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  1. Hatch

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    Sep 24, 2010
    This is already solved... AZ (and other states) changed from charging DWI to DUI back in the 80's. Which isnt to say you cant still be charged DUI.

    The distinction makes it clear though... DUI requires a blood test, or a breathalyzer or some other such method to determine the exact BAC at the time of arrest...

    DWI is a police cars recorder showing a stoned... stoner... walking just as stupid as a drunk, and guess what, he or she, are not fit to drive and shouldnt have done it!!!

    That's the ticket people.... DUI. States do NOT need a blood or breathalyzer test to convict on alcohol, so why would they need it for pot?

    And let's just clear the air here once and for all, even if you don't like my argument... YOU STILL LOSE.

    The officers can just start writing "Wreckless Op" or whatever it's called in your jurisdiction. Instant 8 point ticket, no more license, and totally a "judgement call" so good luck fighting that one!
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    A drunk will kill you just as dead as a stoner when he crosses the center line at 70mph.
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