You can even take 'some' small game animals with it

Discussion in 'The Hunting & Fishing Forum' started by Boris, Oct 20, 2010.

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    May 10, 2004
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    Jack, we have those nasty buggers here in Calif, and crossing with feral hogs they get huge. They use the top and bottom tusks like pruning shears. Friend of my dad's put two rounds of 30/06 into one that charged him. It knocked him down and almost severed both legs before his pit bull grabbed it by the jewels, and he got a shot off with his .44 mag. It took him a year before he could walk again, that one was 500lbs!
    The biggest I've seen went 750lbs. A cattle rancher I know caught it coming out of his feed barn one night and ran it over with a Ford F-250 4x4. It was pinned under the front axle and was working itself free. he couldn't get his 30-30 out from behind the seat, so he cut it's juggler with a hunting knife.
    That really got it pizzed, so he jumped back in the cab and watched as it got loose and ripped a 9.50x16.5 mud and snow steel belted radial off the front rim, and fell over dead.
    The head mount hangs in his shop with the tire in his mouth!:D
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    See my forum name? I've shot squirrel (barked 'em as well as with my own shot loads) blue grouse, possum, ground hog and marmot, coyotes, deer and an elk, all with the .45 L.C.
    I load a hard cast 335 gr g.c. in front of 22 grs of H-110 for the elk, and prefer a 225 gr H.P. for the deer.
    I make my own shot loads using .444 Marlin brass cut to just under cylinder length and gas checks to cap them off. Holds a fair amount of #8 birdshot.
    I shot a deer with the heavy load once, too much damage to the front quarter! Blew the front leg off completely on the off side.
    I have two Ruger Bisleys with 7" barrels, one scoped and the other standard sights, I never go afield without one.
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    Feb 21, 2010
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    Never barked a squirrel and never heard of it till a few years ago but I have taken my share of rabbits with a 200 gr SWC. (22 is cheaper but that wasn't what I was carrying at the time). Not a big deal to take head shots under 50' and the recoil is less than a 38 spcl with 158 gr bullets. My serious rounds are 260 gr Kieth style bullets and I would use them on anything unless its big enough to win a wrestling match with a F150 truck. Never hunted Bison or Buffalo but would love to. Grizzly I might want to rethink my weapon choice. Moose, Elk deer, hogs, line em up and get outta my way boys. Us dinosaurs like our old guns and our old bullets. Have to admit, I still like the .348 but not as much, or at least my creaky old body doesn't but so far no issues with the 45. Don't remember it being as heavy as it is this summer/fall. I hope it gets lighter before next spring. :D
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