses to enter a room that he has been informed contains an armed homeowner, then he has made a CHOICE to lose his life. Don't shoot to harm. Don't shoot to kill. Shoot to live. That means "stop the threat." Period. Keep firing until the threat is GONE. At most, your child has a small bit of a scare from someone breaking in and has heard some loud noises. He'll also remember that Daddy gave the BG a chance and Daddy defended his family, namely HIM.
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    Sep 19, 2006
    Possibilities? Scared son or dead family? Are you really going to rely on neighborhood crime stats to make a choice? Are killers not allowed in you neighborhood? So a bg breaks into your house and only steals things. Are you ok with that? As I am shooting the SOB, I will be telling him to get a job and buy his own stuff. A job that he will now not be able to perform because of his room-temperature status! I guess he could be a smelly doorstop or a biodegradable anchor. BTW I live 5 houses down from a cop in a pretty nice neighborhood and have all guns loaded with real bullets.

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