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    Reply | Del All YOUR FAVOR SKS???

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    Uh oh.... this topic always starts a war on which one is best.

    Having owned Russian, Yugoslavian, Chinese, and with an Albanian on the way, my vote goes for Russian. They are very good quality, although the Romanians and Yugos come close. But the Russian is the grand-daddy of 'em all. It is the original. It is the oldest, and it has the most history

    The Yugos are very nice though. I have two of them and I love them. They are well-built and have some unique qualities. Aside from that, they are easily found and very inexpensive. Some people are turned off by their reputation for gas leaks, non-chrome bores, and "funkiness" of the grenade launcher. But if you don't have a Yugo, you really should get one. They are a blast.

    The Albanians are just plain weird looking; even ugly. The workmanship is pretty rough, especially with the stock inletting. But I had to have one just to help round out my collection. These are the most rare SKS variants to hit our shores, with only about 18,000 ever made. Of that number, only about 6,000 made it to America. I feel that they will one day fetch a higher price due to their rarity.

    The Chinese SKS never impressed me much. It makes a great plinker, and it used to be cheap. But since they were banned from import, the prices have gone way up. IMHO they have no character. And since we have no production figures or info, it's hard to get involved with collecting them. Aside from the early military models, most of them (especially the later year models) were cheaply made. They were mass-produced commercial firearms with many different variants (the paratrooper being one of the commercial variants).

    The Romanians are apparently well-built. I need to get me one. They are on par with the Russians in design and quality.

    I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for one day owning an East German SKS, a Polish SKS, and a North Korean SKS.
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    The Chinese SKS come in many variations of quality. Some are pretty shotty, yet some can rival the Russian ones in quality for half the cost.
    My SKS for instance has a chromoly bore, machined trigger group, excellent craftsmanship, smooth machining in the bolt/internals.
    The ones that seem to be surfacing now have poor (rough) machining, as if a dull arbor was used in it's manufacture. They also have a cheaper quality stamped trigger group and no chromoly bore lining. I might add that some of the ones in circulation now have magazines that may not feed properly every now and again.
    There are good Chinese SKS' out there, and they tend to be the older ones. Just mind what you are looking at.
    I have all of $300 in mine (it's been hotrodded and I still have less in it than I would a Russian SKS) and it is a hog killing bad@$$ on those Texas hog shoots.

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    The early model Chinese SKS's were the best quality (when they still were influenced by the Russians). As Chinese production went on, they learned how to cut corners, like stamping the TG and eventually the receiver.

    I've not heard of any Chinese SKS's that don't have chrome bores.

    My comments about the Chinese SKS were not meant to belittle the inherent worth of it. It's just that I, as a collector, see more value in the European models. The Chinese stuff has no character that I can see. They are good rifles though (most of them, anyway).
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    My friend is trying to sell me his Russian. I've never been one for the factory stocks of any SKS, but this one is beautiful. It's a weird laminate. Looks factory enough, but I never knew the Ruskies were into laminates.
    By the way, it is in PERFECT condition! Now I have to convince him that it's only worth about $200. I'll use the old "Why would I want that when I can get a Maadi MISR for $275?" Hehehehe
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    Laminate stocks were typically used on arsenal refurbs. They may have been standard on later model Russian SKS's, but usually are found only on re-arsenaled rifles.
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    I have an early Norinco...milled not stamped. Comparable to any russian I have seen. Shoots a timex...takes a lickin and keeps on kickin. Uglier than a savage even...

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    Bob In St Louis
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    I have a feeling there are a lot more Albanian SKSs out there than they are letting on. Buyer beware dealing with AIM on purchasing one.

    The Russian ones are the best looking.

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    My answer to "WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE SKS RIFLE AND WHY?" is always - "the one I got, of course"
    have a chi-com, would like a Yugo.

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    Bob, I know your recent troubles with Aim, but honestly I've never had a problem with them. I just received a "shooter grade" Albanian SKS from them, since they reduced the price to $150. I'd have to say it rates at least a VG. It's in much better shape than I expected. I'll continue to do business with them unless I get burned like you did. I find that your experience is the exception to their otherwise fantastic reputation.

    I also hear rumors that they are going to be getting in some more Albanians in better shape than the ones they're selling off. I don't know how many, but apparently the original rumors of only about 6,000 being available here is looking like it's less true than I had thought.
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  2. msandream

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    Apr 20, 2010
    Illinois, Ashley USA
    I never had a real high caliber riffle but i have a colt. 45 desert eagle hand gun I also have an SKS BB gun and I think its a replica of Romanian SKS

  3. Devils Creek

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    May 13, 2010
    Greetings from Canada

    We have a re-arsenaled Russian and an early production Chinese. The Chinese was purchased many years ago (maybe 12) for $80 Cdn. Workmanship was excellent, it was in NEW condition, and through a couple of thousand rounds, it has never had ANY issue. Gotta admit that the Russian, purchased this year for $300 is flawless as well.
  4. carver

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    I have one Russian, and several Chinese SKS's. My favorite is the in the pic below!

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  5. K75RT

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    I'm rather partial to my Albanian SKS...

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  6. wpage

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    Aug 25, 2009
    We have enough Chinese stuff at Walmart but they do seem to be good guns...
  7. bbqznbeer

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    Sep 9, 2008
    Ontario , Canada
    My favorite SKS has got to be this '52 Tula lammie ...mostly cause it's my only SKS...


    ...and occasionally , I'll fit 'er with "Sunday-go-to-meetin' duds

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  8. gandog56

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    May 9, 2008
    Mobile AL.
    Yeah, since my only SKS is a Yugo, I guess that's my favorite.

  9. firstchoice

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    I guess my favorite SKS would have to be the early model, (real Pre-"Ban"), Chinese SKS-D. It has the standard length barrel, detachable standard length spike bayonet, (which is the only SKS that I know of with that capability), and of course, the detachable AK-47 type magazines. The only drawback that I can find with this SKS is that I can't use drum magazines with the SKS-D's. But these are reliable, and as accurate as I need them to be. The wood is really nice and machine quality is smooth. I was lucky enough to buy 2 of these, still NIB, with all the original accessories that came with them in the molded styrofoam storage box; 3-30 rd. Chinese AK-type mags, mag loader, sling, cleaning kit, gas port cleaning tool, and owners manual.
    I agree that there are advantages to collecting the Soviet Bloc SKS's. I own 2 of the Russian SKS's, 2 Romanian, 2 Albanian, and 8 Yugo's. (6 are un-issued, 2 are slightly used.) I also have an assortment of the various Chinese models, SKS-D, in the shorter length barrel with bobbed bayo lug, the SKS-M, with the uncomfortable thumbhole stocks, and the "Sporter" and "Paratrooper" models of the Chicom SKS's, and of course, the good ol' standard "shooter" SKS's. Of all these, I think I was most impressed with the Romanian machine work. Very high quality! I wish I could have gotten one (or more) of the Romy's in the un-issued condition! As I suppose everyone else does.
  10. AngelDeville

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    Aug 28, 2007
    My Chinese made easy work of the 500 yard gongs at the local range.
  11. firstchoice

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    bbqznbeer: your third picture, (bottom one), of the Russian SKS is clear and makes the Ruskie pop! I wish I could get mine online with that clarity. Great job!
  12. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    bbqznbeer, great pictures! I can see that I've got to get a better picture of mine too!
  13. firstchoice

    firstchoice New Member

    Concerning favorite SKS's;

    At one time, someone was selling Polish Honor Guard SKS Stock Sets, on a couple different online auction sites. Did anyone ever get a set of that Polish wood? And if so, how did it fit up and which favorite SKS did you end up putting it on? Any pics?
    That was some nice looking laminate wood! I missed out on that, wish I hadn't.
  14. Laufer

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    Jul 27, 2008
    West TN.
    Only have one, an all-original Norinco.

    In my humble opinion, the SKS I've seen with the best group of characteristics is the Russian:
    the nicest looking wood (harder than Chinese choa?), blade bayonet, chrome-lined bore, and No grenade launcher.
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  15. brsmith724

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    May 15, 2012
    candor ny.
    I would have to the russian i love my 1952

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